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- AHmission examinations to Harvard College will hereafter b held at Pari, France, in June of each year. -In Hollarul the churoh door mre ocked during the sermón, so that noody oan interrupt by going in or out. - Tho girls in the public school of Brooklyn are compelled to comrait to uemory the Constitution of the United Sute.- N. T. Sun. - In addition to mission halls there are now five hundred places in London where the Gospel is preached in the pen air on Sunday. - Cornell Unirersity now has ixty nstruetore and oflicers and 638 stuleuLs, 230 of whoni are freshmen, while the senior class contains only eighty-four. - Buffalo Exprtês. - Chan Hon Fan, a Chlnaman of ?ortland. Ore., isa regularly ordained roacher of tho Methodist Episcopal vhurch. and belongs to the Puget Sound Conference. - Rev. Dr. W. E. Schenck, tot thiry-two years secretary of the Preibyterian Board of l'ubllcation, ha resigned. He is in California soeking rostoration of impared health. - Ten per cent. of the present frtshmen class at Cornell are girls, and Professor Jones, of that institution, is quoted as saying that the average scholarship of the young women is ¦uperior to that of the young men. - The American Tract Society held t8 annual meeting in Washington recently. The receipts for the year rcaohed $357,805, while the erpendi.ures aggregatod $352,141. The nmuMC of famifies visited during the year was 145,415. - The Bishop of Peterborough made ;he interesting statement in convoca;ion the other day that of 6,000 living n private patronage in England no ewer than 2,000 were frequently in he raarket. Dr. Magce had oktaiued thU information from a clerical agent, "who was retiring from hls proession." - Converted horse-car conductor make excellent deacons. They are so accustomed to taking up a collection hal they can make their appeal rery ndividual without any show of em)arrassment. And the look of expectancy with which they pass around the late shows the value of a good buiiess training for this department of church work. Perhaps it might be woll for some city churches to engage a couple of horse-car conductor, jast a crush out dead-headism.- Christian Regulator. - A Baptist minister at Boston adds to his theological qualifioations a thorough knowledge of music. Instead of hiring a quartette or choir he proposes to assume the entire work of developing from the congregation a volunteer gathering of singers, and thus to hava eventually congivgational singing of a hitherto "unknown quality. Members of the congregation will be taught regularly how to sing, and in the course of a few months "the musical pastor" RiDects to have sininff eaual to, if not


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