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¦ - ¦ ¦ ¦ i di mi itimiiimirii. i i .mu MOST PERFECTMAÜE I'roparod with BjMetal ngard tO lioalth. No Amnioi:i:i, I-iino or jflum. PRICe BAfTf.'S POIVDCR CO., CHICACO. 8T. LOUIS. ¦S?! SPECIAL EÏEXTRACTS MOST PERFECT MADE lurct itnrt stroTui-fMt Natural Fruit KIrwnrs. V lite, Lcnion. OrmiK'i'. Almond iteW Wld . tdirully M ttit-fniit. MM LM. Price Baking Powcïer Co. Wt. lous. Invalids'HoteliSurgical Institute bxjff-a.31,0, 3sr. -ar. Organizcd wlth m rail Slnir af cishlocn l'.xprrlencrd and Mkllirut I'hysiriun and SurRCdiis for the I rcnlmcnl of all hrouir li- hm s OÜR FIELD OF SUCCESS. Chronic Nasal Catai-rh, Thront and Luug DiarM, Livor and Kidlicy IMneaNe, Itlail.l. r Ili-ias... Difteaex of Woiiicn, Itlmxl Dieusc8 and N'orvoni Allection. curad here r at home, with or without wcfng tlie pationt. Como and sv us, or Bend ten coqta in staiupi; for iur "IiiTalid' Guido Kook,1' wUcta 'is all particutarg. _____ Nrrvoiis Oobililj', InipoBr, ,-.Tr lonoj, Norturnal Lossch, ICAT andüfl Morbld I lilimiv _ (uisod by YoiUhful Fol. UIOEJOLO. tary practico are speedily mmm and Xrnianently cunxi by our Specialist. Book. post-paui, 10 ets. In stamps. __a____ Kuptnre, or Iireach, railiI n T onlly oured without the knifo I HUPTUBE lw'l!lmir trMisw s. without pain, uvi iwuu. llnl wjtmm daneer. Cures mmammmm Guarantecd. Book sent for ten cents in Ktninps. HIlUi: Tl 1IÓHS nnrl STRICTURE8 treated under Kiiarantco to cure. Book sent forten cents in tamps. Adilrcss W'ori.k's Dispsnsahy Medical ássociation, 8t Mitin Street, Buftalo, N. Y. ln- Tli' trratmont of many n,.,..,. __ thotiBands of oases oí ttaose U1SEASES OF diseaaes peculiar to nUIHtW. at tlio Invalida' Hotel anrl ¦¦¦"¦ Bucgioal [nstltute, has affordfd largo experience iu ailapting remedies for their cure, and DR. PIERCE'S Favorite Prescription is tho result of this vast rxperience. It ifl a powerful Reloratvo Tonlc and Nervine, imparw viffor anl Mrt-nyth to the system, and cures, as II by nmirii-, Ii'ulorrhca, or "Hhiles," exceaslre flowiug, painful íueiiNlriíation, un¦íatoral Kiippreasionx, piola n, or (alliiiK of Ihe iilcrns cali back, aiiteversioii, retroví riin. liearinudiiwn Kcnsatiotis, clironic coiiaestion, lnflaniniatloii aml alceratlon of the womb, iil'laiiiinatioii, pain and tendernea ín ovarle, interual beat, and "teníale weakneu. It promntly relieves iiml cures Nausea and Weakiiexx of Stomacli, Iiidiecxtlon, Hloaliiic. Norvouti Prolr:Uion, and Sleeple8HUCa, in cither sex. DDIOC C I fifi G BOTTI.ES rnlbt ÏI.UU, roa s.oo. Send ten cents in stnmns for Dr. Pieree's larue Treatise on Diseases of Vouion, illustrated. World's Dispensary Medical Éssociation, 663 Main Streot, BUFFALO, M.Y. % SICK-HEADACHE, Tpfeá IHl on Hoadarlto, a DizzincNH, ('oiiNtipa¦iS-'ytv!í tion, Indiecxti on, 'áStT f!x and llilioua Attack, &m.Wml& Pierio' Pleasanl JB KF PurBatlve Pcllct. :.'" '¦f?ti. " cents a vial, by Drujfgists. MMUNlTYfromANNOYANCE nek] s j ,Pat.03t.SGth,í8G3. M JInde onlr of thO flnest and bcstqnnl. lty of Glasti lor witlisütudiiiK heat. Every good thing is Oounterfeited and consumera are CAUTIONED against IMITATIONS oí these Chimneys made of VERY POOR G-LAS3. See that the exact label is on each chimney as above. The Pearl Top is always clear and bright G-lass. Bluuiifartnrcd OXI.T by GEO. A. MACBETH &C0. IMtlHburli ptmA iliHH Work. FOR SALE BY DEALERS. SCOTT'S" HüflUffl OF PÜEE GOD LIYER OIL And Hypophosphïtesöf_Lime & Soda Almost as Palatableas Milk. The only nnniloo f M MVFIl OIL ttat cJïe token aad toleratca for a luug Urne ifrggv_vg roSrMPTToy M .nd II ÜIST1.NH IMMHUItlilljffl fHlfllUKN il i in in P-nlt. Prencribed aud en.lor-U by tüo bost PUyalolanl


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