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Bill wore introduced In the Senate on the 3Oth uit: Uy Mr. Cullom. appropriattux $ii(JU,UiH fur tho erectiou In .-hiiiKton of a mouumentto Abraham Llnooln: by Mr-VoorIh,-. to eaable the Terrltoryof Montana to form a constltutlon as a substituto for hl blll providliiK fur nnuicdlute adinlssiuo. Thi' bill nsiaulishüix two addaioiml land distrirts in Nebranka was passud, and the Anny btll wm further disousiea lu the Houue Mr. Kan¦ Introduced u resolutlou for the investiiraUon of tho Carrolltoa iMiss.) niassuori', bat Mr. Reafran objeutod to lts consideration. The Postofnce Appropriation blü wa lurther debated In Commltteo of the Whole. In the Pénate on the 3l8t uit. Mr. Ixgan Bpoke lu favor of hls bill tor au nu i ¦- of the anuy, and Mr. Vanee spoke In support of hls blll to repeal the Oivil-Servica law. The blll to artnilt Washington Terntory as a State was nl-o oonsldiTfil In the House most of the day was devotod to dobatinu: tho bill for voluntary arbltration in rallway disputea Mr. ülovcr frave DotJOB of a bill prnviding foroompulsory arbitratlon. The Rlver and Harbor Appropriatiou bill ($15,164,2110) was re portod. Thk Senate on thu lst passed the bill ap proprlatlug $rOU,000 for a monument to Ab aham IIncoln to bo erected at WhbIiiiitcton. The M llson bill makinx the penalty for clrculating ot)9ciiiie or iinimiral tiooks throujfh tho muis a Ine of not less than $100 nor more thau 0UU, or ImpriBoutuent at hard labor for not Icai thanooa yoar nor more than ten ycars. or both. at the dlscrutlon of the ooort, W8 favorablv reportad, and tlie bilis lor Ihe sdmlssionof Washington umi Montana Terrttorleê were disensaod . ..Inthn Houoe tln time WM conHuinedln dincuaüiou of the bdl lm nuln ¦¦ triill arliitnition. Tuk Sennte was not In sesalon on the 2d In the House tho time was aevoted to discusslnfr the Industrial Arbitration bill. At the avenlmr session thirty-üve pension bilis wre passed. DOMESTIC. A PROi.oNGEn conforence was held in New York on the 3üth uit. between Mr. üould and his managers and Mr. Powderly and the leaders of the Knights of Labor. Mr. Hoxie had ronsented to a settlement of the railway strike by abitration, but the comiuittee with whom he wou ld con for iniiit be at present employés of tho coinlanieH. Mr. Powderly telegraphed Chair man Irons to have the strikers return to work as soon as posaible. At East 8t. Louis mol is prevented the departure of tniins, and the aid of Illinois ïnüitia was invoked. The rails near Parsons, Kau., were tamperod with, wrecking a freight train, resulting in serious iujury to a mail agent. Skventeem buildings, with twenty-eight horses, mules and cows, were destroyed by lire at Colurabia, Mo., a few days ago. A hlii.iin'o in New Orleans containing cotton valued at $100,000 was struclt by lightning and buraed, with its uonteuts, on the 30th uit. Owino to lack of coal, Leggett & Myers' tobacoo factory at Bt. Louis hut dowu on the 30th uit., rendering 950 iuen idle. The Union Pacific road on the :th uit. cut passenger ratis of both classes to five dollars net from the Missouri river to San Francisco, with a guarautee of a return ticket at the saino pnce with in thirty days. Thk Baptist ministers of Chicago at a recent moeting adopted rfwlntious ctrdiatly a]prOVinp ÏUH ÜlKI't-ö'HH imiVPIUHIU. IU1S is said to be the Hrst step formally takeu by tbe elergy in tliis direution. A fiue which broke out in the San Carlos Theater, at Key West, Flu., early on the morning of the 30th uit. was not extinguisheil until late in the afternoou, tlie principal portion of the city being destroyed. Fifteen or twenty persons were injured by talling walls. Tho fluancial loss was placed at $1,500,000. In a bar-room flght on the iOth uit. at Ranger, Tex., three men wiro killed. TOT two leaders and seven of the mob wbo drove the Chinese out of Oregon City recentlv were on the 30th uit. indicted by the United States grand jury at l'ortland. Hkwy reina in seXJtious of Alabnnia, ïenuessee and Georgia had on the 80th uit. caused frefihets which swept away a num ber of raihvay bridges and flooded valuable property. Railway trattic was entirely impended. Rain was still fallinp; heavily at midnight, and the loss up to that time wasestimated at $'2,U0ü,0UU. A OTKAMBB cö&ided with a bridge at New Orlean.s on the 3tu uit. and sank. threo men bping drowned. Another steamer, which was aiding in the rescue of the crew, exploded her boilers, four persons beiug killed. A man of boys who had engaged in a stone-throwing conflict were brought before Judge Fitzgerald, at Cincinnatl, on the 30th uit., who ordered that each of tho lad.s be spanked by their fathers, and that reports be made to the court April 6 whether the order had been executed. TnE great mili