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Beach, '84, is ni town for a few dayi. Prof. Pattengill will satl for Europc Jiily 3d. Prof. Kingsley will tearli at Evanston, III., next year. Mis Isham is tlie guest of Mrs. Waldron tiiis week. Prof. John Dewey hits been visiting fiiends in Fenton. Abuut 2000 persons atteuded tlio concert Mimilay night. Thcre are eight extra pólice on dnty t tlie campus ihis week. There is "hurrying to and fro " on tlie campus these days. It is said thatouly one senior luw f.iileil to p:is tlie tiuul exaininatious. Dan Curpcnter, who was in college in 1881, died In Colorido last ICaroli. A large numtier of the class of '06 ;ire present for their 20th anniversary. Don A. Garwood and wife of Waterloo, IikI., are rWtlitg friends in the city. Miss Carrie Preston, cldM of '83, is a guest at Col. II. S. Dcan's this week. The class of '71 will have about 25 of their mimber present at their reunión. Professor Demmon will probably conduct tlie Chicago examinations this year. Judge Reynolds, of Walla Wulla, Wasl . Ter, is present to see his son Harry graduate. Dr. A. G. Hendricks sent tliri-e da) 8 of the week at Ürchard Lake, remaining ovir Suiulay. Elmer Dwiggins of the class of '84 speU aturday and Sund.iy with hij Sig. "rienda. Many of the aluinni present iu the city ïave traveled hundred of miles to be [tnnnnt. Dr. Oven, formerly Dr. Frothingham's assistant, is enjoying a good practice in Petoskey. Prof. C. H. Dennlson haa prefented the University with a very fine portrait of Dr. Tappan. Dr. E. M. Flynn, of West Branch, came down to attend the reunión of his clas, medie. '81. The question of dancing at tlie seríate reception is agitatiug the faculty and studeut8 at present. Misses Alice and Nellie Hoi land, who were in the university last year, were in towu over Sumlay. Mrs. I. N. Payne, lit. '81, of Denk, is tlie guest ot her sister, Mrs. Dr. C. G. Darling this week. Owiujf to Prof. PattenglU's European trip he will not conduct the examinations at Chicago this week. Miss Anna Black, Miss Fiiller and Mr. Will Street, all of Quo, are attending commenceraeiit week. Regent Augtin Blair will represent the Board on the occasion of the semi-centenial of the University. The Zeta PI fratcrniiy opeueü their new quarters- the Jacobs house, last Friday evening with a hop. Fred Weir, the organizer of the Chequamegons, is doctoring people success"ully in Kingman, Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Claik, of Monroe, are the guests of Secretary Wade and wife durinj; the week's exercises. The seuiors fairly out-dld themselves in their reception laut evening. Everything was brilliant and beautiful. Regent C. R. Whitinan will deliver the welcoiniug address iu behalf of the Re{Oll at the coming SaengerftíSt. Dr. E. L. Knapp and wife, and Mr. and Mrs L. V. Curry, all of Fentoii, are a'temling tlio exercises this week. Drs. M a ui re and Sterling, of Detroit, accompailíed by their wive, are the guests of Dr. Wood, M) ö. División st. Dr. Larawiiy, medical class of '85, and wlfeol Yisilnnti,were in attendauce upon medie class day exercises Monday. Öee'y Wade sayu tlie university authorities were uever before so wtll prvareil for the conuueneement week exercises. St. Louis, Mo., h:ts been dropped from the list of places wiiere ex iminations wil! be held for adniission to the university. Mrs. Hawkes and MUs Hawkes, of Goshen, Ind., are In the city visiting thuir son and brother Frank of the class of '87. Mis-i Dodge and MUs Hoyt, of Detroit, are attendins: the week's exercises. Miss Dodge'H brother being amone the graduaten. Mrs. A. E. Todd and daughter of Owosso, are present to see the formi t') son, Fred. A., gradúate from the medical departraent. The regent have been petitioned by the entile medical faculty for additional facilHies and more teachers. ButU are needed very inuch. Dr. Warren, of Hillsdale, president of the ftate Houieop. Society is attendinj; the exercise of .the week, the guest of Prof. J. C. Wood". The meeting of the alumni of the School of Pharniacy was held at 10} o'clock a. m.,to-day. Tlie banquet was served at 2% o'clock. L. 8. Berry, lit '83, and a formerCUronicle editor, is in town attending the reunión of his class, Ue is an attorney at Omaha, Nelr.iska. Prof. D. A. MaLsiehlan and wife expect to leave Ann Arbor soon after commenceinent, and will spend vucation at Topinabee on Mullet Lake. About 25 senior laws had to come before the faculty last Friday morning for special examination. Some were pasacd atul some were plncked. The class of '86 will ornament the campus during the evenlngs of this week with twelve electric lights. One will be suspended betwecn the library towers. There is a very tine life size portrait of Prof. Ford on exhibilion at Randall's, painted by A. O. Ravenaugh, formerly of this city, uow of Jackson, and valued at #500. