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D1Q8T PERFECT MADE l'ropnnM with sporlnl ropurd to hetiltli. No AnuiiDiiiii, Linie or Pluiii. pnicE ca;:i;j9 pcivdch co.. CHICACO. 8T. LOUIS. SS ]L SPECIAL llEXTKACTS MOST PERFECT MADE Purcrtand 'turui Fruit Fiaron. Viinilln, Lemon Oranirv, Almond. Row, etc, ün nn.l .. 'itumllv u thefru. '"" Prico Baking Powder Co. ST. luns. CURES ALL HUMORS. from a coramon Illotrli, or Froptlon, to the worst scrofala. Sal t-r hr u in, "Fevtr.sorcs," s-ily or IIoiikIi Skin. ín snort, all diwases wscil liy bad bloori are Mi.,uerl'd by tlus powertul, purifylnir. aurt invlgoratintr medicine. c;rat Eatliie 11ccrs rapidly hpnl iiminr its bcnipn Influencc EspeciaJIy has it manifeated its potency m curiiiK Teller, Kmr Itasli, Koün, Car imiii, ii ,, soro Kjcs, Scrotnlom sr-?. and SwellingM, lli-.i,.iut Ki. ii. . lille SwellliiKH, ...iirc, or 'llii.k Nek, nud Kularucd .laiKls. Snd ten oenta in stumps lor a largx1 tretitise, with colored platas, on! Skin Dist-asce, or the samo amount fora tn-iiiis,. on ScrofuIousAffeetiona "TUK HIIUIII IS TIIK UFE." I horouyhly cleanse it bv usiiii? Dr. PirrccN Ooldeil tl. di, al Bisco ver} , and (Lnl,!i fntr xklii, buojant plrii, iial in -iikiIi, iiikI DouiidiiCBs or couHtitution, wiu be establiahed. CONSUMPTION, iv!:icli is Serofnions Discasc of the In mc, is promptty and oartalnly arresu-d and cured by tlns God-frivon remedy, if taken befora the Jat Btana of tbc diaeaaeare reoohed Prom Itt WODderful power over thi terribly futal discase, when flrst offering this now cef ebrated remedy to the public. Dr. Piïiic tlioupht Beriously of eallhifr it his "Con hu in pi i o n Cure,"butabandoned tlrnt name ' liiiiitiii for 11 medicine whícb, frotn lts wonderful oomblnatloD ol tonic, orstrengtbeninyr, alteratlve, or blood-cieansing:, unti-bilious iraL and nutritive properties, is unequaled not only as a remedy for eousumption of the luntra, but for ail CHRONIC DISEASES OF THE Liver, Bfood, and Lungs. If yon fooi dull, drowsy, debilitated, have Ballow color of skin, or ycllowish-brown spot 00 luce or body, frequent headache or dizziness, bad taste in mouth, intcrnal heat or chilla, ultornatinu with hot tlushes, low spirits and gioomr imrcbodings. Irregular apetite, and i tciiiLMio. ycni are Buffertng frnm indlKeKjio, Dyspepsla, and Torpid 1,1 ver, or "BUloiMueM. In many cases only part ni (hele symptoms aro ezperienoed. As i reraedy for all such casos, lr. Plerce' .ol.lin Medical Discovery has no iiiial. i or U'oak I.iiups, Siiiliie of Blood, NhortaeM of breatb, Hron hui. Severa foiiíUi, CoiiNumpiion, and kindred affections, it is a sovoreitrn n-mcdy Sond ten cents in stampa for Dr Pieree s book on Consumption. Sold by Drugglstti. PRICE$I.OO,??RVêTSê! Worid's Dispensary Medical Association, Proprietore, C63 Main St., Butfalo, N. Y. 3bVeYce's little Qax pills. AM I-HM I!H s and CATHARTIC. Sold by Drugglsts. 35 centa a vial. %$500 REWARD "Ml ¦ r.tTi-irrl }y tho propriptors ¦kn of Dr. .Sapc's ('atarrh Remcdy f' T for a caso of catarrh which they _m oannot cure. A ff 11 y lnivondiecharpofrom mk i tnp noso, offonnive or ottaer' . wtscpartialtoai of smelL taste, or hearinp. wcuk eyos, dull pain or prossiiro in head, you hkve ('iitiin-h. Thousands pi oases termínate In consumption. lr. Siijro'aCAT.AUnii IU:mi:dv eureê the worst oasecof Cntiirrh, "Cold in hc; Head," and Catarrhal Headacho. .10 centa. MÍÜÜNlTYfromANÑOYÁÑCÍ J ¦ 'S' C SS ! 15 Í' '¦'¦, Pa!. Oot. 2Qth, 383. }; ja.'" laaconlyof thn fines mul bost imlity otülaHü for wl h-f hihHiii; houl. _ Every pood thing ie Counterfoited, and consumere are CAUTIONED agrainst IMITATIONS of these Chimneys made of VERY FOOR GLASS. See that the exact label is on each chimney as above. The Pearl Top is always clear and bright Glass. Manufacturo! O.M. V ly GEO. A. MACBETH & GO. I: (thiiiir-Ii I. al Slaaa Work. FOR SALE BY DEALERa fe W7,.,uf A .'¦'¦'. Ol.l B:ithf Rrnfrd. ? L S,a for i -irci.i ,r,. E. 1. KNOWLTON. Ann Arbor. Mlch. A CIMI'I.KTÜ Altlt KNIi.MKNT FOR Physiciia and Families, húi: and Cheaper sb ttoja c o hst v :e isr x ie :isr t TH AM A 8TATIONARY HATII TÜB, WTl'II [TO ÏXPEN8K OF BATH ROOM and PIZTDRB8. HALE'S HONEY il beft Couch Cure, 2!i, Wc., ?l CLENN'S SULPHUR SOAP hc.ils and bcaulilics, 25c. GERMÁN C0RN REMOVER kill u onN25c. HILL'S HAIR & WHISKER DTE- Black & Hr..wn, 60c. PIKE'S TOOTHACHE DROPS cure in 1 Minuic, ïSc. OEAN'S RHEUMATIC P1LLS iré a sure cure, 60c.


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