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The Sennte on the Wtb passed - 34 to 1" - ver the Presidenta veto hu bill to qairt tltles of lettlen on the Des Molm rivor lands. A rosolutlon was adopted appolntlnir General Willlum J. Sewell, of New Jersey, General M. T. McMahon, of New York. and Captain John L. Mltchell, of Wlaoonsln, M managers of the National homes for dlsablod Holdiers. Mr. licck lntroduoed a bill to aiithonze the Postmaster-General to appolnt aml remove postinastors of the thlrd cluas- now appolnted and removed by the President. The bilt tnakinir approprlatlons for the legislativo, executlve and Judicial expenses of the üovernmeut was llscussed. ....Ia the House reporta were suhraltted on the Anny Anpropriatlon, the General Deflclency and the Agrlcultural Approprlatlon bilis, and the Sundrv Civil Appropriation bill was further eonsidored. Mit Edmunds introduoed in the Senate on the ;wth uit. a bill vesting 111 the President the sole power of appoiutlng a large number of oSeen who are now appolnted "by and wlth the consent of the Sonate." Amonir these are postmasters. Internat reveuue and custinns ooilectors, dlaMot-attorneys. United States marshals, ludían avenís und district land offlcers. The rraolution for public executie sessions was further debated In the House the Sunrtry Civil Appropriation bill was t'urtlirr considered. and a Joint resolutlon was passed to próvido fcr ten davs fnr the expsnditnrea 01 the Oorerninent not provlded for iu the approprlatiou b.lls alroadr passeii The Oluoinargarlne bill as pnesed by the Houaewa tavurtbljr reportad in the Senate on the lst. and Mr. Ridalabarjèr tntroduoed a bill for the reductlon of twentv-tive per cent of the salaries of Calnnei olticors. Senators and members. The Leg slat ve Approprlfttioo bill was further considered . . . . In the House the Suudry Civil Apiropriatim bill was passcil, hut the lies Ifoiattfl iiiver Land bill falled of passage over the Presldont's veto by a vote of sil uays to Ml } cas, not the requisito two-thlrds in the afhrinativc. in the Beaat en the M the Legislativo Appropriation bill wil paased, and the Kiver and Haibor bill was considered... In the House several reporta upon the pcr.slon vetoes of the President vera aubmltted and a Senate bil] va pafcsed providiilR for an addltional Justu-e of the Bupreme Court of tho Terrltory of Montana A portion of the DeUcicuey Appropriation bill was cousldoied. DOMESTIC. The business portion of Alturas, Cal., was swept away by fire on the 29tu. lx a five-mile race on the 29th at Wilkesbarre, Va., John S. Prinee. on hts wheel, defeated the pacing mare Miss Brady by three yards in 10:17. The Auglo-American Fire Insurance Compauy of Washington, I), C, which had several policies existing in Western States. failed on the 29th. Lake Shore frelght-traina were raored to and frotu Chicago on the 29th without molestation froui the strikei-s. Edwakd Wili.iams (colored) was lynched on the 29th at Gainesville, Tex., for criminally assaulting Mrs. Cook, a white woruan. Josf.s & Lm (iii.iN's nnil-factory at PittsbuiKh, Pu., resumid óperafioob on the 2Uth, after an idlenes of tliirteen montlis. Bï tho upsetting of a yacht on the 9th at Bdstin youn men woro drowned. Tliey all leave wives and families. Jamf-s CoOrcS and Joseph Van Winkle fotight a duel at Brown Creek, Tex., on the 2yth, and Imth were killed. Johs ('-i 'ï, eharged with inciting riot in New York dVTing th recent car-drivers iTikn was on the ï'.lth sentenced to six moutlis' imprisonment Iu passing seiil eiiet Judge C'owing said : "Casey. every body synipathizod with you wheu the object sought was to secure better pay and abortar hours of labor, but wuen you undertook to say that a man sliall not work unless lie identities hilnself with your organization you struck a blow at liberty and tho principie so dear to us all." Twó Boya oL Rev. J. 13. Briginan, of Vaucluse, S. O., were killed by a stroke of ligutniíif; on the ;i )tb uit. Aid was asked by tbe Governor of Louisiana on the 'Mth uit. for sufferers from the ravages of storms in the parishes of Rapids, Grant aml Catahoula. S. A. L. Wn. sos, treasurer of the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal Company, was on the 30th uit. discuvered to be a defaulter for 500,000, and he liad fled from Philadelphia. T. F. Coi.t.ixs, the ringleader of the Lake Shore strikers at Chicago, wa? arrested on the iiOth uit for contempt of court in violatiug an iujunction. Ai.l the window-glass faetones fn the country closed down on the 30th uit. for the usual sumuier vacation of two months. While acting as a pall-bearer the other day at Dover, N. H., and assisting in carrying out the casket, George W. Varney dropped dead. The prose writers and poets of Indiana opened their first convention on the 30th uit. at Indianapolis. Maurice Thompson was elected permanent president. A ï'ROFiT of 0,000 for June is reported by the managers of fciiug Siug Prison, New York. The 186th commencement exercises of Yale College took place at New Haven, i'oini., on the 30th uit, the graduating class numbering :.'