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iaiLís 4r a. jrr our OPENING. GRIND DISPL1T OF FINE GLOTHING ! Hundreds Visit our Establishment. The general expression of all who visited W0" THE TWO SAMS "B They have got the Stock ! They have the Finest Line and Best Selected Stock of any. They have the Lowest Prices. They are doing the business. "They are at the Helm." These were the Sentiment of Every Farmer, Everj Meohanio, Citizen and Student RE AD! RE AD ! ! RE AD ! ! ! This Advertisement will Save our Customers Lots of Money, and That's What They Want. HERE ARE OUR PRIOES: $4.00 AN ELEGANT WORKINGMAN'S SUIT FOR FOUR DOLLARS. THESE FOUR DOLLAR SUITS WERE MADE expressly for us. and are the best Workingman's suit ever sold. $5.00 OUR FIVE DOLLAR SUITS ARE WONDERS : THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL IN DESIGN, PATTERN AND MAKE, and every Workingman, Mechanic and Tradesman should have one of these Suits Farmers we have the suit you wantit will cost you $5.00. Come and see them. Look at our $6.00 Suits. See our $7.50 Suit s. Here is a Big Bargain. $8.00 OUR EIGHT DOLLAR SUIT IS AN EXCELLENT ALLWOOL FINE SUIT, EQUAL TO ANY $12.00 SUIT THAT will be sold in Ann Arbor this year. Two Styles at $8.00. Come and see them. NOW FOR OUR $9.00 SUITS. NINE DOLLARS WILL BUY A FINE BLACK SUIT, ALL W00L IN ALL SIZES, from 36 to 42, beautifully made and trimmed. The material in these suits are from the renowned Globe milis, and are guaranteed perfect in every respect. These suits will cost you one-half more to buy them elsewhere. SEE OUR $10.00 AND $12.00 SUITS. LOOK AT OUR $12.00, ALL-WOOL SUITS, BLACK, BR0WN AND BLUE Worsted. You will wonder when viewing these suits. You will ask us, you wül ask yourselves, how ït is that the TWO SAMS can sell suits of this character for this price. $13.50. THIRTEEN DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS. WE SHALL SHOW THIS SEASON THE FINEST BLACK, Four-Buttoned Cut-a-way, in large and smaU check, all-wool. These suits cannot be purchased for less than $20.00 in any other store in the State. Come, at THE TWO SAMS, THE GREAT CLOTHIERS. The only house m Ann Arbor where a Child can Buy as Cheap as the Biggest Man in the County. „.„_„ A1ffT, „..„„ mm mr THE TWO SAMS ARE NOW ENTERING ON THEIR THIRD YEAR OF BUSINESS, AND DURING THAT TIME, doing Several Hundred Thousand Dollars' worth of business, Never, No, Never, have they with any purchase, no matter how large or small, deviated ONE CENT from the price, or thrown in one single article. If any other Clothing House in 'IdvIrTiIi'IsaTl N0NeSENSEd U&ESS THEBE IS SOMETHING 80LID TO BACK IT. THE SUCCESS OF the TWO SAMS is due to the fact that whenever they placed an advertisement before the public they produced thGTAILOR SUITS IN FOUR-BUTTONED CUT-A-WAYS, OUR TAILOR-MADE Suits in Sack Coats, Our Tailor-made Suits and Double-Breasted Prince Albert Coats and Vests. We desire it to be distinctly understood that our TAILOR-MADE Suits are not our regular READY-MADE. while we have a Fine Line of Ready-mades, the same as other Clothiers carry, our customers can see at a glance the great difference between the two kinds. Ask for the Tailor-made Suits. Come and see them at THE TWO SAMS. Pajtrtsi ! Ia,ixts ! Ia.irts 5 75c. 75c. 75c. We are now having the Best Workingman's Pants ever sold at 75c. Every Farmer, Every Mechanic, should have a pair of these Pants. COME, COME, COME. We have several hundred pairs. Every pair worth doublé the money. OUR TWO DOLLAR PANTS. The Finest Pants ever shown. Two Dollars Only. HATS, HATS, HATS. Fifty Cents buys an Elegant Hat. One Dollar Hats. Two Dollar Hats. Two Dollar Fifty Hats. See our line of Spring Caps. YOUMAN'S Celebrated Hats. Youman's Hats take the lead in Ann Arbor. Youman's Hat is the Best Style, compare them with all others. See the Silverman Hat. _ FURNISHING GOODS AT THE TWO SAMS. Brokaw's Reliable Flannel Shirts! Something New. New Style oí Colored Shirts. New Style of White Shirts. Unlaundried Shirts. See our Handkerchief Department. Look at our 50c Handkerchief. Twenty-five dozen fine, fancy Handkerchiefs at 10c Look for THE TWO SAMS. Buy only oí THE TWO SAMS. . „ . TREMENDOUS LARGE SALES LAST WEEK IN CfilLDREN'S SUITS. Children's Suits in all ages, in all sizes, in all prices, all kinds, all styles and all colors. See our $1.50 Suits, from 4 to 9 years. CONFIRMATION SUITS AT Come and See the Only Strictly One-Price Clothing House in Ann Arbor.


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