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I ara B protectionist from the solé of my foot to the top of tny head. [Rene wed applause.] I not only believe in 10 per cent., but I believe iu 20 per cent, tariff and as much more as the exigencles of hoiue interests require. [Cheers] I believe In tariff on everythiug, raw material included. [Great cheering] The only raw material is that coveredup in inother earth, and from the time it istouched with a pick until it is made iuto that [bolding up his pocket-knlfe] that needi protection because it is all labor. The invention of labor-savia? macblnery has enabled the laborerin the mili in whichyou work to come up from $1.50 a day to the lijrure yon (Iemand. Yon have speot years in reacliing your maximum figure, wliile y our ('Diiipanian in three years' time stands by your side in tliis particular to the sweet gatlsfaction of the manufacturer or the mlll-owner. And the Enlghti of Ijabor wish to protect both einployer and emploj'e by levelling up, not down, like the manufacturera. The New York World learns that under an act of the Pennsylvania asserably of 1794 a Luzerne county justice of the peace the other day fineil a profane Pole forty cents apiece for twenty-six oaths, and in default of the sum total of ten dollars and forty cents tenteneed the swearer to twenty-six days hard labor in juil on dtet of bread inid water, as the old law permltted. But an uppeal and retersaoe to the later law of 1800 Bhowed tliatcommon swearin;ciimeconsiderat)ly chenper, and the profane Pole was releared frora CHstody.


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