strike at Cohoes, N. Y., ended on the 30th uit., over five thousand employés returninK to work. The exposition at New Orleans closed on the Sist uit A Bostox paper published an article on the 31st uit., co)ied from an anarchist organ, declaring that Herr Most and his faction were preparing to burn buildings and commit outrages in New York City. On the 31st uit. Mr. Powderly ordered the Knights of Labor on tbe Oould railways in the Southwest to return to work, and it was thought that the end of the strike was at hand. Trains wera moring from rarious points. Rkpokts on the 31st uit. from Illinois and fruit-shipping poiutg in the South indicated a backward season, but vegetable prospects were equal to those of former years. Evehy one of the seyenty-flve trade or labor unions in Chicago has declared for the eight-hour systein. The anti-organ faction of the United Presbyterian Church adopted a, resolntion at Pittsburgh on the 31st uit. declaring that it would withdraw from the ohurch if the next general asaembly of the churcb failed to forbid the uss of organs in church buildings. In decidlng an anti-Chinese case at San Francisco on the 31st uit. Judge Sanger said that if the United Btates statutes reluting to conspiracy to deprive persons of the equal protectiou of the law was ralid then "boycotting" waa criminal. The collections of internal revenue received at Washington for the flrst eight months of the fiscal year endod June 30, 1886, amounted to $75,158,200, an increase oí $2,410,388 OTer the receipts for the corresponding period of the last fiscal year. Tuk cloak-makers' strike at New York, which had continued two weeks, ended on the 31tit ult., se ven thuusuud persona resuming work. A fibk on the 31st uit. destroyed the Merchante' Hotel at Carver, Minn., in which two men lost their lives. A vbix of petroleum, flowing two hundred barrels per day, was on the 31st uit. dereloped at Lake Charles, La. i in Bood in Nortfc Carolina, T íessee, Kcntuck, Ahil.iini.i. Virginia and Georgia Mil COUtlBued oi the 3UI ult, .-ii) groat damaRc had l.i.n at various places in BtatM iiiinií'ii Aiikaví fall uf ilüinp snow occurred on Um :ist ult. la MOtloni oí Dlinoi, Uisoonsln, Miobigan and Indiana, the storm in souie places belng the soven'st of tho year. Betu i i. four and (ivo thousnnd jMirsons weri thrown out ot emplojment by tho recent Bre ai Eey Yst, Flu. Lai ii v Mï PoKTCit, an abandoned woman of Memphta, Tenu., on tbe 31st nlt. killed a tiuvilini; salosinan nanied Al Bonnett, with whom lt m living, aud then fatally shot herself. Thk richest silver oro ever disrovered in the Unitod States was on the lst said to hu ve buen struik at the Irou HUÍ mines in Dakota. It was asserted that much oL it would assay 1.Y0O0 ounce to the ton. A1..1 1 2,500 nnuerson the Baltimore & Ohio road aud its branches struck on the lst for an advauce of oue-ljuarter of a cent per bushi'l. Ln the upper península of Michigan travel and trattic wne suspended on the lst, owing to a Kiiow blockade, and work in U10 pinerios had heen nliandoned. The Scoreiai y of War on the lst reeeired a dispatch fiom Oeaeral Croofc conflrmlng the reports of tb Mirieuder and subsequent escape of Gerónimo and part of bis band. On the lst there were 174,700,985 silTer dollars in the Treasury at Washington, an increase of nearly $3,000,000 since March 1. A TifrXDEKBOLTStnick East St. l,ouis, 111., on the lst in the sbape of indictnienta against nearly all of the prominent city ollicials and politicians, cliargiug them with corrupt and criminal acta. W. C. MiTciiF.i.r., of Ualesburg, S. C, recently found on his land a crude diamond whlch bas been estimated by the State Gologist at $100,000. None of the striking employés of the Missouri Pacific returned to work on the lst, and no word was sent out by Chairman Irons which would give effect to hia order of resumption by fixing an hour at which such resnmptloa woulil tako placo. On the contrary a serions liitx-h oxisteil botween the ezecutive coraniittee and the rail road uflicials regardiug the terms on which the Knights were to bo taken back, and from present appearauces the striku was as far from settk-ment as ever. The )iullic-debt statement issuod on tlulst shows the total debt to be $l,304,00:-i.4:ti cash in treasury, I decrease during March, ïU.OST.sst; decrease since Juno 30, 1886, $78,846,. Hioii water 011 the lst at Berlin, Vt., and at Lancastor, N. H., was dolug great damage to property. The steamshij) Gulf of Akaha, from Spain for New York with iron ore, and carrying a crew of thirty-five men, was on the lst given up us lost. Vossel and cargo were valued at ÍJO,000. Hioii water in tho South continued to cause heavy damage on the lst. In Alabama several villagos were submerged. A portion of Richmoud, Va., was ten