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Love s cheap, and I enjoy U. It is anothër name tor goJliness. Il is the ingrediënt tliat greases ttiesaw of life. It is the only niodern swindle easily forglyen. It is a nice cross between religión and Iiappiiii- s. Si'lf-love is sellish. It won't wash and bojd it.s color. Like the olive tree, it fertilizes the surroundihg soii. It lifts lilteen ounccs off f rom eyery pound ol sniniw. It is the tirst virtue nrettned, and begins to root early in life. Like the small-pox in bad cases, the only way to cure it is to die. S ni(_' iiiituies never succeed in loving anrthlnjz but iicw eider. ¦J'hc tove tliit comes froin heaven is that of a son tor nis niother. It is just as natural for liumanity to love iis it is fora frog tojump. It is cliarity's best substittite, as love is charky, witli a pedigree from heaven. "Umpdkeli love" i-i a trood deal like Seft-UCkRe - pietty tiok, hutcau't vomit It la the second law of nature, and plays Becond flddle only to the law of self-preservation. Love dates from Mm hi'ginnino; of the wol ld, and is therefuie niand-inother of creation. When pure love is the traces to whlch m.-baiid and wite are hilclieU tuey in.ike ;i bully team. Next to hot whisky, t has piobably done inore to makc a fooi of man than iiiy other mie tlun;r. ÏO iiiuiiy love is like meaelev. It never atcbes ülther but once, aud thut seenis to satisfy tlu'in. It has never been truthfuUy defined. Like Llie suiell of lintburger cheese t is lard to describe. "Lovj tli y ïieighbor is thyselP 8 a 1 v n e liiunctlou, but it isu't every fooi tlutt can Follow t. I have read smnewlierc that whisky Is i man's oply enemy that lie ever sucoeeda n lciviiifi to any extent, and I believe it. Some )(.'O)li! are not constituted to love LnytUing, aml I pity tUuiu uu much as I ilo i puilt cliiiil. Thcy were made in v.iin. If constitutional, love would not be iny more f a virtue thau the itch, but tita 'a ju-t it - it rrijiiiies more or less selfdi'iiial ajid some charity to succeed. There is the coaimon tense love; the kind tlmt, whfii its lavUhed affeclions are not icciiinK-aied, appaïently, throws up the Uiiiu uid inakes love to the younger "Love at first sight" is genei ally about as l.Hiiilivid as a bottle of giuger-pop vvitli tlic ci)rk out. It i all riglit 'unouli for poets, but wjien we ct down to cominon lile I udvise a .second look. Y'Hing lve livcs at least twenty-four monüis cacli yejix; but as it is uatuial for yoiing people, ii tbe object i worthy o love, loving it a goud deal wou't luirt eitlicr ol tlicm. tor In youth love is generally as hartrüess as spruce gum, and bas np.more care for the future than alas year'g gra-ssliopper. And 1 never yet knew youiig lovers to care for the pub stautials oj lile. Bonbons and oranges are generálly good enough for them The Krk unj liean of etery-day üfe knocki all the romance out of the aft'air


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