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Commencement Week

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The regular codUBeiuwimMit exerel'M wre mingnrateil lai Sunday evenlnp t Universlty Hall, by President AmMI. who at that time dellrervd tbe Baemlauréate address. 11 is t-xt was: "Stir up tlie gift wliich s i Thee," nuil was taken froni St. P.111I. Moiuliiy tlie medical el iss held ils OlHM day exercities in Universiiy Imll, coinDwooiiit at 10 a. m. The exeroMN consisted of a class xicin by Hany A. Matcli, oration by James B. Tedrow, I'li I?., prophecy ly Oeorge K Taylor, clan history by John H. Swanson.aml an (ldn-ía by the cliiss prcsidfíit, Warren B Bexton. At 1:30 1). m. the class day exeicises of the law department VH held, the same coDsisting of an addresg by tlie class president, James V. llamilton, class history by Jumes A. Crawford, poem by Mise Lettie L. Burlingamc, oration by Isaac N. Huntsborjjor, A. M., consuLition by Charlea M. Kice, and propht cy by PranoliO. Hijjlus. In tlie eveningoecurred UirVr:ind gynipliony cimcert jjivea ander the auspices ol tlie seuior da-a. It was a brilliant musical event, nd ni attended by about 2,000 peoplu. Tu-sday the lileiary deparlment class day oceurred. At half-past V i. m., an oration by Samuel B. Todd, class orator and a poem by Miss Helen E. Osgrood, class poet, (rere listened t by hundreds of people In the hall. In ihe al'ternoon the balance of the exercises were Corapleted on the campus where seats hafl been arraued just east of the maiu huil. Tli is part of the exercies cousiBtil of clas-i hUtory by Martin 1. Alkins, pruphecy, by Fred B. Wixson, nddress by the claiis president, William A. McAndri-w, coicluding with the pleasant cremony of formlng a ring about the Tappan Oak. 1 Senior reeeption last evenlng was a bitlllant iiffitlr, and everything was carried out to pri fection The members of the class are to be conjrratuliited not only Udii their sucres-' iu liaviiiK their arraiijjcini'iii.s carried out so fmttettiy, bilt n having every detail sytemaliCHlly planned and every want ji-iitnmsly provided for. The pavilioti wus Ürlited by are lijilit directly i" the center over Ihe imirticians, and Ihe siglit ot llie mei ry danoers as tliey went whirlinjr in tlie ni'izes of the wallz and o turth, u pleasln c ne to llie loo'.er-mi, well as enjoyalile to Ihe participants tlitin elves. The c.owd wa8 very ftieat, yet llie room and corridors provided fnr its riceptiou and entertainment were so cominodious tliat ihere was little erustiing or crowiling Tliere were many people pnsent from various stctions of the state, and the costumes of the ladies were many of them extreinely elegant. The ocondun ha.', never been surpaned in llie liistnry ot class receptions. In the afternoon, at the homocopathic college, thvl83 day txerclses of that departinent were observed, concluding with the class reeeption at 3:30 p. m. The followlng were tbe exereiws listened to: Oiation by Qeorge J$. Kelso, cluss his toiy by Harold B. Wilson, B. 8., propbecy by Miss Eüzabetli Uncapher, poein by R. Dudley Mack, and an address by the elas' president, Ilugh B. ReVHoldi. To-day occur the special re-unlom of the classes of '56, '01, "CO, 71, 76, 80, 'SI and '8ü, also the meeting of the alumni associations of the departmemt of lit.-rature, of medicine and 8urjery, plmiiimcy, dental surjtery and homoeopalhy, eacli with exerclses appropriate tliereto. Tilia evening occur the University Seimte reception, the social eveut of the week. To-inorrow, Thursday, occuis the 42il annual cominenctiuent, the aildretw to be delivered ty the Hou. Cushman K. Davis, of St. Paul, Mi-iii., after wliieli the degrees will be couferred. One rainy day lat week Goodyear liad orders for goods to be sent off at a distance, to the amount of $140. Married on the 24th inst., by Justice Clark, Mr. Sanford A. Lnue, to Miss Clarissa A. McPherson, of tliis city. Genevlvc, infant daughter of Nütlinn and Carrie Brokaw, of Xorthfield, diert June 27, of congestión of the brain. The " Uoard of Trade," office has removed froni the St. James block to tlie store of Wm. Allaby, on S. Main st. Amonjf the many and varled uocom plishmentsof our Mayor is tlmt of speak lng(?) the sigii iangUMjte ría tlie deafiiiiitc nlphabet. Ann