-t"i. The income of the college last year wa $187,450 and the expenses íiüT.m The Chicago directory for 1836, which made its appoarance on tho 30th uit , indicated a population of 750,000. 1nvitk;atiox9 made by the Cincinnati Prtct-Currmtt showed on the 30th uit. that the aggregate of the winter wheat erop was a06,OJO,000 bushels, against 212,000,000 bushols last year. Spring wheat was estimated at 14O,000,00J bushels, against 145,OOO.UOO bushels last year. W. A. Jouxson's livery stable at Sheldon, IU., was burned on the 30th uit., witb buggies, carriages, wagon, harness, etc Ten horses perished in the ñames. To smw their joy over the settlement of the strikes, the tradesmen of Troy, N. Y., on tho lst gave their employés a grand procession, picnic and barbecue. Fok the flrst six months of this year th business failures numbered 5,136, witb $50,434,000 liabilities, against 6,001 failureü for the corresponding period of 1SS5, and liabilities aggregating $74,722,000. The explosión of a saw-mill boiler on th lst near Russellville, Ark., killed threS men and mortally wounded two others. The public-debt statement issued on th lst shows the total debt to be $1,389,130.384; cash in treasury, $75,191,109; decreasf during June $9,061,897; decroase sinc June 30, 1885, $105,802,260. AiiitAXOEMEXTs have been completed fof the holding of the inter-denominational couvention in Pittsburgh, Pa., from July 29 to August 4. Ovïb fifteen hundred e nployes in rolling milis at Philadelphia struck ou the lst on the question of wages. President R. J. Lane, of the Abington (Mass.) National Bank. was arrested at Portland, Me., ou the lst on the charge of huving fraudulently taken from his bank amounts aggregating $135.000. Indeprsdbnoi, Cal., was alinost wipet out by flre on the lst. The loss was $200,000, wlth $40,000 insurance. Advices of the lst from St Lonis say that seveuteen thousand men throughout the country haTe juined a league in support of law and order and in opposition to strikes and boycotts. In a faraily quarrel the othor day at Scooba, Miss., Ueorge M. Gullett killed James Bartow and wife. A i.i. the retail and most of the wholesale licenses for the sale of liquor in Atlanta, Ga., expired on the lst. The prominent wholesale dealer had arranged for transferring their business elsuwhere. Prof. Timotiiï Dwiqht was inaugurated president of Yale College at New Haven, Conn., on the lst, to succeed Dr. Porter. Counterfeit flve-dollar gold pieces were numerous in Jïew Jersey on the 2d. They are da tod 1831, and can easily be detected, as the letter "n" in the word "United" is upside down. Tiiree boycotters in New York City were on the 'M sentenced to term of imprisoument varying from four years to one year. Di'rinq the fiscal year just closed the Pension Office at Washington issued 81,489 pension certificates. The Kenvill powder-mills near Chester, N. J., blew up on the2d, completely demolishing the building, killiug ten inun and wounding some llfteen others. Heavy rains had on the -1 caused floods In Virginia. The lower portion of Richmond was submerged and residents were moving out. Washouts and destruetion of bridges and trestles had caused a suspension of travel on several railroads. MooNsmxERS in Elliott Couuty, Ky., to ¦pite a citizen who opposed unlicensed whisky, burned bis house, the church which he attended and the dwelliugs of some of his neighbors. A party went gunning for the incendiarles on the 2d and killed two of them. Neaklt all the building trades at Williamsburgu, N. Y., struck on the 2d against the reintroduction of the ten-hour systein. A NKOito numed Jenkins VVright was hanged on the '.M at Uuinpton, S. C, for killiug his wife and throwing her body into the flre, and Frank Gaston (colored) was executed at Salisbury, S. C, for a criminal assault upon a white woman. Am explosión of natural gas on the J.i in a mine at Paui's Station, O., fatally burnod ihreo men. Advhhs of the 2d frora leading business centers throughout the country say that while general tradi is quiet there was a very hopeful feeling amuu; nicrcliants as to the outlook for autumn. The barns on the breeding farm of C. F. Emery, nar Cleveland, O., were burned on the 2d, four valuable horses perishing in the flamea. John Measukes, his wife and two children, who were driving in a buggy, were killed at a railroad crossing near Boston on the 24. EiGHTy-five TH0U3AND dollars were ent from this country