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The June Crop report i'or Michigan lm 11 broed. Coneernlng tb la región are the two foüowing itateroenta by wellknown fruit }{iowers: Krom J. Aiistin Scolt, Ann Arlxir.- Applea promlM an average erop, kh) per cent. Old poncli trees %n n':irly all killed, hut wliere not killed tliey are st rail- my 40 per cent. of nu nverage. Pean and cherries ;in average erop, ïoo; blaokbenie, ratpberrtei and rtrawberrics a fnll crop, KM) per (jent. Progt in May ilid little (lámale in tliis section of lbo stilt-. Prora .l;iool) Oanzliori), Ann ArlKtr Applcs in tliig s(M-ti(in promisc in iivera' erop. The Orawford peachei dld mt sèt welL There will not b; more tlian onelifth of a erop ol' tliis variety. Hardier kinds Imve a full cron - amonir ths( arr umus iifivc n hui uni{t - among mese are Ifill'8 Oliilll. OKI Mixon, Barnard and othere. On the whole not more than a third of ii pexcli erop can be looked for. No il:iin:ii' by the May frost. In thH southern tier of countles abont 12% ol' the 1888 whent erop remains in the farmers' hands. % leas of corn wus plantod this year mul 5% of thnt plunted f al led to Liow. Onts are 2% more in arca and barley ',% legs than 1885. The nnmber of farnieis plantins Rorghnm is 88% of the somber ii 'sr.' The wages of farmhamls aTerare $10.54, with board; without board, $2.'f."4. In this county the condition of wheat June lst, compared with vitality and growth of average year is 83%, with a probable yield of IC biislielü to the acre. 16% of the old erop s in the farmers' hands. Oats show 98% compared with last year. The averasre wagres paid in Waslitenaw are $l;ïï with boardTand $2-1.95 witliovrt. Durinji May 61,1)45 bushels of wheat were marketed, and since August lst, 1885, theie were 7!i:i,651 buüheïs in the county marketed. Scvcnty student will be gruhuted from h!rli school tliis ycar. The oomniunccineiit exirnseg wilioccur on Juno Mi Jncob Vneterle a workraan eniployed ly Contractor Sweet was overeóme by tlie heat Tuesclay afternoon wliile worktijf on the üepot excuvution. He was removed to hls home on Pontinc ntreet wliere lie whs was attended by Dr. Kajin wlio reported hhn out of danser. 'l'lio Water company luis oaond a water upply pipe to be lald ou South Tvelfth ti eet. Mrs. w. J. Herdman wili cive n reoep. tioii at the rettdenoe on Hurón street tlils cvcnin trom 8 to 12. Daniel Hiscock lias commencetl the erection of a house on a lot adjoing hs residen ou North Main street. TIn; lawn party giran on the grounds of Hev. Mr. Earp'.s resideuce Tueeday aftenioon was a v.Ty ].l;:i9aiil affair. An American ball hracleil owl luis Iiim-ii on exhlbitioD n .loe T. Jacob' show wimlow. H has buen sold to Pred (iaklo. Two military cmnpanics f rom Detroit, tWo from J.ickson and Onia frum KonrOfl have ilgnified their intentlón of bein' present bnt the third. Gasoline oaused a slijht blaze in the (Iwelling of Kev. W. II. Rjrder, on K. Hnivcrsity avenue at. noou yesterday. The daniHge wil nominal. Tho Ilnron Hand u entertalaed by Uk' Webster ferm era at Reaben Quails' reidence Batantay even Ing. Eteadlng, ice cream and dancing wers Indnlgred In. Tlie Regtatsr and Argna oopled a topographlcal error of the COUBIBR last weck, itating Mint th( Cheqanmegona gerenaded Fr. Flerle. The Aun Arbor Cüty IJund done tii serenadlng. Jdhi) Perry e.'iuscd the o Edwartl Collen laat Mnnday tor ttreutenlDff !