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LINBBtLeCTeOavTrtBü.S.COVT i TO CARRV THE FA8T MAIL. : mi It s the only line with lts own track Irotn iHICAGO TO DENVER, ther by way ot Omaha, Pacific June.. St. Joscph, Atchlson op Kansas City. connects In Union Depots with throuqh tralns trom NEW YORK. PHILADELPHIA. BOSTON id all Eastern points. It is the principal line to AN FRANCISCO, PORTLAND & CITY Of MEXICO It traverses all ot the slx qrcat States ot ILLINOIS, iWA MISSOURI. NEBRASKA. KANSAS. COLORADO th branch lines to all thcir important citics and Trom CHICAGO, PEORÍA or ST LOUIS. It runs ery day In the year from ono to threo eli-gantly juipped through tralns over lts own tracks befween :hicago and Denvor, Chicago and Omaha, Chicago and Councll Blufte, Chicago and St. Joseph, Chicago and Atchison, ;hicago and Kansas City, Chicago and Topeka, Chicago and Cedar Raplds, Chicago and Siotix City, eoria and Council Bluffs, Peoria and Kansas City, St. Louis and Omaha, St. Louis and St. Paul, (ansas City and Denver, Kansas City and St. Paul, Kansas City and Omaha, or all points In Northwest, West and Southwest. ltsequipment is complete and first class In every articular, and at all important points Interlocklng Iwitches and Signáis are used. thus insuring comFo"nTickeH, Rates. General Information, etc, egardlng the Burlington Route, cali on any Ticket Igent in the United States or Canada, or address r. J. POTTER 18T V.P. 4. Gen. Mor., Chicaoo. HENRY B. STONE, A8ST. Gen. Moh., Chicaoo. PERCEVAL LOWELL, GiN. Pass. Aot., Cmicaoo. NO FEE 1! ) ESTABLisHEn ïssi. ) Merrill JNTIL BETTER ƒ DETROIT.MICH. ƒ Block. ' ST The Kegnlar, 01d-E3tablished LJm J PHÏSICIAJi & SUEGEON ís j$W l' U11 treitias iUl ü" etcatirt X SKILLAND SUCCES8 TOUNGMEN,MIDDLE-AGEDMEN and all persons who by their own acts of Impru [lrnocc.r Folly at any pcriod of lifc havebrought apon themselves, the evil etfects following closcly apon the heels of iTsrifirression of the !aws ai nature, should consult th edebrated lir.Clarke it once. KememberlNervoiiK disriss(Kith or without dreams) or debllity and loss ot nervB power trestted scientifically by ncw niethods with never iniling success. "H makes no diffcrence rrhatyou have taken orivho has failed to ci:ro you. 0g-The terrthlo polsons of SypJiilis and all bad blood and skin dieae, compleulv eradicatcd without mercurv. Remfmbcr thal tliiiono horrible disease, if neglocfod or impi pcrly treated, curse the present a:id coming gcucrtions j5-All unnatnral discharges curcd promptly without hindranct: Co husin. ¦¦¦;. No expërirncDU. Koth soxesconsult ooiiiiili ntinlly. Agf and expericlice important. A writtf-n (rnnrantee of cure siveu in every cuse undertaken. j3-Sofferers from any chronic disease write History and Symptoms of vour case - plainiy. Cases solicitcd which otlicrs have failed to cure. rr-Senu two sttiinps for relrbrated worki on Chronic, Nervous :md I"liato Diseasis. You have an exhaustivo symptomiitolojíy by wiiicli to studv your own case. Consultaron, jicrsonally or bv 'letter, free. Consult ttie oll Doctor. Thousands cured. Oftices and parlors private. You sce no onc but the Doctor. Bofore confidinii your case consult DU. CLAKRj;. A friendly letter or cali may save future suftenng and Ehameand add golden vears to life. Medicines sent everywhere secure from exposure. Huurs, bto 8 Súndays, 9 to 12. A1c!t F. D. CLARKE, NI. D. MERRILL BLOCK. DETROIT. MIch SlierüF's Sale. Notie U ïii-rriiy ilvep that byvlrtoeofa eer tal u wrlt t Píen Faolss Issued m of nml uuder thesenl of tbe Circuit Court, .r the i'ountv oi Wahtnaw, in laTor oí Sedgwlek Dean aml Heury s. Dean. plalntlff, and antlDBttbe goods, ciiattel, lands ;nl tenemeuuol trgi ¦ La ileiendant tome cilre'teil and delfvefed, I dld dn tue 34th dnyol !'