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Now look out for floods if this body of snow should titke a radden drparture. The new board of supervisors of this county stands 11 republicana and 14 democrats. "Scarlet fever1' slgus ure becoming scarce - hope tbcy'U soon disappear altegether. The new cash rail road in J. T. Jacobs & Company's store attracts considerable ittention. The hearing of the John Qulgley will contested case will be tield before Judge 1 Harriman, April 14th. There is more new tiiuber iu the council this year thau for many yeara past. Now we fhall see wbat we shall see. If ever a nian's heart went out in gratitnde it was tlie pedestrian's last evening when he cauie to a walk that had been cleaned otV. J. T. Jacobs & Company have opened up their oiainuioth new store. They canie in with the blizzard, but don't propose to make an awful graat fuss over it. After the new passenger station is erected, we learn that a new brick freight office will be built by the M. C. authorities jnst east of the present one. Mager Kobert G&uea, of the second waid, won the prize ollered by A. L. líoble, tor the correct ídlution of the puzzle recently published in this paper, and the rule thereof. Tliose jail bird bones that Deputy Clerk Robison bas preserved have beeu attracting great interest. Of conrse, the first of April is past, but still there are tliose wlio are yet curious. The ward schools openeil again Monday after a week's vacation. Tuesday many of them were nbaudoned on account of the storm. Few pupils appeared after the noon intermission. The uiau who wrote the article iu The Voice, purporting tó be an account of the republican meeting in this city week before last, better go and soak liis lieail, o dig the wax out of hisears. H. J. Brenvn éesires us to aimounce that the committe who signed his name to the ante-eleciion "Citizen'' circular made a mistake. Ben]. Brown's name should have üeea signed in place of üis. A Germán workiuaii iu the employ of H. Etttiidge was badly Injured last Thurtday, by the premature tuinbling n of a wall of i lie ota lloopiT brewery that he was aasUtJng in deuiolisliing. The injury was in the left hip. He was attended by Dr. Smith. Now that the battle of the ballots is over, and the wounded have been carefully packed oü on a voyage up the famous health resort on (he Saline river, quiet again reigns. The candidate no more gete op e;irly and sits up late, "to see a man." The plan adopted by the republican city committee of writing up the ''obituary notlees" of the various candidatea, and giving them general clrculatioD among the people, met with favorable comnient. It was agood inethod of lajinr the gooil qualities of the candidates before the masses. Peter Carey proposes to cling to his location on the flat iron. and it is thought by many that when tho new station is built that it will be a better location than ever, hnving a front on the park and one on the new street leading to the sUtion from Detroit street. A singular coincideace in the election Monday was the tact that on the república u ticket was a Robison and a Pond, and on the democratie ticket was a Robison and a Pond. The demuciatic RobUon is a cousin of the repuolican Robison and the democratie Pond is acoustn of the republfcati Pond. Botii Robisons and both Ponds were elected. If the oldest inhabitant can bring up anything to compare with the weather of yesterday, let him come forward and speak his little plece. The Oth day of April and a blizzanl Fibruary or Marcb miht have gloated over! Snow banks from t.breeto tenfeetdeep! All travel blockaded, rallroad traías snowed in; wagon ronils Inpaasable! It must be that the old sivyln : '%a Inte Kaster a late sprinff," is to be Verifled. Nothlnglika it, for UÜ8 linie of year, bas been known williin the meiuory of the oldest dweller In these palts. Another meeting was held at the Clifton House hall, Whitmore Lake, last Friday eveninr, to tDcourage the poople of that vicinity to enlarge the gubscriptlons for the T. A. A. & N. M. railroad extensión. About one-half of the $5,000 asked by the company to be raised between Leland's and the Lake has been secured. The committee appointed to wait upon the people tor aid bas been diligently at work and may secure the requind amount. The new surviy m;ide Friday and Hatunlay strikes the place more favorubly nd dovs not ent the farms along the line so badly. Nearly all the ri;ht-of-w;iy has already bceu dooated. The Gommanrlery of Knights Templar held its animal election last nightand Installed the folio aídít offleers: Knilnent Commander- W. W. Nlcliols. (iiNerallH-snio- Chas. S. Milieu. Cuplaln Cieueral- C. S. Fall. Pretata -K-v. T. W. MacLeau. Sen. Warden- 11. K. Wiitis. Jun. Wunlen- L. C. Oooürlcli. Treanurer- 1. C. Knll. Recorder- W. A. Tolchard. Standard Uiare.r- W. A. Clark. Kword Heurcr 1 1. V . lïayes. Warden- J. I,. Slone. Seiiilnel- Tlios.Taylor. Trustee- J. R. Mlner. Tlie past year was the twenty-tlrut year of theCominandery and it is a coiucidence that twenty-one iirtiations were glTt. The two vears under the comniandersliip of Mr. W. (i. Doty have been a very pros[eroiis and actire one, und the Couimandery ia oue of the bet iu the tat. H. Kittredge has the contract for tcaring down the old brewery buildings. The old breweries are faat disappearing and that portion of the city looks ui most 85,000 better already. Lucas & Tc8semer are doing the mason work for John G. GhII's new house on K. Fourth street. Pension Agent Matthews has succeeded in getting George Penn, of East Milan, restored to the pension rolla, It is the fashion just now to sinjj one of the Two Sam's hymns that they are giying away. lts a great scheine. Rev. J. Alabaster will givc the neit address before the Cocker League on the 18th on Skakospere and the,Bible. Speoial Examiner Frank Brownell, is in town this week, examining the claim of Mrs. Jacobus, of