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A LITTLB SUPFERER. CLEANSED, PURIFIED AND BEAUTIFIE m THE CUTICURA KEMEB1ES. It Hffordd me pleaBure to give you this report of the cure of our Httle fjrandchild, by your Cu Meara Kemedtes. When six months oíd bie left hand began to hwuII and had evcry appearance of a lare boil. We ponlticed it, but all to uo purpose. About flve monthe after it b carne a running sore. Boon ottuT sores forined. lie then had two uf them on each hand, and as his blood beca me more and more Impuro it took l - time Tor them to brttk A sore caine on chin, beneaih tile uuder lip, wbich wa very oötnuive. llin huad was out; -olid cub, difcliartííng agruat deal. Thle waa his conditlon at twtnty-two mouths olJ, when I andertouk the care of mm, hia motlier havintf ili' d wlitüi he was a little more than a year oíd, uf conBumptlun (dcroiula of He coald walk a Httle. bot could not get op if he fell dowo, and coald not move when in bed, having tío nee of hia haiifi). I immediately commenced witb ihe Cutícura Remedies, ueing the Vuticura and Outicura Soap Ireely, and when he had taken one bottlo of the Vuticura Retolvent bis head a completely cured.and he wb improvid in every way. We were very mucU eucouraped, and conticued thc ue of the Komedies Tor a yeiraná a half. Ore ¦ ore after jinoihtT hcaUd,a boiiy inner Tormincln eacb one of thenü Uve deep ones Jut beíoru nealiug, whicb wonld fin.ítl gnw looee and taken out; then they wosld heal rnptdly. Oneof tlie uiíly bone formatious 1 preervud. After takln' h doznn and a half bottler he completely cun-d, and is now, at the age of six yi-Hrs, a trong and h'altny cblld. The ticara on hit hand maet aíways n-main; hls hands are strong, tbouh w once fearcd be would never be able to ute them. All that pbyniclane dld for him did hiio no rood. All who n&w the child beíbre aslng the Vuticura Remedies, and nee the cLild now coimidvr it a wonderful cure. If the above factn are of any ute to you, you are at libertv to use thom. MKS. K. S. DRIGGS, Mav 9, 1K85. 612 K. Hay St., Bloomineton, Til. Thu child was -lly in a worve conditíon thau h appert-d io hii prandmother, wiki, betog witli hiui evury day, became accustomed to tne duoaM. MAGG1K HOi'FINli. CUTICÜRA KEMEDIES, Are sold everywhere. Price: Cdticura, the great skin cure, 50 Crs.; Cun ura Soap, an exquioite Skin tleiutirter, 36eta; Out cura Hksolvknt, the ncw Blood Purifl r, $1. Prepared by the Pottí.k Drdoand Chkdical Co., Boston, Mane. HpihI for'How tocureHkln IMeae" MINO, Scaly. Piroply and Ülly Skin beantified by Cutievra Soap. Dangers. To be freed from the dangere of suffocation whlle lytDK down ; to breath freely, lecp sotmdly nd audinturbed ; to rige refreshed, head clear, bralD active and tren from pain or ache ; to Know that no poittonons pnrtrid matter denles tbe breath aud rots away the delicate machlncry of amt'll, tanto and hearing; to feel that the systeni does not, through 1U veínt and arteries, suck up the potson that Is uure to underminc and deslroy, ia indeed a bleselng bevond al) other human enjoymentR. To purchaxe Imimniíy irom aueh a late nhould l the object of all afnicted. bat thope who have trted many remedlts aud pbyicfanB dcepair of relief or cure. Sanufokd'sRapicai,('i KKmietneveryphaso t t'uiitrrh, frora a simple bead cold to the most loathsomi' and dcstrucilve stages. It Is local and constitntional. Instant In rehvii)L, pTmaneni in ¦uriiiL'. te, economlcal and lailinK. Sanbkord' Radical ('uki comiiats of one bottle of the Uadk al Cibb, andone b"x of ('ATHAKKAL SoLVENT, and One IMPROVKB, all wrappi-d in onu packagi', wlth treatlKe and directions, and sold by all druifK'' for f I 00. POITÍR DbUO 4ND CuHEMIÜAL Co.. Boston. ACHINO MUSCLE8.' gm Ililif nl in uur M IimiI by jPJBlilmi new, oriKinal, elegant, arid infnlCuS lible aniidoti' to pain and iiiiltinmaWFMËjtUim tbe ('utlrnra Aiiti-I'ali. W MT l'nln FlaMlor. Nu ache or pain, W AH vuii hruise or Htrain, or cough or cold, or muscular wcakness hut wieldn to lts speedy, allpowerlul and never-failing, pain alleviatlug properties. At druuglst 5c; nvi for f 1.00: or ol Potter UruK and Chemlral o , Bonton . D. D. STORY, The Photographer, Agent for tbe Blnger Co., manufacturers of the well-known APOLLO BIOYCLE, The beul wheel In the murket. NO. O E. IIUBON ST., ANN ARUOR.


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