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Pretty Prospect

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[WiiRhlriírton Special CorrcMondenco.l The Prosident'a country ptucehas ceased to bo au object ol flxed intereat li nee hls wedding, and the throngi that sed to rtunbta ovor üh gnüosward aro no Imiger to bc een tliunv A aolltary iiiouutcd poUobquui walka his borsc up and down the roiul iilmig tLu ptace to sec thatiio vandal shall disturb or purloln of lts flowere or ehrubbery. For a few days, bcfore the oíd onncr, Mr. Orcen, got nis wratli up, visitors cut down rare Hlirubs for canes, carried olf plecoB of barbed wiro from th( feiicc and chipH from tlie wood-pUe, rars ol corn from tho corn-orib and ovcry othoi conccivablc rcllc, until it began to look if il the entirc place would disappear. Tho drive out to Pretty Prospect, hh 1 BiippoHo the President will cali hio place that being the name ol a larcer tracto! wfalchhia purchaso was the principal part, íh a very pleanant onc. There are twc wayfl of fippronchinfr it froin tho city. 0n in to drive out Connecticut avenuo and ut Ninetcenlh strect. over the heighta, acroaf Rock creek and up Woódly Lane. Thle if one of the most pirttircK (uo and romiuiticdrivesleiuling out of Washington. The road winda e and out among the IiIIIh. anü alltlie waj there sa'inolv-niadt hijihwiiy macadutnized with flint nntl lincd with beautilu) country seats. Thla Is a cl i mate for rosei and climbiiiK planta of all kinds, and witli the lenst iiiiR);initlle care anr landlord eau maka Iiíh bit of gronnd a perfect parudiae of foliuge. Thma coontry people have done o in the old-faahioni-d way, planting their rosea prouüacuouily and keepiiig up the ld-fanhioned pony garduña. The othcr approach to I'ntty l'rospoot Is out tlirougli (corRi-town. Tilia is not bo picasant, luit tliiTC are spots whore magnlfleent vícwh eau ba had upand down tho Potomae vallt-y and over tlio city. Tliin ection ia lilk-d too much wlth ilaughter hoiiHi-B aud ncRru tenements, while tlicrc i also a frequency ol gravc-yiirds. Apropoa of thcHO olijections, Mrs. Whitney íb iralitcd with a ratlior witty Haying, to the effect thnt if tho Seeretary choaa, he could wade Üirough lftujhtet to nis country home, and hereatter hu could rívc lesH attention to the welfare of Iiíh hooU for hia homo beyoml the grave was well nMKiired. When tho vMtor rouclica Trctly l'rnpect he ib doomel to diaappointmeiit. The place is n very ordinary ono. Thcro are few treoa, there íh no running water, and the Tiew in nu direction h ny thing like tbe grand prospecta to le had even a few rodo either aldo of the placo. To tbt ft, a low rove o! econd-groirth oaks obscure the vlowon the noith. the I'otomac valley and the hills of the Blo Btdgs, far awav in the diatane. üiwiiles, in the foreground of this view are two ilanghterhouses. LookinR eaat and so-th to the city very llttle of ït can 1)0 een. ne dome ol the capítol uncí the huiglits on whlch Harvard Onivenit; tauds coraprtM ubout 11 that 11 vbible. The house íh au old atone mansión, wcll huilt, lint not larfre, and with a wretchedly flat root whlch must inake the upper rooms very Usagre ble durltiir the intense sutnmer heat. It is hm hl the President will not live in the house until Homo sort of an at tic roof has been placad u[on it to próvido air ipaeta above the npper uhaniber, and ri'nder thcin tolerablv cool. The maln entrame 8 Irom the Georgetown road, and the place tlopea down thr Woo'lly Lane roal towunln the cllv. Across the pluce runs a patb which thö nelíhlrs an in thu old "croM-lot" tuhioa. Runnlnu ocrosa one corner of l'retty PtOBWCt is n:rrow lane Up to the old-iaHlii.Hiid mansion in which Hves Iftai Nannio Groen, who will ba the President1 nextdoor mighbor. Míhs Oreen ' plací' Is iar superior to th rnwidcnt'H in point ol beauty and comfort, belng lupplied with raasnifloeat old oaki and haring a 9nei view in every dlrectlon ;nul a mnall 1 r.-.ini of ruiininc water. l'n-tly Propecl U leneed in with burbed wire, and across th( west side of the pliuv, wliich ih the mitin approach, thcre ruim a line of tclegniph polca which are a deelded blemiHÏi. At tho corner wlicre ttio Woodlv Lano rou'l juin Uw Ti'iiall.ytown road a sipfii is tacked upon the corner poat, inurkinp; the Woodly Lane rond. Tho barn is an old, wenther-yirorii, rough board structure, which i filled with old rubbiHli and only in part UHcd lor horses and ciittlo. Up und down the yard roams an old buy horHii and a pretty Jersey cow. Mr. Crreeu haH an abuiidftnce of family, and thert' are tow-heailod cliildrcu ol all ajri' aramppriiif; about the piuca. ïhey aro brigbt littl lallowi, and evidontly iühlikii very much to bo depri ved of tln-ir plaaaun hanuts.


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