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A True Incident

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Eren a small ntnount of moncy in constant circulation may cancel many obligations, or serve to give honeat employinent to willing workmen. What !io]p8 one man is likeljto help another; iml he who pavs his debts docs moro lowards liqnidatíng tho debts oí othor men than he will be likelv to imagino. The following incident, founded on a real oceurrence, illustrates our mcaning: A. owed fifteen dollars to B. B. owed twenty dollars to C. ('. owed flfteen dollars to 1). 1). owcd tliirtv dolían to E. E. owed twelve dollars and fifty cents toF. F. owed ten dollars to A. All of the persons that these initials represent were seated at the same tablo A., having a íivo-dollar noto, hamled t to B., remarking that it paid five dollars of the flfteen dollars he owed B. B. passed the note to C, with tho remark that it paid tive dollars of tho twenty dollars which he oweil. C. passed it to 1)., and paid with it ivi dollars of the tiftoen dollars he owod ü. D. hamled it to E., in part payment af the thirty dollars owed him. E. gave it to F., to apply on account of the twelvo dollars and lifty cents duo liim. F. passed itback to A., saying "This !ays half of the amount I owc yon." A. again passod t to I!.. saying: "I Dow only uwc you live dollars." 15. pMsed it again to C., with the remark, ''l'liis reduces my indubtedness ;o you to ton dollars." ('. again paid it to D., reducing lus .udebtedneu to five dollars. 1). paid it overto E., saying: "I now owe you twenty dollar.-." E. hamled it again to F., saying: "This reduces my indebtedness to you to two dollars and fifty cents." Again F. handed fhe note to A., saying : "Now I don't owo you any thing." A. passed it immodiately to B., thus canceling the balance of his indebtedness. B. handed it to C. reducing his indebtednem to five dollars. C. canceled the balance of his debt to I). by handmg the note to him. D. paid it again to E., saying: "1 now owe you fifteen dollars." Then E. remarked to K. : -'If yon will give me two dollars and fifty eonts this u ill sdttle my indebtedness to you." F. took two dollars and fifty cents from his pocket, handed it to E., and returned the five-dollar noto to his pocket, and thus the spell was broken, the single five-dollar note having paid eighty-two dollars and fifty cents, and oancelcd A.'s debt to 1?., C.'s debt to D., E.'s debt to F., and F.'i dbt to A., and at the samo time havinfl reduced B.'s debt to C. from twenty dollars to five dollars, and D.'s debt to E. from thirtv dollars to fifteen dollars. -


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