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Annual Report Of The Industrial Temperance School

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The Industrial Temperance School was tanlzed March 30, 'c!5, under the ausplccs of i ,he W. C. T. U. Our flrst meeting was held pril9th, '85. General Superlntent- Matllda 8. Brown. Sup. Industrial Department- Mrs. Jaycox. Hup. Deulgnlug Department-Mrs. H. W. Sup. Cooklng Department - Mrs. G. A. Douglaa. up. Kindergarten- Mrs. Pope. These departments contlnued for several months; then.owingto the 111 healthorni moval from our elty several teachers reslgnedIn September we orgaulzed In two dep;irtments, teraperance and sewlng school. The ürst half hour Is devoted to temperance intruetlon. The chlldren are then dlvlded In classes, Mrs. Van Slyke taking the boys and ulvlng special lnstructlon In temperance. We have twelve teachers In our sewingdepartment. One of our falthful number, Mrs. Howe, dled January 17, '86. Over one hundred name are enrolled on our books. Our ureateBt trouble now Is to get muterlal enouRh to keep lifty girls at work. We teel that the time Iim come for us to aak ald from the good peopleof Arin Arbor. Wlll yuu nol sead us nrlnts, factory. buttons, needlea, In fct, any tblni you We pronilse to make good use of your donatlon. If our merchants wlü send In remnants tliey wlll hc very acceplable Mrs. Olllet, Matron of tlie Hoinoeopathlc Hospital, gave m our nrst Uonatlon in the sewlnK departmeut, and Mr. Toma, the UorlBt 1 the flrst and ouly one who has ever Klveu usauythlng toward the temperanee work. We are indebted to him for a great deal of our temperance llterature. We meet every öaturday In the old Baptist church and are always pleased to welcome vlsltors. W ho wlll be the örst to respond to our cali lor donatlonfl, elther In money to buy material or tn.. nint.iTiRl to make up!


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