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Tlie following circular has been iMued by the second auditor of the treusury: TltKASURY PKPARTMKNT, - skcond auditüü's ornoa, y Washington, Feb. 21, I By carefully tXMDining the provisión of tlie different MCtluiia of this circular any soldier or his heirs can MCertatn the class to whicb they belong, and, if entitlfd, can collect thelr daas without the intervention of an agent. Ou applieation tberefore blank forma of application will be furnlshed by thi eilief to the soldier, or bis heirs not more remóte thau brotliers and sisters. All volanteen wlio enlisted prior in July 22, 1801, for three yeais, and who were mustered lato the service before August o, 1861, are entltled by act of April 22, 1872. to $101) boimly if they have been honorable discharged and liuve not received the sanie tor sucli service If the soldier died alter April 22, 187$, before reoelving ald bounty liis bm ure entltled - viz.: widow, tlnldren, father, inother, brotliers and sister, in the order iiamed. Those two and thrce years.' itfen wlio enlisted after April 11, 1861, and bftfore December 24, 1803, or after April 1, 1S64, and before July 18, 18B4, are entitled to $100 bounty under act of July 22, 1861, provided they served two years or more as enl!8ted men, or were honopibly dicharjred as sucli on account of wounda rpceived in line of duty before two yenrs' service. If a soldier enlisted under thil act was diseharged before Bervlng two years, on account of disease, or by reason of promotion, he would not be entltled to bounty. If a soldierdied in tlie service, his belrl ecome entltled to 11113' bountv Inch the oldler would have been entitled co under Ik terina of this contract. The order of heirshrp and payinent is - first, to the wldow; second, to the cliilren; third, to the fatlier, il lic lias not bandoned the support of his faniilv; 'ourth, to the mothcr. In the absence of he above-named, the brotinrs and -i-lcrs of the whole and half-blood iiiherit qually. If the father, inother, or more emote heirs of a deeeased poldier were ïot residents of the United Staten t the date of soldier's death, they are nly entitled to such installnicnts of wunty as had accrued and reinained un)aid at the time of his death. By this act of July 4, 1804, these rules f descent and heirship are varied, the Hther, brothers and sisters, and the ïother, unlees a widow at the date of li e soldier's death, being excluded trom lie provisions of said act. The time for riling claims under the et of July 28,1880, known ns the "Aditional bounty act," expired July Ni, 80. Drafted men enrollcd afler March 3, 8(i3, for three yeam, or men u ho, aller lareh 'S, 1863, eulisted for three year as uhstituies for diaftod men, are entltled by act of March ;i, 1868, to $100 bounty, f they served two years or more, or were licharged by reasou of wounds receJved n line of duty before two yenrs' service. )ralted men or substituten, enterina the military service for less period thaii three ears, are not entitled to bounty under ny law. All vo'unteer recruits wlio inllated after October 23, 18(53, and before December 24, 1863, for three yeais, in an organization already in the fleld, or wlio nlisted after December 23, lti:i, and beöre April 2, 18(i4, for three years, ere entitled to $300 bounty, payable in Intallments during the term of service, as ollows: 60 in ad vanee, aml $40 aller each two, slx, twelve, einhiccn, twenty'otir and thlrty-six months, respectlvely. f the soldier served his ful 1 term or wis discharged prior theieto by reason of vounds, or under any of tlie general orlen for the reduction of the arniy because of the termination of the war, he entitled to the full amount. If discharged y reason of disease, or by way of favor, orto except promoliou, he was entitled only to the accrued nnpaid installnients actually due him at the time of liis discharge. [Note - General Order No. 77, V;ir tepartment, Adjutant Offioe. April 2S, 186S, wis the fint order Isiueu iy the war department ducbargirfg men iy reason of close of tlie Wnt, ] Soldiers who were dUcharged aller niue months' com-ecuiive Kirice in the army prior to April 3, 1804, were permitted to re-enlist and becoine veterans, md were entitled lo$lUU liounlv , payalile in instaliments duting the term i sef viee, as follows: Advan:e, Í2.; (or .