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Bruathos thcre a man with soul so ded m Í?, nev o hij witc hath said, 1 will a flower garden make, Both for my own and thy dear salce And sow with seeds to come up quick Which you, of course, wilt buy of VickI" i a juíh th:r': bc ' Py Pnl, And have an order quiclily sent ' Ihensweet thy rest, Tm sure, vM be And thy dcar wife v. 11 smile on thee. rheGutn is a work'of 150 pages. Colorea Piales, 1000 Ilustra 1 ons, w,th decriptions „f the best Flowers and Vegetables, pnces of Seeds and, andhowtogrow lem. It tells you what yon want for the garden'and ow to get u. Kinte,! in gnjIUh and Germán. Pnce nly ia cents, which maybe dcducted from first order. BrYOXI.TVK -K-ssn-IW, ATHEADyrARTEBB JAMES VICK, SEEDSMAN, Eociester, H.T. RINSLY&SEABOLT'S BAKERY. GROCERY, ANB Flour and Feed Store. kiep cotictamly on hand, B1LEAÜ' , C?ACf8K8. CAKES, ETC, For Wholesal.' and Retllll Trnde. We shall aluo keep s nupply of SWIFT & DKUBEL'f BEST White Wheat Flour! lii-llii Flonr, ltj. l'loiir, Buckwlicul 3 lour. Corn Woal, Peed, fu-., At Vh..!,,Hlf nnii Retal!. A Ronera! jlock of 6R0CERIÏS and PROYISIÜNS ('imdlaiitly nu bud, rjitch "iil Ik; iiold on aa re:lsiiinll'K' ti-iiin nx l „nv Miiar houe ui ilii cit. . ' PKOUI il. gc.) ,ily dooJ (llTerfd lo auv p.irt cif Iho my without ¦¦xtrn eharv'N RINKY A SÊJI BOLT. R. TJ I= Tf TJ OFl Eï. tl ¦¦. N'S IMI'KRIAI, TltOKS Splral S.rum. Krailml Hom l txi poDQu i ii pr ssiue. 0K IMV AM) M;HT, '¦ i ti inlMiit i mrk iild oran ilillllt HO J CHIS. ''''¦ i'i u-ms n perfecflan. Knclose Htamps tor legtimomala ¦ ¦f nu, s, , c. KliA.N IMI'I-.KIAI, TIUISS CX)_ Ann Arbuk, MÍ. ti


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