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With Congressinen Maybury, Tarsney, and ...

With Congressinen Maybury, Tarsney, and ... image
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With Congressinen Maybury, Tarsney, and Ciirleton as new recruits In the unsavory Tammany Club, of New York City, wliat possible fault cnn the democratie papers find with republicana of this state who choofe to join the republiean club of Detroit, eh? One of the most sensible documents that everemanted from the bruin OÍ a leader of men, is the "secret circular" oj Grand Mas-ter Workman Powderly, of the Kniglits of Labor. If that organizaron keeps cool and follows bis advice tbere is no partiële of doubt of tlieir ultímate success. Bro. Woodrulf to the contrary notwithstanding. Wblle Ptnrgee ASmitb wereunder the boy cottofthe Knighta of Labor, we were deterinim-d to have our next yalr of shoeti of thelr manulacturo. They Buireixieied most lnelorloualy New we would run forty'rods over piecesof broken Junk bottles, barefoot, before we would allow l'lneree SSmlth's lcalhpr to touc-n our leet. This Is not rauch worse thnn I tlie other condltlons Imposed. lor tlie KnlRUt¦eemed literally to have mopped the r'nni.l with tliis pusllanliaous ürm.- Ypsllanti Sentlnel. If our Ypsilnnti brother had only conveyed a slight intimation of hls purposes to Messrs. Pingree & Smith they probably never would have surrendered. Sucli a contract as proposed above would have thrown theold fashioned army contracts away in the shade, and the milüons there would have been in it would certuinly have induced Pingree & Smilh to have held out to the bitter end. It would have been a crusher. Rev. Dr. Uexford, of Detroit, is up with the times. Hear what he says about "us fellers," in comparing the inlluence and responsibility between ministers and editors: "What a power! Is there any other influence that is equal to it? Tlie editors. They hold the most sacred positions of any class of men on this globo. In comparison the ministers can be excu3cd and forgotten as far as power to influenee the public mind is concerned. Does the public press créate or echo public sentiment? It certainly creates public sentiment. The editor's ch.iir is the most Inflnentlal place on this globe today. It can make or unmake men, stimulate noble tendencies or the reverse. The olergy has not one-tenth tlie power of the pres?. And the power of the press would be greatei if men were more particular here and there. There are editors who are careta! what nppears in tlie columns ff their papers. I fear many are Indifferent." A national sanitary convention wil] be held in Philadelphia, Pa., on the 12,13 and 14 of May, 1886, and tho following subjects have been announced to be discuseed by prominent sauitarians: The sanitary needs of school buildings and grounds, The water supply of towns and cities, The wnter supply of Phihuklphia, The disposal of slops, garbage, refuse, etc, The prevention öf COOMDUnlcable' diseases, The influence of clothing on health, Ventilation, The drainage and sewerage of cities and towns, The drainage and sewerage of Philadelphia, The influence of diet on health, The relations of Christianity to health, Mtotake in school architecture, Defectivo yisiou in school children: causes and manogeiiu-nt, The necessitii-s of physical education, Drainage and sewerage In country districts, Sanitarytcience in villages, Municipal sanltation. Artificiiil feeding oí lnfants, Condensed milk, Variou artilical baby' foods, The inheritanee of dijease, Uygieneofthehome, Sanitary plumbing and drainage, Tests for impuritie in water: the use of filters, Gennicides, VacHnHtion, The hygiëne of oM age, Cholera, Gtty r country lift-, f rom a hygieu'poTOt of view.


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