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Excltement in Texas. Grenl excltement lias been cmised In tlie viclnity of Paris, Tex is. bv the remarkable rt'covory of Mr. J. E. Corley.who waf so helpless he could not turn In bed, or raise hts head ; every boly saM lie was lyng of Consiiiuption. A trinl bottle of Ur. Kinjr Xcw Diicovery wassent liim. Findinü relief, he bouglit h larji' bottle nmt a box of Dr. King's New Life Filis; by the time b liail taki'n two boxea of' Pilln and two bottles of the DlscOTery, he wns wcll and had fialned in llesh ihlfiv-six pounds Trial bottle of this Great Diseovcry for Consuuiptlon free at Eberbach A Sou's. Chronic tea polgpnlnjr, iieoordlnji to Dr, w. N. liulUnl, is a frequent affection.ti most roinmon xyiapromnof whicli are loss ofappetlte, (1v.-x'ibii, palpltAtfon, bendache, vniniliriir and imii-cim Comblned with nervousno, tuul hvwtcrical aml ncuraljrid Rffection, frequent ly nccoinpuiicd by constipiition aml p.iln nhmit the heart. Ainong ailult wonieii the aversie ainount needctl to cause puisonons symptom-i is a little lesa tlimi rlve cup dnlly, hut the young and Wak are more eiisily .illfcted. BiK'klou's Árnica Salve. The Host Salve In the world torCuls, Bruiscs Soies, Ulcers, SjiIi IíIküiiii, hVvrr Sori-s.TetUT, ('h:tiped II:inds, Oliilliljiins, ( '.niis. aml all .Skin Ëi'iiptions. and pusitively cures l'iles. r do pav rwjurrwl. It Is froaraiitaed to jive perfect sat8tictoi, or money refiinded. Trice 2"i eentg per box. For Sule by Eberbuch & 8on.


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