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"Yes, s!r, our instrumenta go everywhern. Yon seo, any onu can play thein, and we sell music by the yard." The speaker was a young man, and he was arrangingorguinettesof various shapes and sizes in an uptown store. "Thevare a great success, " he added, as he turned tlie crank of oueof the instrumenta. "You see, they Jiavo many advantages over a conimon hand organ. In these the player can chango, the tune as often as he wishes by simply taking out one roll of heavy paper and inserting anpther. The paper is punched in lióles ol different lengths. As the player torna the crank the paper is unroíled over a set of reeds through which acurran! ol air passus. When the air rushes througb a holo a note is produced." "How far away do you send theso thingsf" askod a reporter. "Among afewof the markets I might mention Russia and Chili." "Do tho Russians and Chilians admire the samo music as Americans do?" "To a osrtain extent. They go in for Gounod, Vordi, JNViyerbeer and ¦OHM moro of that class. China is a good ilaco for orguinettes, too. Wo end lot.s of instrumente to Shanghai and Hong Kong and they aro scattered all over the Flowery Kingdom. I hoar it is no uncommon thing out thcre to hear a Mandarín grinding out somo oí the airs that aro popular over hero. Sometimos wc sena the pigtails sotne of oirn tunes. Jiist listen and I will play one for you." The young man took a scroll down from a shelf. He adjusted it on a small-sized orguinetto and tnrned tho crank. In a second the reporter hoard the strains of a lively march, rather monotonous and choppy, it iu truc, but with a thread of melody running through it. "That," said tho player, "is called Tho Haunt of Pleasmv, :uid is a very popular tune in China. Wo had a Chinanuin in here one day and this air was played to him. Ho 'recjgnized it at onco, and sang the lirst verse for us. Wo cut out Hindoo airs, too, but have none in stock now. You would not think South África a good market for our gooda, would you? Well, sir, tho Dutchmen at Port Elizabeth, on tho southeast ooast of thc Dark Continont, aro insatiahly fond of tnusic. Within three months wo sent them one thousand orguinettes and two hundrod thousand feet of music." - N. Y. Mail and Expres. - American heiiess (who liad just manied a tille): "What did that vulgar fellow mean by addressing you so familiarly, Count?" Foreign "Count (her new husband): "O, nothing, nothing, my dear. He just happened to know me." "But he did not cali you by your title." "Wcll, no." "Don't he know you are a Count?" "No; he only knows me by my stage name." "Stajre name? Ilow romantic! Wliv, yo-.i darlbtg, 1 did ooi know yon had' been on the stage." "O, yes, I v i been driving a Broad ay stage for ten years "- iV. 1'. Mail. Aluin water is better than clear water for wetting up stove blacking.


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