during the seven duys ended on the 2d for the election expenses of th I'arnell candidatos. T. F. Colmxs, the ringleader in the swltchmen'g strike at Chicago, received on the 2d a genUnce of thirty days in jail for contempt of court. Trains were moved on the Lake Shore road without molestation, but under guard. The one hundredth issue of the New York city directory shows the population of that city to be one million ñve hundred thousand persons. The Yale crew won the four-mile boat race from Harvard at New London, Conn., on the .M in 20:21 'Í, lowering the record nearly ten seconds. PERSONAL AND POLIT1CAL. A. Orendorff, of Spriugfield, has beon elected chairmuu of the Illiuuis DemocratieState Central Commietee. At Blooniington, I1L, on the 29th the funeral of the latí' Judge David Davis took place. The attendance was very large and numbered many distinauinhed people. Nehkaska Republicaus will meet in State couvention at Lincoln September 29. The Deuiocrats of the Second New Hampshire O'ongressional district on the 29th nominated John H. George, of Concord, for Congressman. Thk Prohibitionists of the Fourteonth New York Congressional district on the 29th nominated Jesse H. Grifliu, of York town. for Congressman. Ki:pokts received on the 29th from the local option elections in Simpson and Copiah Counties, Miss., showed that both counties had declared for prohibition by large majorities. The Penusylvania Republican State convention met at Harrisburg on the Süth uit. and nominated General James A. Beaver for Governor and General F. A. Osborne for Cougressman-at-Large. The platform adopted favors submitting to the people the question of probibiting the manufacture and sale of intoxicants in the State; favors the pensioning of soldiers and sailors equally; declares against impurting foreign labor and prison labor; denounces free trade, and arraigns the Democratie Administra! umi for its inconsistency and iuefticiency in the methods mployed to promote proniised reform. Br order of the War Department the military guard was witlulrawu from President Garñeld's tomb at Cleveland on the 80th uit. The casket was uncovered, and the features of tue deceased were found to be unchanged. The Massachusetts Legislature adjourned feu die on the 3ütü uit. The Arkansas Democratie State convention met at Little Rock on the BOth uit and nominated S. P. Hughes for Uovernor. The Republicans of the Fifth Minnesota district on the 3Uth uit. renominated Hon. Knute Nelson for Congressman by acclamation. The Iowa Democratie State convention assembled at Des Molnes on the SOtb uit. A. R. McCoy, of Clinton, was cuosen temporary chairman. James Gibbons, Archbishop of Baltimure, Md., was on the 8Uth uit. elevated to the rank of Cardinal Priest in the Sacred College of Cardinals of the Roman Cathollc Church. Th Democrats of the First New Hampshire district have nomiuutoJ H. L. McKinuey for Congross. Thb military guard of honor wa on the SOth uit., removed from Ganeral Grant's tomb, and it would heiicofortu be watched by the Riverside Park polico. Repkksextativb Teiuperaoce Republicans met at Indianapolis, Ind., ou the 'Mi uit and issued a cali for a ínass convention of Temporáneo Republicans to be held at Indiauapolis July -M, to consider the best means of reform on the questiou. Resolutions were adopted declaring against epftrate party action by the Temperance people and favorin? the total suppression at the liquor trnfficby State action. Tbï President on the Ut aigned the bil restoring Fitz John Porter to the army, and the bilí for a public building at Del Moines, Ia. Johx G. Shields, of Michigan, was on the lst nominated by the President to b Chief Justice of Arizona. Shields' nami was sent to the Senate for the same posl tion sorae inonths ago, but was rejeoted. Tuk Greenbackers of Iowa held their State convention at Des Moines on the lst and resolved to fuse with the Demócrata. Daniel Campbell was nominated for Stat ïreasurer and William Thoopbilus for Supreme Court Clerk. Si Jones opened a series of revival meetings at Eaton Rapids, Mich., on th lst, over six thousand persons being pre ent at the evening service. The Republicans of the Second district of Kansas on the lst renominated Edward H. Funston for Congressman. Tub Iowa Democrats met in State conTontion at Des Moines on the Ut and made the following norninations: Cato Sells for Secretary of State; Paul Gueliok for Auditor; Treasurer, Daniel Campbell; Supreme Court Clerk, WilliamTbeophilus; Attorney-General, C. H. Mackey; Supreme Court Reporter, Frank Bradley. The nominees for ïroasurer and Suprem Court Clerk repreient a fusión with the (Jreenbackers. The platform adopted indorses President Cleveland' Adininistration ; favors the repeal of the Prohibitory Liquor law and