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Yellowstone Park

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The park lies mosuy between latitudo 44 and 45 and longitud 110 and 111 , extending on the west into Monana. It is G. miles north and south iv 65 miles cast and west, oomprising square miles, aiul Is all inore, thau 6,000 faêt high. Yellowstone Lakc (22 jy 15 miles in extent) has an altitudo of 7,788 f eet. The mountain ranges that hem in the vallcys on every side rise to the height of 10,000 and 12,000 'eet, and aro covered with perpetual snow. Dtrring June, July and Augu-t hfl atmosphere is pure and very invirrat iiiir. with searcely any rain, and stiirms of any kind aro rare; bat the hermometei frequently talla as low as 2.J , and there is frost every month of lie jear. The entiro región was at a comparaüvelv modern geologieal period he scène of remarkable volcanic activty. The most striking features of the :irk are its gcysers, hot springs, ratcr-falls and canons. In tho numipr and magnitude of its hot sprints and revsers it surpasses all tho rest of the world. There are irobably .00 geysers tlmt throw a colïmn of water to a height of from 50 to 200 feet, and from 5,(K)0 to 10,000 springs, chlafly of two kinds, those.deíositing lime and those deposlting silca. There is every variely of tieauti'.u color, and the deposits form around ;heir borders the most elabórate ornamentation. The temperatura of the calcareous springs is from 1G0 ' to 170 ; tiuit of the others rises to 200 = or more. The principal collections are he, upper and lower gvnvt Ikimus of the Madison river and the Calcareous springs on (iardiuer's river. THe rrand oanyonofthe 5f ellowstone, Great rails, 800 ieet or more 'm height, 'l'ower Falls, etc., are very remarkable. The lark is also one of the most interesting eographical loealities in North Amerca, having within its limtta or in its vicinity the sources of vast rivera flowng in various directions. On tlie north side are the sources of the Yellowstone; on the west those of the principal forks of the Missouri; and the southwest and south those of Snake river, tlowing into ;he Columbia and throttgh it into the Pacific Ocean. and those of Green river, i branch of the great Colorado, which empties into the gulf of California ; while on the soutlieast side are the numerous headwatera of Wind river. -


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