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A Legislator's Story

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The peculiar politica! changes which have occurred in Michigan within the past few years, causing it to be trangferred ïrom the list of surely Republican States to that of doubtful ones, give a seasonable interest to a story told by Mr. M . J . Ludington, Jr., of Verona, that State, an ex-member of the Michigan Legislatura. Mr. Ludington, who is one of Verona Mills' most progitiaive citizens, was elected to the legislatura by an appreciative constiturncy some bíx years. That Mr. Ludington has not figured largely in public life niñee he returned from the State capital is due to a peculiar concatenation of circumstances that aptly illustrate by what apparently trivial matters a political career may be made or tinmade: "The second day of August, 1879," in the honorable gentleman's words, "was a very hot dar, and I ate a hot dinncr and got very warm. I got into my buggy after cl inner and started toward Verona Mills. I had drivenabout three miles whcn I met a Northwest wind and hail storm. I got a Jittle wet and became chilled. I drove on home, sixteen miles distant, and when 1 rcachcd there feit sick. I went to bed nnd my wife made me some ginger tea. lmtnot enough to sweat me. The next morning a pain, sharp and piercing as a knife, raught Die in the ankles and I could BdaTCely stop. The next day I could not walk at all. We did everything we could think of, with wormwood and vinegar, wnartweed and other remedie, but with no good effect. Neither my wife nor I could discover what the matter was. "In three or four days I could not stir nor turn in bed. A doctor was called in who said that I had rheumatism of the worst kind. He relieved me a great deal and drove out the pain wherever it oaused swellings. I got bet tor in six months and was able to walk a little, but the diseaso Rettled in mr ankles and continued to trouble me. Last October (1884) I began taking a prescription which the doctor said would drive the welling out of my ankles. In November the rheumatism becan to scatter, first to my toes, then to my hipa and back and all over me. I then i] uit taking the medicine, ai I was getting worse. I tried everything in my efforts to get better, but continued to Lrow worse. Finally I could not turn over in bed and t nearly took my life to draw a long breath. My wife had to put mustard piasters on my breast and side to ease me so that I could breathe. "I read an advertisement of Athlophoros in a religious paper published at Detroit, and though I had not much faith in it I sent for a bottle. I thought I shonld die 1 oWe it arrived, go great was my pain. In thirty-six hours after I had began takiog the medicine I was cured of my rheumatism, have been able to sleep ever since, and have had no more pain. That was the 14th of last May. I sent for and got six more bottles from Detroit. After taking four of them the swelling has nearly all gone, except in one of my ankles where I was hurt last fall, and that is getting better e very day. Thank God for Athlophoros ; it ha done everything for me." And all thls long slckness carne from a hot meal taken on a warm day, followed by a chili. If Mr. Ludington returns to public life it may be safe to say that he will go around with a bottle of Athlophoros as a cure for the physical evils from which not even legislators are exempt. Ifyou cannotget Athlophoros of your dragfcist, we will end )t expres pa!i, on recelpt of recular prlce - one clolUr per bottle. We prefer that you buy It ftom your drugidst, but lf he hasn't lt, do not be persuadcd to try somethlng else, but order at once from us, aa dlrected. Atuxophobos Co., 111 Wall Street. New York.


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