feet uuder water, and at iKiims in Tenuessee and Marylaml the floods wera causing great destruction of property. Dayton, Tenn., was seven fcet under water, and at Chattanooga several hundred houses stood in ten feet of water. A in II.... ..;.,.. Tüw TTuiantina Snri frrH aged fourteen years, was on the lst found guilty of murdrring liia mothor and sentencod to life imprisonment. A BKowN'BAcit live dollar counterfeit, purporting to be issucd by the Central National Bank of Norwalk, Conn., was in circulation on the lst. It gave the charter number as 404, while the genuine charter numbor is 2,'M2. The Pacific llail Line at San Francisco on the 2d raised the passenger rates for Chinese from 25 to $50 per head for the purpose of stopping the exodiu now in progress. "Jnrr" WtutOS, a negro murderer, was hanged at Leington, Mo.,outhe3d. His victim was a girl named Jennie Sanford. Tiikük rei 200 failures in the United States reportod to Bnuhtrcet's during the suvcii days ended on tho 2d, against l'Jl iu the preceding seven days. The situation of the railway strike remained unchangcd at St. Louis on the 2d, and there seemcd no prospoct of a settlement nntil the differences between the Knights and the railroad officials regarding the re-employment of all the strikers were adjusted. At other pointe work was beinj resumed, except at Parsons, Kan., where the militia were ordered out to quell tho disturbance. Wii.mam E. ItoHEitTsox, with six French laborero, wascrossinga bridge near Readsboro, Vt., a few evenings ago, when the structure gave way and the men and horses were precipitated into the river. Mr. Roberteon and three of tho Krenchmen were drowned. B. B. CitAXDALL, a real-estate agent of Buffalo, N. Y., committed suicide on tho 3d by leaping into Niágara river above the falls. The Connecticut at Hartford, Conn., was very high on the 3d, and houses along the river front were flooded. The floods in the South wero still doing great damago on the 2d. In Alabama twenty-five persons were drowned, and thonsands of horses, mules aud cattle perished. In Georgia the loss to property was estiinated at over S1,5UO,UOO. At Chattanooga, Teun., over five thousand people ¦were bomeless. Two-thirds of Charleston, W. Va., was under water and much property had been destroyed. At Petersburg, Va., and surrounding country, the damago was heavy, aud at Meridian, Miss., the loss was large. The strike of street-car men in Pittsburgh, Pa., ended on the 3d, a comproniise between the men and the oompanies having been agreed upon. TnE house of Joseph Hobol, in Reno, Minn., was burned by an incendiaay on the 3d, and Hobel's two -yoar-old danghter perished in the flames. Lieutehant Faisoj annved at Fort Bowie, A. T., on the 21 with fifty-eight Apache prLsoners, including Chihuahua, Kutne, Josona and Nana, the worst leaders next to Gerónimo. A HEGiio named Jamos Rtepbens and bis wife were shot deail in thi'ir cabin by unknown assassins near N'atchitoches, Ark., on the 2d. They were important wituesses in a trial going on in an adjoining parish. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. DosAU), a Highlander, died in Dotroit, Mich., on the 30th uit., at the ago oL one hundred and six years. A Bill to repeal tha Broadway Surfaco railroad franchise was favorably reported to the New York Benate on the Hlat uit. Josticb Meri u, of Chicago, last November accepted from a few friends, at tho A íoint rolntion In Uwor of wíntt Bffrftgl was passed by the lowa Henato oa beSlst ult. Jumes Meech, of Chicago, last Noveniier accepted f rom a few frieuds, at the iands of Dan Lawrence, a lawyr, a watch vorth $401). lt carne to light on the Sist ilt. thut the time-pieee was stolen propirty, aud the juatice gave the waU:h up. awronce was arrested for having knowngly received stolen goods. Thk joint legislativo oommittee appointd to investígate the official acte of Auditor Srown, of lowa, submitted a report on the Ist juKtifying htó suspension from office on ;he ground of irreRularities. Threk more New York City aldeimen prere arrested on the 2d for bribery in eonnection with the Broadway railroad franchise. At a caucus of Republioan Senators held n Washington on the 2d a majority expressed themselves iu favor of open exeoutive sessions. Jüdoe Johs Baxter, of the United States Court,died on tho ÍM, atHotSprings, Ark. Ue was sixty-seven years old. He . was appointed to office by President Hayes in 1877. Neaki.y twelve hundred commercial travelers were iucluded in the dense throng which asseinbled at the noon prayer-meeting at Farwell Hall, in Chicago, on the 'Jd, to hear a special sermón by Rot. Ham Jones. At the Casino Kink in the eveniug overeight thousand people assembled to hear the evangelist, and many hundreds were unable to gain admittance. Tn e War