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SCOTT'S EMULSIÓN OF PURE GOD LIVER OIL And Hypophosphites of Lime & Soda Almost as Palatableas NIHkl The only umiMMilnn or CAS MVER OIL that can bo taken rcadily and tolorated for & luug Urn biwsBA'"il.!MVnv ron cossnffTH, S( KOU l'H s Ai ri.lTIONS, ANA1MIA, OKXnui, iKi;n.iry. am thboat af. tKTlONS, and all V VSÏlMi KISOfiDKKS OP CHII.Ill!i:.V it is ni:irv.-llnns In it rcsnltn. Prescrilu-d mul by tlio bes Physlclan in the countries of tho world. FOR SALE BY ALL DRUGGISTS. IMERVOUS DEBILITATED MEN. T ou are allowpd a frtt trinl of thirty days of th nse of Dr. Dye'g Celebrateil Vultalo BtK wlta Electrto SusiK'iwory Appllanoes, for the spci-dy relief and permanent cure of Scrvoun TtrWity. losa of Yitalitv and ilanhood, and all klndriMl troablM. Also for manyotliiT dlsoaios. Complete rcüloratlon to ncnltn, Vlfïor and Manhrvol puartintrd. Mo rluk 1 lncurred. Illustratrd ramphlet Insealed invctope malled free. bv nddressiiiK VOLTA10 BELT CO., Marihall, Mich MADAME MORA'S CORSETS. riMOST C0MPOKTABI.E ASD PV Mi'i'i'liüiits Kiiv t h.'j' jilvo bt'ttor ¦HTöiS tllrv ir DriKHmakera ggyr TVr. .-.nniic ji.l tl,, in f..rtln)irnna Pi ¦ .J fililí]. foniiot brt-olí omt r" V "r Wp. Are iurtliulaily liked L.y tolTN. TOUR" and U.IM.NK." f ,-- hflVi'tlK.rATKNTTKlI-I.KñACK, ATX' ' Wh'ctl ooven tll(1 '!'' p'"e rflfc' ' VÍk5 ií V Tlu' " I . A l 1 .1 N K . - v ' y" linstlii'pi.pularUFüi) Z_Ltí mii.k Si til 4. v. fin ti . W- Jf nti lx initiiiillvüiken V t. ITII"l-T Cl-TTIKO OR Kl Kirrraa. t iftjicllo. osk for JmH mahame mura'síoh¦' HlaNk 8KTH. No othcrs bnve tho Wl líulWt Bancl. llownr,. ..flniíUltloM # HUIM to dceelTf thf pul.lii'. fí ¦¦¦ï'oriiiil.. hy all U-ailtng dualU : 'YWvJ Manufm-turyíl l.y Mídame Mor.i's Contour. krais A co.. Madame Mora's La Reine. Blrmmglmm, o .... Madame Mora's Xldtne. Fltrpatrlok A v ... Madame Mgra's Comfort Hip. il Uwiwrd bt.. h. Ï


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