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Board Of Supervisors

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The regular gession of the Board or Supervisors wliich is called once in tive years to elect a delégate to the State Board of Equalizatlon, at Lansiiiff, met at the court hou8e, Monday, and flnlshed its work on the same day on account of hot weather. Certain representatious arefloating arouud the city to the effect tliat the work was fiuished ia oue day to save a little expense to the coiinty, but such statemenla are manufacturad out of whole cloth by some unprincipled person. The board was called to order and roll called by the clcrk, all supervisors miswering to thelr naines exoept Osborn, of Sharon, and Burch of Manchester, who appeared later in the day. Patrick O'Hearn was chosen chairuian pro tem, and the board took a recess until at ..¦-¦i., urnui; % iin-ii in in llllsioll Hm democratie inembcrs of the board nomin.-itfil candldates for the ehair and the representativo to Lansing. At ttie opening of the afternoon session, on molion of Mr. Cuse, of l'ittsfield, Fred A. Howlett was elected chairman. Mr. Kress' motion to adopt the basis of equalization of last year waB carried. The clerk called the attciition of the board to the re-d mtrictiiiff of tuecounty vrhich was overlooked at the October meetings and on motion of Mr. Graves it was voted tliat no chances bo made and that the digtricts include the same uiinibers and territorj-. On motion of Mr. Purtell, the County Clork, John J. Uobison, was appolnted to represent the board on the Btata Biard of Equalization, which will meet at Lansing in August, and the board Uien adjourned to the Oetober meeting without directing the county clerk to draw orders for their day's work. This also waa a pure overeight and not iutendcd as a saving to the county.


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