-filio after September 28, 18(53,) and $50 after cach two, six, twelve, eigbteen, twentyfour and thirty inontlis, and tlie balance at the expiratiou of term of service. II they were discliiirfjed to re-en list inio the same regiment they must have previotwly served two years in order to becomr v 1 - erans, and these were probably pald all bountv due for lirst service. All Don-commiMioned offloen mustered out af ter April 28, 1805, by reaun ut lio infr rendered snpei niimeriry on eoDlolt dation, are regarded is mnstered out bociiuse tneir services were no longer requireil, and are eotitled to full bountv." Voluuteers who enlisted after July 17, 1864, and before May 1, 188(5, tor one, two and three years were ander net of July 4, 1864, promlwd $100 for one years' service, $200 for tsvo years' service, payiible In equal lastallmente ál follows: One-third of the tmount o muster-in; one-third at tlie expiration ot half the term of service, and the balance at the expiration of the full term of service. If the soldier was dlicbancad "because of wounds received in the line of duty,''or by reason of expiration of the term of service he theieby became rntitlcil to the full amount of bounty; but if he was discharged "because of services no longer required or by oloso ol the war," be bas no claim for the balance of this bounty. Nearly all tbose eolUting under this act were paiil all due tluni at time of discharge. The memben ot the First corps United Btates vetcran volunteerB (Hancock's corp-,") trere puii $300 in advance, in addltion of the hIhiv bounty. Suldieis vh enlisted subsequen lo Januury 1, 18Ur, are not eotitled to this extra bounty. Colori-d .-uldiers and thcir heirs, ande net of Maren :, 1M(í:í, tare entltied lo tlu iame bounty as white toldleri umi Lliei heirs. Enlisted men di.-chiirfjed by maon O wounds received in batllc, cir in line u diity, are entillfd, by ;uts ol Morch ' 1S63, March 3, 1 ÖU5, and joint icoohitiui ol Siarch V, I8üt;, to receire tlie ahv bounty they would liave received if thej liad serve their full term of eniistineul The word wound, as used In the fórego ing, is to be understood in the aensC o injnry, burt, daniagc, as ccintracli.lin guished froni disease ur üickness. Tlie imuniy does imi depend opon the wound lut upon being dischnrged by reason of ilic wou nd. Thr loss of' soldier's discharge certiftétlv does imt prerent the collection of bounty, provided it 3 loss or deatruction Uaccounted lor. A duplícate discharge I Dot acceptad Hsevldence to establish a olaim againsl the government. If a duplícate is desireJ, applicntiou must ue made to the niljutant general Uuited M (tea arniy. Bounty i's only payable to the enlisted man or liis lieirs. Conunissioned offleers tor service is suoli are not entltled. No law auiliori.cs payment of boiu:ty to soldiere tor enligtmeoti of leas thaii two yiMis prior to July 18, 1904. Xo bounty pald to volunteera who enliMed after April 30, 1805. No bounty la p:iKl for enllstments or re-tuli.t uu-til 11 the veteran reserve eurps, but nii'ii tninsferred thereto from al lier regimenté are entitled to the bounty tli' y would have recelved in tlieir old regiineou, wb#n dUchiirged after two ytwrs" service, r ;it the expinuion of the full term of service, or by reason of fvoundg. An honorable diachurjfe is n condition precedent to the payuicnt Of bounty; but whin the discharge papers are silent on this point, then llie queftion is 011e of fact to rWtemilned by thu soldier's mil[try liistory. Siihlicr's who enlited into the regular annv bet ween July 1, 1S01, and June 25, 18G;i, were entitled to $100 bounty, under the same conditions ns voluuteers. All men enlistinir into the regular anny for live years wlthln ninety days from June 2fii 1 Sti:{, (the ilate of peDeral order No. 19, A. G. ).). were entitlud to $400, payable In Installments as cited in 8eclion S. All aoldien wlio enliated or re-enlisted into thé regular aruiy tor tliree years nnder joint resolution of January 13, 1864, and geiMra] order No. 25, are entitledtoflOQ bouiny. By act of June II, 1864, regulara aer ving under cnlistments made prior to July 'JÜ. 1861, and re euItstlng between .lime i'O, 104, and AuL'ii-t 1, 1884, under this act, into their old reinnenti for three years, are also entltled to 100 bounty, pnyuble in instiillinrnts. No boimtv is l'aid for enliBtments iu thejrflKutar anny beter July 1, 18UI. No bounty is paid to rejjulars wUo enlisted after June 80, 1OT5. Claimanta making applicarion for either arrears of pny or bounty should state all tlie service the soldier ever render - i. e., eacli couipany and reirimerU in which he wrveg after the llth day of April. 1861,


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