. hru:irv instant, levy Dpon, i i. ¦¦Tul luki all of the riaiu tttie and interestoft eald Qeorge Wllcon In nnd Do t:i" toilowli u da ambt-d landa, lenemente and leal enlate, that latosay.all thatcertalnp'e -parcel flanc Blluiite in tin; townahip "t Vork. county ol Wauhtenaw ancj Htale ol Ml lilgan, dencrlbed as Itollows! Théetit half of tneoouth-weat auarter ofaecUoo ilm-ty-six, town loar Bouth, renve bIx east, KI ale of MIcl all of wliicli I -Imil exposé for ante al pobllc anctlon or vendue to the lilgbesl bidder al thesonth front dflör of trre eoorl bouw. In tbe City of A un Arlni in :tit oounty (thal b.'iiiL' theplacoof bolding llie Circuit Coorl for the aal d noonty ol Waahcona), mi the 7tli üay ol April, i. P. ¦ - ¦ .. i ibe boor of teu o'clü:lc. In tbe fon noon nl "i'l di WI1.I.IAM WAi.sil, Bherlff. E D. Kisnk. All'y for PlatBtlff. Dated tliis iltb day .,i ebroacy, A. D. Mortífiüíc Sale. DEFAtTLT having b'-i ladi i" the oon(litions ol h (¦¦! aln indenlureol '¦ na gageexemiteti by Miohet Pheiaa and Sarah Phelan, ln wlfè, ol the Villaje of üexter, Waxbti'iiuw Cimnty arid State ol Michigan, to Patrick OallHftier, ol the Townahlp ol Webster, in shíü ¦ umi and state, hearing date tbe 24th ilny of Octobw A I bundred and shviii-siai b i d record ed In theoOaa of tbe Raglater ( Deodx ti miUI county of Watbteoaw, lu blberSOol ü ües, oii page Utti aml iiy wuirii delaull the power of sale oontaiaea i" fttd nooi ba ving becoioa opi raJ Ive, and oo uit r pi" oeed.ngaat laworlu chancery bavlng been ïnslitnli' l to i rrover tiio finionnl d ¦ on siuil mvrtgamor 1 1 1 - BoteacoompftPi ing tbe aarpe, and tbere belngnowclalmed tobedueonild note und morlgage the smn ol ms hándrod umi elgbily-lwo and tblrty-eighl cent , "Notloc is tliei-.'foiv hereby Klven. tluit the Kni moftgaaawUI be forecloal on saturday. the IStb day ol June. A. D. 1 teno'clock in the forenoon of thal day, by a sale at public auction, to the blKbesi bidder, ut the üoor ui tbe Court Uoine, In the oltj of Aun Arbor, in tbe county aToreaald, (aaid Court House, bel ng ibe plaoe forbold Ing the Circuit Court for said county ), of the inortyaged preniiees descrlbed In sald mortgagp, or so mach thereof as muy be oecesiiarj toHutlsfy tlieainount of principal and In teraal remalnlng unpald upon sald mortgage with reaaonabla ocwti ind expnse, logether wlthu nttorney fee of twenly-five dollars; which premlsed are deaarfberi Iniald mortKae as lollows, lo-wit : Belng lot slx (6) In block three 3 intheVHlage ol Pi'xtei ¦ atoresuKl, accordini; lotliorccorded plat thereot, and boonded northcily by the Michigan Central Batlroad. Uated, Marcb 18 th, 1888. PATRICK QALLAGHER, MOKTIIAGKK. K. l. Kinnk, Att'y for Mort. 1808 Real Estáte for Sale. STATE OK MICHIGAN, County of Waühtenair.aa. In the matter of tbe estáte of Ik-nry, daoeaaed. NÓTK'K M honliv ven, that In pursuanceofan oid-r anted to the underslgned admlnlstrator of the est ui. ¦ ol said Benry Col. duur. by the Hon. Judneol' Probate lor tbe County of WaahtenaW, on tbe liith ily of March, A. l. HfH, thorewlll baaoWatpubUc vendue, lo the bigbaat bulder, at tbc east ïront dooi " thir courr doom, in tlie city ol A.ui Arhor in the County of Wavlitonaw in saiil State, on satarday, the lt day ot M., . I. ïxsii, ut. I o'elock in the ForeooOd ol tbat day (Hublacl tn all encumbrances by mortgage or otberwlse exlstliiü at the time of the Jealb of said deceasad the followlng deaorlbcd Real 1 !a(c. to--H : All tbat cenain tract or parcel of land lyit g nnd beini; the ciiv i)l Ann Aibor hl the OQantJ ol Wasntenaw and BtatA bi Mlehrgan , kaowa and deacribéd if followa: Kom ricrea of Uu d tobe taken from tl e ncrtli end ol the cast bult "I th'' wem half of the FÖuthwest quarter ofSectlon Nomber l' In lown u., aeotb ol ranga si cast, bja jlnfl parallel wnh tiic Nortli ald lot, aad tzteeo rodv pouth khsrelrnm, Al-o tbewest half ol the weet hult' of the Boatbwest quarter ot üi'ction Nomber Twenty, in town (2) ontb of ranfie eix (il) cast, contniirnu' l"i tv icrei of lnd ttte sume moif ot leas, excepting md raêerrlnij; therelrora about elffht acres ol latid hl tic -outhwest corner of th 'Hld forty acres herttofor deeded ly Eflerome Ooodupeed and Wllliam .T"! e to Klnneth Darldson, aDd aluo exceptinj; ml re servilla one acre of lauil on the east ot etuil Davidïou's eijiht acre;, cotd urul convcM-d by Ati nall C. GoodKp. cl to iloeeph V Hoon, sobjecl to all rifrbtu and prlvllasefl of a road or hitíhwny oo ttic caxt atd of the Mud place of land Rraaiwl to IIHam Jonen by Abitimi U. Ooodspeed byLerdccd. Datad, March tith, ISflfl vMl.l.IAM W. WI1KDON, 12907W Adininistiator. EVERY LiVE MERCHANT IM ANN AKBOK. Should advertise in THE COURIER, ¦FE7I CODADUVLeer"hl'"'al"ln"11 I furnlabfd. rtM iik'iitine Blo., Jaiicsvülv, WU.


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