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wimt make.x r.he brenth so flaannt,paret Wtlttl nmkes thf rosy gums ? iiinkes the tceih so pearly wfilta? U'liut maken tlir niniith ailcar diOixht? . TU 8OZODONT, tli:ii, preoloaa boon Whlcli none eau use loo lat, too soon. It Is Never Too Late to cleansethe teetb, and reinier the brenll odorife.roiis with fmgrant SOZODONT tuit it is best ro une thia woiidcrful Ve;et¦ililc Klixir before the treth vgi to fiil, aiiil tlie breüth to lose its frcsliness. A wiiliiwer cullid un a Tonng l:idy and - 1 j 1 1 ¦ l ili;ii he had prayeu to tue Lord to si'iiil liim it uitc, and in udri'.'im Ilial nlgbt be liinl heen (lirccled lo lier. The uooc-r was nt'onned thut the Lord had directed hun In the wÖng [ni.son thistime, and lie was iiilviscil to try aiiothcr prnyer and diumn. lrfi. Prairie Mange, and Scratekes of ever}' kind cnred in thiity ininnti-s I13' 'nn(if„ni' ti StmUary Lotion. Das no oí her. Thia never fallí. Bold ly II. .1. Brown, drtfggtst, Ann Arhor. 138&-1840 It is suid that stovepipes may be perfect]y eteared of soot by putting a piece of me on the coala of a hot íire.. The vapor c] coinposes and oarries off the liot soot. The President of the Cambridge, Mas- , Fire Ins. Co. recoinuieiuls Ilood's tíarsuparill:i isa building up nnd gtrenjrthenin remedy.


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