Department on the 2d assigned General Schofield to the división of the Atlantic, Oeneral Torry to the división of the Missouri, General Howard to the división of the Paciflc, General Crook to the departmentof the Platte and General Miles to the department of Arizona. FOREIGN. Tin: Senegambians rebelled against Franch authority and were up in arms on the 30th uit. In an attack on the inradere they killed uine soldiers and wounded thirty-two. Over thirty-three thousand pounds of powder exploded in the Culebra section of the Panama canal on the )th uit., killing ten men and seriously wounding forty others. A Bill to permit cremation haa been adopted by the French Chamber of Deputios by a lnrge majority. A vkssel was wrecked on the 31st uit. at Baku, Knia, by an explosión of petroleum, and the eutire crow of thirteen persons perishöd. The Kiugof Coreabas iasued an edict aboliahing slavery in his kiugdom, where one-half the people hare hitherto been held in bondage. The weight of snow erustaod the roof of a theater in the Japanese town of Heromal on the Sist uit., killing or seriously injuring l-"0 persons. PuiM i' absolutely refuses to siilunit to the Powers a demanded by Runas. A Bt. Petersburg dispatch of the lst stated that Russia had duflnitely decided to occupy Bulgaria. Reports were received in Liondon on the lst from Anam that 443 persons were re cently massacred at Catholic missions. At Belleville, Frunce, by mutual agreement a carpenter choked his mistress to death on the lst and then shot himself dead. A nuE on the lst damaged the JJ'i'i building at Toronto, Ont., to the extent of $100,000. The arreste made in Belgium during the progress of the recent labor riots numbered about 2,500. Order had been restored. Tu f. roof of a theater at Heroraal, Japan, feil in receutly, killing 150 persons and injuriug many others. The lord mayor of London presided over au immeiM mass-meotiug held on the 2d to protest agaiast the granting of a Parliament to Irelnnd. The bill passed by the New Brunswick Legislature allowing women whopay taxes to vote has beeoine a law. LATER NEWS. Mepsks. s., Jonks and Stim Small, tb" Georgia eraugelists, closvd their flre weeks' rovivul serviees in Chicago on the 4th. At the afternoon service nearly nino th'iusiiii'l people succoeded in getting into the rink, several thousand being unable to reach the door. In tbe evening the building was jammed. At half past six o'clock. the doora were closed, and it was estimated1 that ten thousand people were turned away. In an interview Mr. Jones estimated the nuraber of conversions during the meetings at twenty-flve hundred, and thought that in infiuence and results the work exeeedod the great work done in Cincinnati. An esimate places the number of people who have attended the services at 260,600. TnE floods in the Southern rivers were gradually subsiding on the 8d, but much ilumage was still being done at various places. Ax attempt to start a f train on the. Missouri Pacific railroad on the 3d at Fort Worth, Tex., resulted in a bloody collision between the authorities and strikers. Several men were killed and quite a number wounded. Eight companies of Kansas militia took charge of the freight-yards at Parsons, and assisted in making np trains. At East St. Louis and other points work had been partially resnmed. At St. Louis the committee of the Kuights decided that the strike should go on. All the country within twenty miles of Montreal Can., was inundated on the 3d, and farmers' honses and barns, with their horses and cattle. had been swept away. Never before had the water risen go high aud caused so much damage. Foür servant-girls lost their lives by a fire in the Planters House at St. Louis on the morning of the 3d. Prof. Fobter, the Iowa weather prophet, on the 3d predicted heavy storms throughout the United Btates during the last ten days of the present month, the severest to ruge in the Mississippi basin April 25 or 26. Si.niiKKN Illinois fruitgrowers fear that great damage was dono by the sleetstorm on the 3d. Dürin-o the absence of their parents three negro children perished on the 3d in a burning farm-house near Piano, Tex. At twenty-six leading clearing-houses in the United States the exchanges during the week ended on the 3d aggregated $916,716,974, ngainst $'.445,785,750 the previous week. As compared with the eorresponding weok of 18S5, the increase amounts to 42.0 per cent. Tbe United States Senate was not in session on tho 3d. In the House O'Neill's Labor Arbitration bill was passed by a vote of lío to 29, with an amendment providing that not over $1,000 shall be paid out of the treasury to dof ray the expenses of anv single arbitration. TheSilver-Coinage bil) was further discussed.


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