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Prices Falling to Pieces at D. F. Scnairer's. 3 Pieces of Black Tricotine Dress Slik at 75 cents a yard worth $ I .OO. 2 Pieces Black Satin Rhodame at 75 cents a yard, worth $ I .OO. 15 Pieces "Cold and Silver Moda!" Brand, Rich, Black Dress Silks, every Yard Warranted to wear at $ I , $ I . I 5, $l.25and$l 5O per yard, 22 and 24 inches wide. 15 Pieces more All-Wool Black Buntingsat 12' cents I Case Choice styles Dress Lawns at 5 cents per yard. 1 8 Pieces of Elegant Dress Sateens at 1 2 '-t cents a yard . 42-inch all-Wool Albatross in Cream, Lavender, Pink, LIght Blue and Black at 5O Cents a yard, worth 76 cents 25 Pieces Organdíes, Fancy Figures and Solid Colors, at I2'2 cents a yard, worth 2O Victoria Lawns IO, I2'i, 15 and 18 cents a yard. White Lawn Checks I9K, 1 4, 1 6 and 2O cents a yard. 18 Pieces French Zephyrs at 1 2' cents, worth 1 8 cents. Scotch Chambrays, Solid Colors at 1 7 cents, worth 3O. Continuation of our Creat Lace Sale. Egyptian and Oriental Laces at Half Price, 10, 15 and 25 cents. Big Bargains. Embroidered Dress Coods (ünmade in Boxes) 38 more to close out at $I.5O, 2.OO, S2.5O and $3.OO. 1 case Ladies' fine Cauze Summer Vests, Short and Long Sleeves at 25 cents, worth 40 cents. 16 Dozen I.ailics' : rcnch Ilulhriirgrn" Vests ouly 15 cents, worth 75 cents. Cliililren's Sumiucr Yests at 15, 20, aml 25 cents. IO I'ieces more Curtaln Seriin at 10 (¦¦nis a yard, worth 15 cents. Ui u Cut mi Parasols this Mout h. CIosiu:r Hum out at a Great Reiliu-tion. HKriDEELYTHE BKST FAX SALE EVEK COMMENCE IV AS S ARBOR. ¦ m 5 Dozen Elegant White Opera. Brida and (riiliiatiiij.'Fiiiis, #I.OO, XI .-. I.5O aud $2.OO each. " 3 Dozen Black Sük and Sutin Fans nt 75 cents and .si. 00 eticli. Fanci Jap Fuiis at 5. 10, 11 aml U cents each. Low Pricos, Low Prices this Month at D. F. SCHAIRER'S.


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