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HSTOTIHIIILTQSUCCEEDS LIKE SUCCESS TUK talIENS' GAZETTE ! OF 5PRIN&F1ELD, Á5SACHÜ5EITS, 0, 8. L XS OIsTIETHE WHEELMENS' GAZETTE IS A FOUKTII OF 32 PACES AND COVER, I'UBLISHED MONTHLY. ONLY FIFTY CENTS YBA-H WHEBLHBN AND OTHBBB WHO WANT CHOICK UKADINQ CAN 8ECUHE TUK SAME HY SUIJSC1UUINO FORTIIE QAZETTE, A HANDSOME PAl'KIl, WELLr-PRINTED AND MODEL OF NEW8PAPER NEED ADDRKS8 WHEELMENS' GAZETTE, 8PRINGFIELD, ¦ MAS3ACHU8ETTS. Sample Copies Free. 9-ly BEAL ES1A1E INSüBANBET AGENGY. J, Q. A. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AND NOTARY PUBLIC Real lístate sold or renled and renU collectod on reasonable terms. None bul old and nrst-class Insurance CÓmpanleH reprcsented-with Insurance capital f $10,UOO,U(X). Kates as low as any other lMsiirancocompanyandlOHseapromptlypald. Offlce ovor American Kxpress office, Malu street, nn Arbor. Mleli. I n TTim Scnd 10 cents postage, and we 1 I I U II wlllraaUyouraroyal,valHl I I1 I tuut win put you In the way XX U XX X of njftfcing more monty at once thananythlngelse In America. Botli sexes of all ages can live at home and work In ¦nare time or all the time. Capital not rem. re.l We wlll start you. Immense pay Tnxl for tliose who start at onc. Stinsox 4 Co., Portland. Malne. D. D. STORY, APOLLO BIOYCLE. The best [whcel In the marnet. NO. O E. 1IDRON ST., ASX ARBOK. FIéEASS HOTXCEÏ TUD HiHSTBETEa IGS CDMPilT Wül furnlsh lee, dellvered to anypar oi tne Cityfortho Seaüon of 1886: 28 ibs., Daily, exoept sunday j.oo per month ¦-. Uw 4 times per week l."5 per iiionin ï & 8 times or week 1.50 per month 25 lbs., 2 times per week 1.00 per inouth Hotels, Restaurants, Butchers, Etc W1U be furalslied by special contract. A. F. HANGSTERFER, Manager, Office, J8 Moln Street, EstablisheU in 1S13. A. F. HANGSTERFER & CO., Catercrs aud Conrectloners. Havlngmade exteuslve arrangements wlth two large croamerles for the coming season, we aro from thts date prepared to keop cobrtantly on hand and furnfsh Fresh Cream a well as: Ice Creom, (varlous üavors.) i JTuttl KruttlC'harlottede Kusse.Water loes, Assorteil Fancy Cake, Wafers, Macaroons, Iady Fln[rer3,(.'ream Klsses, etc., and at roduced prloeg. Catering In all lts branches. Alarei' óssortment oí Fancy Ice Cream Mouldsjust recelved. A. F. Hangsterfer & Co., Caterers, NO. 28 S. MAIN STREET. 1'. S.- Sunday Orders should be glven the day previous. Ahn Abuor. Maren 23, 1886.


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