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Influence Of Public School Teachers

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Most peopie no not appreciute the moral work done by the teachers in the school tumi, quite apart form any work in books and Ussons. Tlie " coone of study " is changed from year to year, and we hope it is Improving, because. gradually, more dten├╝on is given to the kind of instructiou needed be the children. But, after all, it is theirdaily intereourse with rcfined and conscientious teachers whioli really educates the children, nnd it is of tar mora ooasequQBoe than any bictutiaal ystem pursued. Strangers who visit our public schools are puzzled to knew whcre we keep the cliildren of " tlie very poorest families." TIn y do uot recognlze tliem In tlie rows of ueat-lookinjc boys and girls before theia and are unwilliug to believe that the children sittinjr there, with white aprons, and nice shoes aud stockinf8, and clean faces and hands, have come trom the most sqalid parts of Boston, from "homes" that do not deserve the name. But ttieir teachers, knowing all bout. these homes, liave been daily teaching them the siilf-respect tliat comes from cleanliness and neatness, They are even ready to supply the shoes and stockiiifis and clean pons which ther little waifs need that they may come to school. The tru.iut-officer, whose name is a jear and a dread to tlie idle boy who shirks his scliool, is in reality a kind friend to the poorer bovs, who form the greater number of the daiyl " truants." He has his closet full of boots and shoes, contributed by friends, and tlms he is ready to supply them to those who would really


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