Wassar, of the 4th wanl, ili.d on June 28th, ajjed 75 yeius, of oíd are. Funeral to-day ,t ü o'clock froni 8t. Thomas' church. In the work of ffrmlin; and lixing up the frroiinils of St. Thomas' school, Hcv. Fr. Fierle has taken off hig coat and worked rijrht aloiig with the spade and piek. The inother of Dr. Dunster, who has been visiting her sou for some weeks, dled Monday Her renniins will be taken to their home in New Hampshire to-cliiy on the 10:28 train, by the Doctor. " Ye local " partook ot a mess of new potatoes laft Tlnnsüay, mised in our neighbor'i' jrarcien, whieh proves said neighbot, Mr. M. O. Grave?, to be an excelleut ;igricnlturi8t - as well is an umisubrilliaul student. We received from H. G. Bennetf, of Passadena, Cal., a copy of tlte Star, published at that place containing a picture and de-cription of the new Hayuiood House, t $300,000 hotrl jnst comnleted ut that piare. It is H beauty. Amlrew J. Sawyer now comes out with the bijrgest tish story yet. He sys Úw on one duy last week lie went out on certain lakc in tliis county lm knowg o and cauglit 11(5 lih in lic, minutes, (stand ard time). Affidavlts if necesaary. Burglars effectcU an entrance to Fred Bctimer's place last Friday night througl a second story window, by means of i ladder. They went to the bar till, pricd ofl the lock aud secured about f7.j or $80 it was thought. Mr. Uesiraer was absent at the tiuu'. Orchard L ike dldn't prove a drawing card for the KalgbU of Labor last Suturday aud thelr excurslnu was nut as wcll attendetl as Itwas Kopeü it milit be. The day of the week iilso eemod to opérate ugainst the scheine, as niaiiy of the boys I coukl not atteuU beeaune ai woi k they were obliged to attend lo. Frank Wenlanil, who v;i sentenci-il trom lliis circuit iibuut h yi-ar agolo Ion in for ls moni hs, 011 ,i charge ol stealiiiv leatlier trom Jolin Heih.iiiuii, WM killed on tlir ¦.'")lli inst., while Ittefttpting to i'Hc.ipe, being shot down by the gnard. I (lis tumi wouKl llave txpired in a gliurt tlint', lie li.iviiiK miiilr fc-veral weeks by jOOl rime Inri. i The itQBfl cutiere here in Ann Arbor reeieve $3.50 por day now lor nine lioirs work. Tlios. R. Bouw, of Detroit, forniei ly witii Krizelle, haa accepted a ptMitloD witli H. J. Brown. Ittemeiubér the July meeting of the pomologieal society Saturday afternoon In the coiirt house basement. Henry Ludbolz wilt open :i itmr gtocery in the 5Üi wrd, Iniving rentnl t Ite stort' of II. Storm-i.for that purpost-. Noliim bAI ixreruletl a more ucmliu! grcetiti{( to the people on the 4th, tbnn has that of J. ï. Jacobs & Compuny. It taki-8 a little upw.tnN of 0(),000 g. I0118 to supply Ann Arbor witli witter now-a-days, and thcre are over 600 water takers. Over 100 industrial mrsC'apt, Seluili tulla us will bc In the procrssion Siturd.iy repiWetltfng thevarious trades iinil inlii-i. -u-s of the city. Every business house will ba hain'somely decorated on y i( is e - pecteil. IIudjí yot r hm uiers on the out, r walls, gentlemen. There will be plenty of guod water to drink next S:itunlay. HutH & Co. will run a fiee clrinkinji fouiittiin in front of their store on that d.iy. It is now stated that the T. A. A. & N. M. Uy. intend havinjr the iron lakl on their track on the link between Dunuui and Owosso by the last of July. The time tocóme to Aun Arhor is next Saturday. H will be a day long to be reniembered In our h story. The preparatlons were never on so grand a scale. Henry Turner plnoed in the county house trom Freedom, dled Friday niht, aged about 60 years. HU reniains were taken to Detroit by liis son for Intermem. Miss Lella Child, dnughter of W. K. Clillds, is the bauner student in the lilth grade of the first ward school. Slie bcing the only one n that grade, whe standing wus so Wgh tliat no examination was required in any of her studief. Prof. Grangcr is fixlng things at tha rink for a big crowd on Jiily 3d. Refresliments will bc servet! there during the eutire day, and dancing will be continueü untll 12 o'clock p. m. If yon like to dance and want to enjoy youiself just go to the Kink. The best oí niusic wil] be provided and eveiythino; be HMdnted inaqniet, Kntlemiinly wny. The Hoor Is one of the very best for dancing puiposes.


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