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ABNER MOORE'S TONSORIAL PARLOR, iiTTiaoasr st:r:e:et, Next door to the Farmei's and Meehanic's Bank. BAIB CÜTTING, 8HAVIKÖ, SHAMPOONING AND DYBING. Tbe best of Work men nnd Siitisfactlon ;iiaranteed. A. DeFOREST. Fire Insurance, Píate Grlass Insurance, Steam Boiler INSURANCE ! Lowcst Ratcs, Honorable Adjnslmrnts and Losses Promptly 1'aid. REAL ESTÁTE RENTS Spbcial attkntion oivrs to CoUiBcnon op Rbnts and Uanagkhbnt o Real KsTATa [HTBBBS18 KOlt NON-KK8[DKNTS Kn¦iikk UATIgrACTIOM TO OVMBBS GUARAN' TBBD. A. DeFORKST, I-rom tbe LauslDg Repablloan. FixiNG Tauros. Ii i reportad tnat the Demnorat State Coiumlttee at tlieir oonsultallon in Lar ilngr, detëhnlned to olfcr T. I! Birry the Fusión uominatloa ftw Lteul üiant Governor. Ir' tliit is truc H s cutting and drjrIng the Democratie nml Qreenback conrentlon pmceedinyg oot only pmnaturel; but n (i decldetlly i...-s wiiy. VVlien State committeer, mul not State conwntlODS, fli u slaies and Üetermioe nomluatloDi u)on the ticket, thère would geem ti be bat little use in eonsultíng the people at all, or "ing to the expense mul trouble of holding 11 Stuic nomlnHtlogcoiiventlon. Tliere would be a oertain manifest iinproprlfty In h State oommlttee discussing caiidid .tcs and iiomiuiitioiis In advance wlth I view ti. flxlng tliinys in favor of uiy ciuuliilate and ujrainst othen, and nny party that patlently suhmiti to such dlctHtlon 11 very goon df genérate Into a mere inaohtao control led by poülioal ' Whetber Mr. Burry is party to py sucli icht-me ni ip be well douitted. Even Ifhe were wllliiiff to Hccept tlie Domlmn lion, prorittpil It were tcndered to him as the iinliinsed clioice of tliu part?, it oannot de f.iirly prwumed, in the abgence of act ..n or iiitiniatiiiM on liis part litis u il] ii t; to accept a iiominntion ln-iolled IdIo and thrnojih the coiiventlon by ii State commiUee, Bucoea obtnined by sucti raethods, or nnder the susplclon ef sucli ïnHutMiccs. wotihl ii jure the cauc of the K. of L., wbile succeiM, gn eaglneered mmt he very doubtfull, to ay Uw least' even If such a iioiiii'iation were to come' [roma party dominant in be iSt.ite, instead of from g pjirtv v liidi only bopea to use him Hhii the K.of r. opJtantzation to pull lts cbestnuU nut of n particularly hot firr. Rheumatism It ia an established fut that Hood's Sarsaparill has proven an invaluabie remedy in many aevere cases of rhuuiuatism, efiirt"ng remarcable cures by its powerful actinn in correctlng the acldity of the blood, which 13 the cause of tho flgQMQ, and purifylng and onriching the vital finid. It is certainly fair to assumc that what Hood's Sarsaparilla has dono for otliers It wlll do for you. Therefore, lf you suffer the pains and aches of rheuniatism, glvo thJs potent remedy a fair trial. A Posltive Coro. "I was troubled vcry mucli wlth rheumatlBm in my hips, ankles, and wrists. I could hardly walk, and was conflned to my bed a gmd deal of the time. Being recommended to try Hood's Snrsaparilla, I took four bottles and am perfectly well. I Cheerfully recommend Hood's Sarsaparilla as one of the best blood purillers in the world." W. F. Wood, Bloomington, III. For Twonty Ycars I have been afflicted with rheumatism. Reforo 1883 1 found no relief, but grew worse. l then bcgan taking Hood's Sursaparllla, and it did me more good than all the other medicine I ever had." H. T., Shirley. Mass. "I suffered from what the doctors sallad muscular rheumatism. I took Hood's Bsrsaparilla and am entlrely cured." J. V A Pboudfoot, letter carrier, Chicago, in We shall be glad to send, free of oharn to aU who may desire, a book containing many additlonal sUtements of cures by Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by all dniRpiüts. (1 ; six for $5. Made only by (J. I. HOOD & CO., lwell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar.


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