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BACH A ABEL'S COLUMN You are keeping close watcl of our advertisements that'i sure. The confidence you pul in them is plainly seen at thii end of the line, shows that i1 is a short distance to 76 Mair street, where you can save money on reliable goods. New Jerseys are coming daily. A little touch on the vest or the flap is enough for a anew Jersey. The garment doesn't lend itself to excessive decoration. Even the costli" est Jersey are apt to be rather quiet. We have a Plain Black Jersey at $4.50 ; real valué $6. It wouldn't be fair to say the Finest Muslin Underwear we know of is here, for tliere is a store in Detroit thut groes to greater leng-th of extrayagance. It is perfectly fair to say the beiit work in the world of mh-Ii stjles and character as women hereabout incline to Is here, including very plain and very rich, but not Including w li.if passes for rich w It li some. Special Frices on Dress Goods. 10 pieces 40-inch Cashmeres, regular 60c. quality at 50cper yard10 pieces 40-inch Cashmeres, regular 75c. quality at 65c 25 Pieces 40-inch Tricots at a yard. 10 pieces 42-inch Camel's Hair Suitings at 50c. a yard. 25 pieces of 27-inch Doublefold Twills at 16c. a yard10 pieces New Spring Shades, CutCashmeres,regular $1.25 quality at $1 a yard. Wool Laces are going to be worn in spite Of the doubts of a few months ago. But they are "We have a fair collection. Big Buttons for Jackets, and Skirts, and little ones, for dresses, and what are they made of1? Bronze, Steel, Silver, Gilt, Jet, Ivory, Wood and Crotchet from a quarter of an inch to an inch and a half across. It is a little early to talk about Sateens with the winter still in the air. Our Spring Sateens are here ready for inspection. A hundred styles to select from50 dozen Turkish Towels at 10c-, regular price 15c150 dozens of Fancy Bordered Handkerchiefs at 10c-, regular price 20c. Embroideries of every description now on Sale. Over 1,000 Styles to Select from. The above will glve you sonje Idea how Goods are gold, (JOOD GOODS, NO 'nish. We propose in a series of Artiles wliieh will be Short to show tne eople of Ann Arbor the folly or lmj iiiir n.vtliing i Our Line (Good Dry Good.s) wil limit llndlntr out the State of the Tlarket whcre the bulk of the Dry Goods biiNlnes sis done. BACH & ABEL.


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