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Oor American Belles- Our Amerlcnn Tipiles- fluw sweet I thestory thelr beauty tel Ir- They are wlse helles, too, for lt Ih tlielr wont To use every day thelr S0ZOD0NT Whldi Mweetens breath and keepsteeth well, No wonder we're proud of our American Belle. Vihj Has Sozodont Become the staple Dentritice of América? Siniply because it ia impossible to use it, even fora week, without pprceivin? its hygtenic effect npoo the teetb, the gums and the breatli. Itch, Prairie Munge, and Scratche of every kind cured in thlrty minutes by WoodforcCa Snnüary IMion. Use no otlier. Tliia never fails. Sok] by H. .1. Brown. druggist, Anu Arbor. 1388-1340 The longeM pole knocks the persimmons, and Bigelow'8 Posltive Cure knocks all cough, colds, croup, hoiirsenea-, bronchitis, astlinia, inlluenza and eonsumption. I'liasant tor chiklren. 8nfe aiul sjieedy. 50 cents and $1. " I was all run dcwn, and Hood's Sarsaparilla proved juU the medicine I neeiled," wiite hundreds of people. T:ike it now. 100 Doses One Dollar. Then Baby was slet, we gave ber C A STOK I A W hen she im % Chlld, atae erted for O A STOKT A W'heu ahe became Miss, ahe clang to CASTO KI A W heu bIio had Cbildreu, üUo gare Uiem CAST 'A


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