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Comrade Jas. B. Saundem of tlns city, addrawed a letter to Ailjutant General Roberteon to know the truth about the State bounties to soldiere, and recelved the followlng información: lsr. Men enlittrng l'rom March Oth, 1S63, to Nov. lOtli, 1868 (both inclusivo), in any Michigan regiment, cnmpauy, or battery, excepl the lotli and llth cavalry, 13thand 14tb batteriec, and lat colorad tnfantry, eutitlcd to $60 st:itc bounty. ld. Men rc-cnlisting in thelr owu regimi'iits (after service of two years), trom N.iv. lllli, lS(i:t, to Feh. 4th, 1SG4 (both inclusive), entltled to $."0 Btate bonnty. :! 1. Men cnlistlni; or re-enliating trom Kebrnai-y -)th, 18G4. t May 14tli. IM4 (botli inclusive). Ljq any regiment, compatiy, or battery, f applied on 200,000 cali, and properly credited to the sub(Hstricts in uiiich thcv PMÜded at CM time Ol ctilistiiiciit, iic cntitiod to $100 state bounty. l;h. Men cniistinjr from February 4th, lsr,:,, to April i ttii, 1860 (both Inclusive), properly endltad to sab-dittriots, cntitled to 9150 itaM bounty. 'i'iic al itc ot Michigan autborlzea no bounty on enliatmenU prior to March 6, 1863, and from thatdatê aa givcu ;.bovc It is H-e]e-.s to make appttcatbn lor stut1 bounty Bnieat thccnlistuieut icovred by sonie "1 tiiese datea, Act 1"7 of aesslon laws ol 1985 appllea only to bounty suppo8ed to have been paid by the stare opon forged vou -licrs. and does not :iuthorie i p.iyinent of any new or addilional bounty.


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