the 4th ward. Tlie City of Ann Arbor loses money eveiy day she allows the Broadway bridge to go without repainting. It should be done at once. The Knights Templar will observe Easter by public services in their Asylum at three in the afternoon, tlie Prelate, Rev. T. W. Maclean, ofBciating. The old council attempted to hold its regular meeting Monday night, but no quorum being present, the Mayor announced an adjournment to Friday evening. The portrait of Dr. Obetz, in Mr.Watl's window, executed by I. M. Long A Co. of Buclianan, Mich., is a fine effort. It excels any thing of the kind that has appeaied here for sorae time. They have been experimenting with birch and hemlock out of which to make pulp at Cornwell's pulp milis. The blreli pulp makes a fine shade of brown paper with pink Uut. No wood tnkes tlif placa of poplar, however, in the uiakiug of pulp. Wlmt was the tish Unit swallowed Jonah ? And whst was the gourd that grew up In a Ringle ntght? Au explanation of these questions, and a depiction of the character of Jonah will be given by Rev. James's Bixby next Sunday evening at the Unitarian church. The Rt. Rev. J. H. Hobart Brown, D. D., Bishop of the diocese of Fond du Lac, will preach the next sermón In the course before the members of the Hobart Quild on Sunday evening next in St. Andrew's church. While in the city, the Bishop will be the guest of Prof. O. S. Morris. City Recorder Pond has received official notice from Railroad Comniissiouer McPher.-son stating that he had ordered gates put in at the Liberty street crossing of the T., A. A. & N. M. R. R. and a aginan statioued there. The company has already put in the gates md built a "coop" for the flignian. As soon as they Bod the man they want lie will be given thisduty. Died, Saturday, March 13th at bis residence in Brooklyn, N. Y , W. Howard Wait. Mr. Wiiit was a gradúate of the University of Michigan in the class of '48, and was president of the New York Alumni Assoclation of the Uuiversity. Mrs. Wait is a sister of Mre. Sinclair, Mrs. Hubbard, Mrs. Beakes and Mr. Swathel.of this city. Of untiring industry, unceaslng labor in bis profession, even through years of terrible sutfering, Mr. Wait accomplished more by tiis wonderful will power tlmn many in ordinary health could have done. Rev. Dr. John H. Barrows, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, of Chicago, will occupy the pulpit at the Presbyterian church on Sabbath next, delivering two disoussions o-i the vital religious [opios of the dy- a coursc of lectures initituted by the Synod of Michigan. The ;opic in the morning will be "Man's Need of God, as Illugtrated by the Life f John Stuart MUI;" in the eveniug he tvill speak on "Religión the Motive Powir ia Human Progresa." Dr. Barrows omes with a high reputation a a pulpit jralor and.he will be well worth hearing. If soineof ourgood cltlzens who appear o be very bitter in tlieir denunciation of ha city council and all city officials, vould occasioMally atlend the meetings of he council, learn the ways, methods, etc, )f that body, and not place too much deendence upon what "some one told hem," they would probably be less iweeping in their assortions, and less venmous iu their language. The city coun:il may not be the wisest or most moral jody in the worid, but lts wisdom and norality compare very tavorably with the visdiini and morality of maoy of its deractors. The announcement of the death of Mrs. Kolieit S. Verner, which ocuurred on ?'riduy morning April 2d, of erysipelas, a shock to her many friends in this :ity. She was mar ried only last Septcmer, and was a lady who mude friends iverywhere she went. Just nicelystarted n lite, with everything looking brilliant or ihf future, she was cut down in a day, md leaves but a pleasant inemory to be ¦herished by her sorrowing liu-lmiul, nother, sisters and friends. Mrs. Minnie Mae Verner was born in Ann Arbor 25 . car-; ngo, and had always lived in the iity. Funeral services were held at the home of her mother, Mrs. Gregg, in the M wanl, last Sunday at 3 p. in., and were ittended by a large concourse of friends. The Washtenaw Post recently publishil an article showing the advancement of .nn Arbor, and gives the following list )f buildings which have been erected or nlarged by additions within the last six r'ars: Postottice, City Hall, Engine house ii 6th wanl, Tappan school building, Jatholic school building, Keck's block, Oscar Sorg's store, Louis Walz's store, itaebler's Germania block, addltion to Hangsterfer bluck, Al vin Wilsey'a store, kddltloo to Allmendinger organ works, rarious buildings on the campus, Hamilx)n block, Gretton Bro?. foundry, Central iiill-S addition to líauschenberger's fumigue factory, Keek furniture company's iddition, Baptist church, Unitaria church, ïhapel to Episcopal church, Cornwell Bros. pulp mili, Water Works buildings, iddition to Ardner house, Long block near postofflee, Cropsey's store, O', il. Martin's itore, addition to A. L. Noble's store, ikating rink, Snow's stables, addition to Lewis & Gibson's business place, Randall & Burnhani's addition, Mack & Schmid's ivool Iiou9e8, Deans' storehouse, T. & A . k. freight house, addition to bowling alley in Turner park, several buildings in Relief Park, addition to A. Seyler's store, jountyjail, addition to J. Goetz's store, iddition to A. Eisele's building, changing Green's residence into stores, additiou to Hity milis, addition to J. Heinzmann'e itore, Wagner Bros. & H. Waesch's adilition, Granger's store on State st., office f lumbercorapany nearT. & A. A.R. R., Kuebler & Gruner's furniture factory, nddition to Schlanderer's bottling works, showing that the majoritjr of the best part of our city has been put up within the past 9ix years. Among the new buildings which are to be erected this season are Walker Bros. new block on Washington st., Hobart Guild Hall, M. C. R. R. depot, and Autou fiiMle's tor.