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Old Names And New Places

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The wisdom c' thu pollcj of gi ving classical mimes to American towns and counties may well be questioned wlien one sees the anomalies of expression to which tliey giverise. Thus, New York State, which h.-is most sinncd in this respect, hns such absurd names lor towns, as Kortli Héctor, South Homar, Kust fiomulus and iuany otlier similar ones, for which tlierc can ba no defense. Exact iy what part of the body of Homer South Jlomer is. would puzzle an antiquary to say, and it would be ejiiaily üiih'eult to asoiu parts of the conipaa to the persons ol' Iiector, Koniulus, Ovid, Virgil, Ulysses, Scipio and other worthies whose names are Bcattered with a lavish Jiand all through Central and Western New York. The West has not offonded so niuch against good taste, and it is therefore hard to see why the name of a portion of Asia Minor, lonia, i-hould have beuntrani-ierred to the interior of Michigan. It's a very pretty name, however, and lonia is a very pri-tty town. The people are_progressive, ïf not particularly hketheancient lunians, and it is therefore only natural that tliey should appreciate the good pointsofAthlophoros as a remedy for rheumatism and neuralgia. II. Van Allen tt Co., druggiMs, Ki ys of its success in lonia : " We liave handled the medicine for two years and hcar only good reporte from it. A section boss on one of the railroads here, who, being exposed to all kinds of weather, has long been troubled with rheumatic difficultics, now think himself pcrmanently cured by using Athlophoros. A lady, Airs. L., of this city, has also received great benefit after uting three bottles of the medicine." Taylor & Cutler, who are also druggists in lonia, say : " We introduced Athlophoros in thi town and have had a good trade on it from the start, with sales increasing. We have heard good reports from it and accept the fact of its increasing sale as evidence that it is giving satisfaetion." " I was severely alllicted with rheumatism for a number of years," says J. II. Williams, of Hobart. "About ayearago a triend who had a lot of Athlophoros in the house induced me to take and try it. After taking two-thirds of the mediouie 1 stopped because of the aengation in niy head, but have not been troubled with rhenmatism since." Ir. L. J.Kiinball,ofNorway,Mich.,says: " I recommended Athloplioros in the case of Mrs. A., who has suflèred with rheumatisra several years. Before she had taken half a bottle ehe was entirely free frmn pain, and a dose now and then entirely reliuved her. Mrs. 15. was induced to try a bottle with similar results. After Mr. F. had tried every known remedy for rheumatism two bot lies of Athlophoros enabled him to pursue his occupation. 1 can most cheerfully recomniend the medicine for rheumatism." Say Dr. K. S. Armstrong, of Chelsea, Midi.: "In eighteen years' experience in the drug business I havo had no remedy for rheumatism which gives such general satisfaetion as Athlophoros." " Athlophorosgives perfect satrsfaction," Dullam Brothers, of Flint, say. " H has helped and cured in some cases where all other remedies have failed to do any good." If j-nu ennnot pet AraLOFHOROs of yourdrngpist, we wül wnd tt expvMB ptid, on reottpt of recular price - ono dollar per bottle. We prefer that tot liuy it froni your drugpist, but if he tuurt it. do not be penuadod ut try sometiilng else. butorder at once from us as direct'!] Aihloi-uobos Co., 112 Wall Street, New York. Gilbert II. Gay and Miss Uden Everett' botli of Chelsea, wen united la marriage Maroh 2ith, at the residen of the brides, parents. Hev. D. B. Mimgtr ollioiatinp. The food and Urne of feeding unground irraia t fowls is wlien tliey go to roost, because it will last into tbe night longer tlmn grODBd food IfOUld witli correspomllns beiiorttii. On tho ether band, ground louil ivcn in tlie luoruing allous of diKeetion begin o lag ut once, Thai, by these means, the stomach is unoccnpied but a few hotrrfl, and aueb particular care tclls in the chicko.n's favor every time. Let tbc morning feeding be done as early as possible in the morning, and that of eveninyr jnt before going to roost. If the fowls aro confined, v;Ui no chance to plok iip invthini; iluriiiir the day, they requlre anothei uberal feeding at noon.


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