the establishment of local option with high license. Lïmax McKay, aged one hundred and two years, died nearWinston, S. C, on the 'd. He was a veteran of four wam. Ji'dob Jous L Nixojí, agod sixty-six yearB, of the United States District Court at Treuton, N. J., was suddenly stricken blind on the 2d. The Republicans of the First district of Vermont on the "Jd renominated ex-Gorernor StuarC for Congiensmaii. FOREIGN. A tp.ipi.e murderer uaiueil Thaldorp wai beheaded at Berlín, Oermany, on the -"Ji h. Sixty houses were burned recently in Beshiktash, a suburb of Constantinople. EimiT persons were killed and tweuty others were wounded by the derailment of the mail train from Belfast to Dublin, in Ireland, a few days ago. lx attempting a few days ago to remove the ramainl of Mr. and Mi-s. Chappele from the cemetery at Kt. Mary's, Out., the sexton found thut eaoh was a mass of stone, tbatof the woman weighiug eleven hundred pounds. Detective Butler, of Pinkerton's Boston Agency, arrived in Ottawa, Cau., on the lst in connection with the numerous counterfeits which have been made on the Dominion Governmout's notes for the past two years. He said that from what he could learn over huif a mili ion dollars of these counterfeits, in twos, lives. teus and twenties had been put in ciri -ulatiou ia Canada and the United Btate. Is a three-milo boat race on the lst. at St. Johns, Can., Hanlan defeMed Roa by a quarter of a niilo. Tiinu. 20 minutes 3 seconds. Watsox's Kpinnlng milis near London were burnod on the 2d, caiising a loss of 1000,000. One tbousand persons wer thiown out of employment In the Engllati Parliamentary eleotions on the M Mr. Gladstoue and Mr. Parnell were both re-eleoted. Foik deuliis trom cholera ocourrod M the Sd at Kiuniw, Huiiffary, and six at DunH-Foldvar. Tuk Ternes and Bega rivers, in Hungary, had again riscn on the "i:l, flooding the surrounding councry. Two villages had bueu destroyed by the floods. Choleka was on tbs il spr ading with great rapidity and deadlines iu Southern Japan. LoN'noN" advices of the 8d say that Parnell is escorted evurywhere ia his oainpaign by a body-guard of friends - uil stalwai't young Irishmeu. He recoivoa letteri daily thraateni ni nsdssination. LATER NEWS, The standing of the Kaüonal Leng-ae base-ball clubs at the cioso of the week ended on the 3d as l'oiiows: Detroit, games won, 37; lost. '.). Chicago, wou. 33; lost, 12. New York, won. 88; lo t, 14. Philadelphia, won, 95; loot, IS. Boston, won, 17; lost, 30. St Louis, won, 17; lost. 31. Kansas City, won. 9; lost, 32. Washington, won, 9; lost, 'M. Ovek a dozen persons were seriously injured by fire-woiks in Chicago on the 5th, and two young men weredrowned iu the lake. Sevkbal store-houscs at Cohoes, N. Y., were burned on the 5th, causiug a loss of tJOO,OOO. At twenty-six leading clearing-houses in the United States the exchauges duriug the week ended on the 3d aggiegated tl,003,684,480, against Í91U. 772,156 the previous week. As compared witii the correspouding week of 18S5, the increasd m.iouuis to 83.9 per cent. Crops in the Northwest were on the 4th reported seii msly dumaged by drought. Repouts at midnight on the 5th frum the liritisli Parliamentury ele;tions showed the returns of 10 Oladatonlani and 207 Uuionists. Mrs. Gladstoue spoke at a Liberal meeting iu Londou aad road a message from her husbaud. Floods in the couuties of Nottoway, Lunenburg, Amelia and Dinwiddie, in Virginia, had on the 4th done great d.'tmage to wheat and outs, and the loss to farmers would be thousunds of dollars. Br mistake a deadly drug was used on the 3d at Anthony. Kan., in mnking lemonade for a picnic, and ovur flfty persons were poioned, several ol them fatully. A wind, huil and lain-stoini in the vicinity of öteele, ü. T.. on the 4th did much damage to farm buildings and crops. The Presbyerian Church at Steele was destroyed. As accidental explosión of flre-works on the 5th at Harlem. N. Y., set fire to three itores, causing a loss of í'315,000. A hot wind was reported on the Sthfrom Pierre. D. T, which diove the inhabitants into the cellars. The temperature rose to 105 degrees. At Indianapolis, Iud., on the 5th Edward L. Palmer and J. D. Connor were killed by freight trains and Fred Kellish wa drowued. Os the 4th Portland, Me., celebrated tho one hundredth auniversary of its incorpora tion. In the United St.ites Senate the time wai priucipally occupisd in discussing the River and Harbor biil. A report was received from the Pension Committee which arraigns the President "'for his rude censure of the acxlon of both houses in their legislation upou pension claims." Adjourned to the (ith. In the Uouse the time was ocupied in considsring the Goneral Dellcieuct biU.


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