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Mmore monej than at any thtnft elee hT Uk Ing un agpnry fortbe host etling took out. Beginners Bucceod gianrtly. None . fall Term free. Hallbtt Book Co.. Portland. Mln. 'II I IT I-i lor worklnt'people. 8end 10 cent II postale, and will muil jourM e f rnyal. valuable sample box of (joods ' I ttaal wlll put you in the way of mah ¦ "" more moncy in a few riaye thau you rvcrihought pw-ihlrat auy himlneiM. Capl tal not required. You eau )iv i at home nd work In 8p re time oulj, or al] the ttme. A II oí hoth ptxes, of all ngeê, Kfundly succeoftful. 50rentH to S MU1I7 earned uvenlne. That all who want work muy eet the basincsn, we mike lhin uuprtrallel cl off: l'oajl who are wt wcll satli-fttidwe wil] send .(I i" pay for the trotihle of writitiK u. Full pa tnal-trc direct ons, t' ., ct'iif fn-e. Immenpe lay a 8-intely sure for all who tart t once, üon 1 de aj. Addrase tibson i, Co., Portland, Matne. .lïerORBST. Fire Insurance, Plate GHass Insurance, Steam Koiler INSURANCE ! Lowest Ratcs, Honorable Adjustmenlfi and Losscs Promptly Paid. REAL ESTÁTE RENTS Sl'KCIAL ATTKNTION GIVEN TO t'i't.I.Ki Thi 01 EÜCNTB A Ml M NAKMKNT )K IÍKAI. KsTATK iNrKBKSTS RIK NOM-RMIOWW. BTIK HATISKACTION TO OWNKKS Ul.AU4.STBBD. A. DeFORKST. INSURANCE REAL ESTÁTE and LOAN AGENCY OF A.W. HAMILTON Office, N'o. 2, First Floor, Hiuallton Bloflk. Parties desiring to buy or sell Etaal l'.i:il.' will linl It to their udvaiitaKü to culi 011 mr. I represent 15 flrst-olass Fire Iusuranc Compnnles, having au uggregate capital over Í30,1)00,000. Hatos Low. Losses llberally adjusted and promptly pald. 1 als) Issue Life and luvestraeDt Policlis in the New York Mutual Life Insurance Comj pany, A8etts. 855,000. Persons (Icsirinp Accident Iiiütiranoe, can have yenrly policies wrlttt'ti for thetn or Traveler's Coupon Itïsurance Tickets issued at Low rates in thfl Accident Insurance ('mnpany c.f North A.merlca, Money to 1 .0:111 ;it ('iineiit Batt. Dflhit hours from I a. in. 10 tl 111. and 2 10 5 p. m. ALEX. W. HAMILTON, HamiltoM Hlock. ANN ARBOR WALL FRUIT FARM ! Strawberrie?, Goowlwii lei, Raspbprrie, Currant!1 and Gia)P8, very clienp. Hcincinber tliese plmits are strmitr :ifclimaled. Batpberry Syrup, $2.00 per gal. ÜMpberry Skrub, 2.50 pt-r gal. Genuine Gra[)e wine from $1.00 to $1.35 per gal. linpnivt'd Plymoutli Uocks per sittino:, $1.00. Etra Choice Plymoutli Hocka por siltinir, $2.00. AiT'-nts of KlKv;msrer & B;irry, of Rochester, New York, lor all kinds of Nuwery stock. E. BAUR&SON.W. HuronSt. im-tr


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