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Seeley, of C.m, are in the city attoudiug commenceiuent exercises. Mrs. Seeley's sister, Miss Clara V. Grover graduales in the literary department. The alumni of the homeopathie college will bold thetr annual meeting and banquet at the Franklin House, on this, Wednesday evening. A large attendance is expected. At the Sanitary Convention to be held in Coldwater, Sept. 33d and 24th, Prof. Viiughan is to read :i paper upon " Water 8upply, and wbal what produces impurlties in water." Treasurer Soule's fiinilly wlll go to Mullet Lake directly after coininencenient, and he will follow as soon as the I-land Lake encaiiipiiient i- over with, which commenoes on the 15th. Dr. Emma E. Bower, class of '03 of the homeopathie department.has received the appointment of assiitint to the Chair of Ob--tetrics, Oymeoology, P;cdology. A worthy appointment. All departmrntl trf the university, and all museums art rooms, etc, throw their doors wide open to the public this week. The art and whispering gallery, and the museums atlrict the most attention. Dr. I. X. Eldridge of Flint, the only man now living whn was present at the fonning of the tlrst Michigan InstituLc of Houieopalhy will bc the guest of the alumni this week, and stop widi Dr. Obetz. Dr. C. J. Lyndy, president of the Miei - igan m.idical alumni, aml Professor of Ophthiilmology In the Detroit medical college accompanied by his family, is the guest of Dr. Frothingham during commencement. Hon. Cushman K. Dnvie, of St. Paul, Minn., gradúate of theclass of '57, wlio Is attending tlie eonime&eoinent .exercises, was formerly of ; Minnesota. lic was a pleaaant culler at tlic Coikikk utfice last Mond.iy. The following dlspaten in yesU r.lay's papen la sdtBciently explanatöry of tself. Miss Jordán will enjoy the proud distinction of being Yale's only female gradúate: N'kw Haven, Oojn., June Ï8.- At a meeting of the corporallou of Yale College tday it was voted to confer the degree of LL U. on Miss Allee R. Jordan, of Michigan, who entered the school under the lause Ifa the catalogue admitting atlorneys-at-lnw of any state to the seulor class. The corporatlon, however, decided that a note be Inserted Ín the next catalogue that the eourses of Instruction are only opened to the male sex. During vaealion, Sec'y Wade informs us that the jjood work of repairing, renovating and painting will bc again puahed with vigor. The ObservHtory building will bc first attacked, and it will bc thoroughly overhauled with pnint, calclmine, etc., and come out as good as new - neary. Then the dental college will rtceive attention, and the museum building will be repaired. The treasurer's office is also to be thoroughly overhauled and changed over durinjt vacation. The chapel will also receive attention. Taking all together, Sec'y Wade will have his hands full again this vacation. Prof. N. C. Carhart, of Evanston, 111., jas been chosen to the Chair of Physics u place of Profs. Hanington and Biacr. l'he following notice of Prof. Carhart is :roiu the Chicago Tribune, and proves liin to be a valuable acqalsltlon to the Paculty: The trustees of Ann Arbor University have decided to call to their Chair of Physics 'rof. II. s. Car Imrt, of the Northwestern Jolversity, at Evanston. Prof. Carhart has xlgMltltHl that he will accept lluimll The negotiations have been conducted secretly, and tlieunuouncvmeat will cause urprlse in Kvansloii. Prof. ('ai hart has ln-ld the Chalr )f Physics at Evanston for mnny years, and s secretary of the faculty. He is perhaps the most popular professor there. aud his elecrlcal experluients have givi'ii him a wlde reputallxu. In Qermaoy he has recently recelved high hooum aud lant year he was placed at the head of the physical BGOtíon ul .he American Association for the Advaocement of Science. Aa the meeting of the turn ciatton was held at Ann Arbor he seems to ïave built sorao fences there. much to the ¦hngrlu of niany i inlncni compelltors fir .lie place. Xo one at Ëvanston dreamed of hlstleparlure. Nothing was said aboul It lu a recent maeting of Ibe Board ef Trustees l he Northwestern, whlch authorlzed blin to vlslt other Ainer.can colleges to ascertain he latest advances in physical apparaius aud mak recomnieiulations for exteiisive jurchases. The Milwaukee öentinel Is rcsponsible for the following : A student in the Michigan State Dniversity recently applied to the proprietors of a drug store in a Kansas town for a io8itioii as prescription clerk. In reply, ie received the subjoined letter, whieh is printed just as it was written, except that the names of the town and of the writer are suppressed. It tluows some 1 ijl 1 1 on he operations of the prohtbitory liquor iaw In that state: "Dear Sik yours Reed In Reply 1 will Olve you a Brief Descrlptlon of our Business Perïaps you understand the nature of a Store In kansas we Do Some llquor Business in a Back Room By the Drink our Pruscrlpilon trade Runs from two to threo thousand Pr year Some Clerks objects to the Back Room trade I Olve you the facts In the case So that you will not be Disappointed your Bord By the week will cost you from Ü3.S0 to $.ri a week now lf you accept this Posltlon answer By telegraph at once as 1 kneed a clerk very liad & must have one as joon as Possiable. Yours truly''