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Pomological Society's Doings

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At the June meeting Mr. Baldwin occupied the chair. The corre.pondiiig secretary read the minutes of last meeting. From reports of the fruit growers the instructions on lnscetieides giveu at last meeting were generally carricd out successlully; even the curculio liad to clear the field. Jacob Ganzhorn rcadavery nstructivc, interesting report on lus visit to Washington, D. C., where he met with the " National Graie Orowers' Assoclation." This report alone was worth the annuul fee of nembenhlp of the county and state society. A vote of tlianks to Mr. Oanzhorn, and a motion that tint report should he lncorporated in the report of the society preyaüed The votes on the prlce per quart for pickers were equally divided, between 1 and % cents for strawberries, and 2 cents for raspberries, if the prices for rnspberries do Dot range lower thim last year. Thoae that iick strawherries every other day pay a cent per quart just aa they did lant year. 8. Mills tliinks thiit grocers and middk men muke most on berries. The man who raises the berries gets the least. The producer cannot raise strawberries wlth prorit tbr less than $:i.00 per bushel. Herry-growing is overdone. Bliek wlieat will pay better than berries. Dried fruit, peache exceptad, is so very chean that it does not pay to dry raspberries. Several berry growers reported that they quit the IxisiiK'ss. The commigsiou men are only the ones who are not discouraged in handllng the growers fruit. The cliairman addressed the society on transportaron. The Express ICompany had raised the price on fruit 5 c. per 100 lus to Detroit. Tliis of course amounts to huudredM of dollars to the fruit growers. I$V motion of K. Ranr ttif follinvlnir mittee on transportation and freifjht wil elected: J. 1). Baldwln, K. H. Scott, kou Hall, 15. Day, J. Ferdon, J. H. CUmgh, S. II. Ailams. E. Baur itated tliat when peaches were plenty he shippedon a spring ragon to Detroit. The wagon left iu tlie cool t)f tlie cveniiiff and the ponches were deilTered eurly in the morainfl in Detroit. They brought the hihest prices. In a prlrate converaation with the Rovereud Mr. Adiim.s of the oommlttee, gentleman ig in f;ivor of the Adams Express, it beioa the oldest and oheapext, when itstarted out trom Paradina of c.ourse food and niiment were cheap. This oommitlee has quite a task and will go to work at once. TRESPASS. Stealiiijf of fruit froni llus premises, especi illv oii Öunday, is reported by nuiny fruit irrnwen, 'l'he nenbera of this society have pledged themselves to asnisteaeh Otber in tlie prosueutioii of tliese thieves. E:nh tlit't t and each thief will be reported at th uext meeting, aod the cases (isposed of as the society sees fit. Thosu ticsMwen Uiiitfor twoSundaysin nirnrmrion liavi' sioli-ii my struwberries will te remeinbered. They are known, and plenly able to p:iy lor their fruit. TUI'. KXIIIBIT. The exhiblt of roses and str.iwberries was eharniiii';. His Honor, tlie Mayor. was so attraeted nnd charmed that the writes was atraid his otllcial dignity mtgtlt suffer, hut his Honor stood the teniptatioD racelully. Mr. 8. Mills exhibited : Bidwell, Mt. Vernon, Manchester, Glendale, Sharpless, Woodrufl No. 1 and 2, (npl. Jack. W. F. Blrd : Mt. Vernon, Manobester, Cbarlet Downtng, Bidwell; Jewel, May Duke, Cherry, and Louis' coinbination force pampa, three uiachiues in One. J. C. Schenck: three baskets of Manchester. E. Baar : Hlmrpless and Daniel ]!oon. A. Isbell : new variety, liifht or, very early, purlmps the Atlantic. J. Qaiizhorn: Cherries - May Duke, Napoleon, Bigarreau, very sweet and fine. Mísh Sar.-ili Fletcher: Cuniberland, Triumpu, S. 15. Fifteen varieties of' roses, five varieties of Moas Uoses, Seven Sisters - a fine píate, all malden Lidies, as sweet as New Enjjland's renowued old niaids who prefer single bleaeednees. Mrs. Win. Fislier : General Jack, La Franee, Oabbage Rose, 100 Leaf Rote, display of wliite roses. Beautlfully arranjjcd and kopt moiiL J. Toma, the Hoiist i lajge variety of Rofes to be distributed. Mrs. Martin Clark exibited a Hose Peeony color white and pinkish, of the most delicate frarauce. N.Woodmansee, a berry crate at 75 c. or li'i e. per 24 crates. Lon Hall: Qrape fruit f rom Florida, tomón color, very lare. It was (litBcult to say which of these (jueeiiH should be crowned the prt'sident's wife. Mrs. Cleveland perhaps would jli'1 the prisa to the inoss rose. Ín frugrancc and fine texture itcertainly ranks litaLect The Heven Sisters will be welcomed in every garden, especially out west, wliere the slsterhood is longed for. Kverybody was anxioiistosee the Jewel straw berry. W. F. Bird showed one plant. He oomplained that the birds were after it as soon as they ripened. The wnter reinarked that he knew the Bird's were good poinologists but it was dilBcmlt for li i ni to decide just now which binls atlicred tlie Jewels. Mr. Bird in bises[lauation blauxul thc robiiiH. Utlllll'-'l I IK! IIIUMI r-lill I l 'W, V11IUII IIIfesU our berry fields in frreat numbert; if not cheeked, will prove the fireatest nuistince ever introdiiced. Tliis society which wiis l.'irtrely attanded cnjoyed a great teMt, Mr. Evart Sootttook in (Hiitea iitinilicif new mamberablpt. Wc wen very iztu to see theoOODty reprcsented hy memoen f rom YisI;mti and Ijiina. Wlierc are our Manoheslcr fiienda wlio nsrd to take sucli an interest in nur society y D. O. Wiley & (!o., oannbaloa men from Detroit were representad hy a incmber of tlieir liim to solicit the patronage ol the ('ruil rowers of WuhteMW eouiity. The outlook for pe.iclien is not as good iiM it. vTfi4 hixt tnmttli.


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