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Mrs. Howc.of Uitrolt, 8 vlsiting Mrs. Will Hatch. E. B. Abel thinks he will leavc for New York city to-morrow. Mrs. Geo. A. Douglass has a sister s pending a few weeks with ber. George Handy formerly with Blitz & Langsdorf, has gone to Ihikota. Aid. Fall Kturoed from lila trip to Jïew York city after new goods last Friday. Eugene Mutschel has been on the iick list for several days during the past week. Miss Alice Beal of Northville is passing a little time, in town with her aunt, Mrs. K. A. Beal. The many friendsof R. B. Pope will refreí to learn that he is sutïering from an attack of pneumonía. Fred. J. Huhn, of the 2d ward, became the father of a 11 lb. boy yesterday, and rejoices over the fact. J. ï. Jacobs says he was glad that the ten votes he left proxies for was not needed to carry tlie bridge project. MaHter A. R. DeCosta, Jr., of Chicago, N visiting Hls grandmamraa, Mrs. N. B. Beers, 41 Liberty st , Ann Arbor. Charles Staebler son of Fred Staebler, returned home from a se ven month's trip to California last Saturday night. Miss Mabel Beal, of Dexter, who has been spending a few days with friends in Ann Arbor, has returned home. J. G. Quarry, of Lucan, Ontario is visiting his brother, James J. Quarry, of Goodyear's drug store, fora few days. Orville F. Webster was in town last Krklay and Saturday and went home on (londay, aceompaniwi by Mrs. Webster and family. Geo. M. Henion and wife went to Lansing yesterday to attend the "tin aniversary'' of their son Loren Henion's marrlae, which occurs to-day. Miss Jennie Tremaine, of Ann Arbor, who has been with her sister, Mrs. O. J. Parker, the past seven weeks, returned to her home Monday, taking little Ha.-ry Parker along. - Howell Hepublican. Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop B. Chamberlain arrived home Tuesday, and are boardinif at E. B. Lewis's on División st., S. We feel sure that the entire press of the oity will join in extemiing their best wishes for a long and useful career. O 13. ïaylor lil. 'S(!, lias entered Sawyer & Knowlton's office and is studying for tbe bar. Mr. Taylor lias a great many of the elementa of success Ín hitt composition, one of the principal ones being enerfty and peisiivernnce, and we predict will one day mafee his mark iu liis chosen profession. J. E. Beal is expected Uouie in a few days. Whea last heard frora, he wus having; a very enjoyable time. Bermuda had nut lost its charms; said he liad tbe rinest ride tiie day previou, (the 12th list.,) upon bis wheel he had ever taken, a run of twenty-tive miles. Some quick time waa made, the roadi being lint-1.