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Teachers For 1886-7

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The school board announces the following teachers for the ensuing school year: Superintendent- W. S. Perry, 2,000. Principal High School, Greek and Latin- Judson O. Pattengill, f 1,600. Physical Sciences- Horatio N. Chute, $1,500. Higher English - Lucy A. Chittenden, $800. Political Economy, Commercial Law and Bookkeeping- Benjamin E. Nichols $1,200. Higher Mathematics- Levi D. Wines, $1.000. French- Emma R. Chapin, $500. Latin and English- Alice Porter $G00. English and Elocution - Adele M. Garrigues, $700. Material Science and Algebra - Muy E. Hunt, $500. History- Lewis A. Rhoades, $700. H. M. Ukeiinji - Imogene O. Royce, $400 Principal Grammar Department - Abbie A. Pond, $450. HAs8itant in Grammar Department - Eliza C. Ladd, $400. First ward - Clara G. Plympton, Principal, $450; Emily G. Eldridge, $35U; Susie Spoor, $850; Maggie McDivitt, $350. Two vacancies remain to be Ulied. Second ward- Mary Mulholland, Principal, $400; Estelle G. Mozart, 350 Julia Howard, $350; Emily Gundert. $350; Amelia F. Lutz, $300; Lucy K. Cole, $350. Third ward- Hattie I. Boyd, Principal, $400, Emma E. Banfield, $350; Almeda Armstrong, $3öO; Anna L. White, $350. Füiirth ward - II. G. Sutton, Principal, $450; Cornelia Corselius, $350; Fannie Taylor, $325. Fifth ward - Mattie t. Goodale, l'rinci;il, $400; Alice M. Lovejoy, ; Zada A. Rhodes, $35(1. Sixth ward- Ada J.-rnll, $400; Ella S. Wright, $350; Mattie Cornwell, $850. Special Teachers, Music - George W. Renwick, $400 for half his time. Drawing- Miss Alice Hunt, $300 for half her time with use of room in the Tappan school for a studio. Librarian- Nellie S. Loving, $300. Miss Nellie Smith and Miss Lottie Millard were appointed to teach in the ward schools in case of the sickness or absence of the regular teachers. George MlIer and Mark Kookwell were appointed assistants to Prof. Chute, at a salary not exceeding the amount of tuicion fees, they pay. The Superintendent was empowered to transfer teachers from one ward to another