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The examinatioii of the students for ad mlssion to the bar of this circuit, referred to last week, has cauáed considerable eti and comment. The adjourned examina tion was held last evening by Judge Joslyn.andthewholeclass of 55 admittcd The following statement, by Jtidjrt Joslyn, is liaiuled us by the students, for publication, and we willingly glve i place: Considerable excltement hos been created ly a false statement lliat 40 seniora of the IJnlverslty Iaw Department were "placked" before me April l'IIIi, lust. The fact Is 40 students were examlnetl largely on maralime law and llttle on other subjecls, and at 10 i". m. I adjourned the exHiiunation fur a week and on May 8d I examlned sucli students in open court for tl) ree liours and wiismi well satlsfled that I admit ted the whole 40. Hlnce the flrst plass left that departmcnt thlrty-fiveyears ago, I have been one of the committeo wlm examlned stich students, or was on the benchat nearly all such examinatlcms, and I can unnesltating say that the 55 studente I have had examlned hefore me this year uaveshownas tliorongh training and study of law ets any class I have seen in this court. C. JOSLYN, Circuit Judge. It is somewhat unfortunate that there should have been a misunderstanding about tli is matter, and the above explanation of Judge Joslyn will probably be accepted as sutisfactory by all cencerned.


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