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TrOYAL "f_8R'í J JÍ B POWDER Absolutely Pure. Tala powdernever. varíes. A marvel of pnrlty.slrnimll) and wholetiOHlervPM. More econimilral Hum ordinnr y kinds, and oannot be sold iu oompetltlon with the mnltimde oí :iw test, ihorl relgfct, bIuiu or phospliate powilfr. 8old nnlyln irnus. HoyalBaklnic Pnwder r . HKt Wall st., N. Y. I fi TTim Soni' 'O cents postnge. and we I MI L I wl" nlal1 ¦"ƒ' aroyal, valII It n I aable, sample box o! goods XlUl L tliatwlll pul yon In the way of niakliiK more nioney at once than ftiiytliliig elsc Iti Aini-rlca. lioth seiee ui' all nu ¦ can llv iil home and work In upare time, or nll IHe time. Capital not reqolred. we will sturt yoo. pav sure f"r MioHi; who start ut onot. Htmion l 9o.i PorMaod. Uftloa. RINSEY & SEABOLT'S ulíiuüi AND Flour and Feed Store. We keep constantly on hmd, BKKAI), CRACKEK.S ÍAKKS, KTC, F.r WholcHalu and Reta Tmde. We shall ¦ha keep a upply of 8WIPT & DEUBKL'S BEST White Wheat Flour! Oelhi Flour, Kje Flour, üinl.v, ln..i Flour, Corn .Ti -al, Ft-ed, Etc., At WhnlMwle and Retail. A t'eneral stock of &ROCERIES and PROVISIÜNS Conetantly on hand, which will be old on as KUUunabta trrms an at any other hoae n the city. Cub pairi for BUTTER, KUG. and COUNTRY PRODUCE jrencrally. líoodp ddivered to auy pjirt of the ciy without extra charle. RIHSET & SEABOLT. STTJ PTURE. t! iAN's IMPERrAI, TRUHS. Splral sprlug, graded froiu 1 to B panada la preñare. HOBB I)AY AND SIGHT, by ín itilant a week oíd, oran adull 90 "cjii s. Laüies Trastee a perfect ion. Khclose stamps for testimoniáis ol cures, tic. EG N IMPERIAL TRTJ86 CO., ANJi AKHOK, MlCH.


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