¦ is llfe. Eihvard was broaffht before Justlce Fraeunff and adjuxted the onae rather than nibmlt to a trial, kil partios lui] front .Salem. At the meeting f the Siutc Pioneer society p Lanslng last weck, Liorenzo Davit contrlbnted a paper on "Recolleetlom di lOarly M Inloten of Washtenaw County." M. II. Ooodrich, of Ann Arbor, wan electcd Dreilüent of thn aaanolarlnn A grand delivery óf Champion lmrvestInf macliinery wlll be made next Satnrduy by II. Richard, Forty machines will leave U nrarebouae and nmchincry depot in prooeMion headed by a bañil of miisic and a grand diuner will be tendeftd the farmers. Mrs. S. II. Btehop bal aokl her residence on Washtrnaw nvenue to tlie Clii Psi society. She will remove soon to Sinitli Centre, Kanaaa, wtten ber son, Frcd Bishop, sxpecta to engace In the lamber bus! n esa In oompany wiih ttíe Hendriokton brotlien, (brmerly of tliis pillee. The Webster Farmers' Club lield a regular meeting it Un reahfence of Solomon Baan laat Batnrday. Tli( only paper read was tbiit of Mrs. Iru Baekni on tlie subject of "Money." The readlng of the paper val folio wed ly i rapper whlch RDlounted to :i haat afícr whíoh the club adjoorned (o meet In two weeka at the rejiidence of S. O. Buckaloo. Clirls. Dounelly ís f'.iptain of a Main street base-ball nine challen ges any nine iickol fioni Hurón street to a naiue of Valí, to lé i)liiy'd Tlutrsday iiftcrnoon July 17 ut Sfc30 o'elock. Mnrqnta of Quiicnsbury rules to jrovern the KRine and no one allowed to pet mail. Any DBmber of tniilnm m.iy bo played, proVlded, however, tlmt theilde lirst Korins 150 runs be ilcclarcd the winner. A horse and Cantafe bdongin to George Olp, drlven by son collided wlth a farmer'8 wagon on Main street Tuesilay morning and the horse ran away throwlng the boy out unlnllired in front of Noble's store, puntied a licadlong enreur down Main to the expreu office, where Chris. Donneïly ii(ire lost a front tooth n collisiou wlth a wheel of the buggy. The horse was tlnally itopped without serious damage to itself or buggy. It is not oftei) that physiciang, cspecially tliose of good standing aiul particular promlnenoe in their profession, glve their teatlmony to the nierita of a proprictary meJicine; thcir codo of professional etbica Oiacountenanclng this, bat llberallsm is rife now- a devoui l'resbyterian can open a grand hall with the itaunch Congregatlonalists without exclting andue oommeat. A follower f Hahnemann s freqtiently soen in conaultatlon with an allopathUr. Follnwing s the letter of Preston B Rosa, M. A., M. 1)., late of the factilty of the Unlversity of Michigan. Chicago, III., June 26th, 1885. Sec. Hnptonie Compon. Grand llapids Afich. ' Havinir bt-cn made aoquiiintod with (lie formula of Hoptonlc, wbich is esWBtially, Hops, Malt, and Peptonlzed l'.cil, mul having carefully examined rour prooaM of mannfactnrlng tbesame 1 urn sotlsfled that all the medicinal vlrtui's of the component parta aro Becured; ind, it muy be relied apon :is a uniform reparatkn. p. n. Bosk. With the abore aamed ingrediënt ai a bate, and with other well known ' liary specifica, the succeu of Hoptonic as i rlellabJu ton le, la no longer a matter of uirprise. The report of thejudges is as folio wt{ Ij Twelve oompetlton. i-'intprlzn mvnrd ¦I to "PallngeneelH" by A. (1. Newoomer; -.,¦(¦- ml to'18ongofth68lreD"byE.8atterthwaIte. lhe jinlcs bIbo fin.l maofa merlt In, mul wataia reoommend the pobUoatloo (witli thautho ' consent) of, "Tbe Marob Wind and "l'iir Hay Rain." 2. stury. Si'voncnmprtltoni. Plrstprlzeavanled to "The Story of a Crime" by W ThIk Hmlth: aecond, to "Mr. Brlrtol's Dluy!" by W. A. Mc niiicv. ' ' :. UomoroDi Bketoh. Tbrea oompetlton No awiud if prize miule. i. Dramatic sketch. Two oompetlton Prize nwjirdiKi to'TheTrlumphof Deato " i.v A.O. Ncwcoiurr. (HemiitS. Kkik.i:, SlgneU.-J Isaac N. DkmMON [C.VI.VIX THOMAJ


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