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SCRIPTURES, HEBREW AND CHRISTJAN. Arranged and selected for Young hx an intrpduclon to the study of the Btble. By Edward T. Bartlett, A. M., Dean of the Protestant Episcopal School In Phliadelphla, and John P. Peters, Ph. D., Professor of the Old Testament Languages and Literatura In the Protestant Episcopal Divlnity Öchool in Phlladelphia. Vpl. I. New York and London, G. P. Putnam's Sons. For sale In Ann Arbor by Andrews & Witherby. This volume contains the Hebrew story froin tbc ereation to the exlle, comprisIng material from twenty-two books of the Old Testament. Tlie story ig told in the words of the Bible, but with considerable condensation and rearrangemeiit. Explanatory glosses have been added In-ie and there. When these glosses consist of more tlian one or two word8, and are not mere condensations of longer statements ia the original, they are included in marks of parenthesis. The authors have endeavored to utilize the best results of critical scholarship, both in the determination of the original text and its interpretation. In their translation they have preserved, for the most part, the wording of either the Authorized Version or the recent Canterbury Revisión; making, liowever, a considerable nutnber of minor changes, mainly in the directlon of simplifying passages or idioms unintelligible to the average reader. In their selction and arrangement of passages they have been governed by practical ratlier than critical considerations. For example, the story of Josepli follows for the most part but one of the several documenta which critics recojfnize in Genesis. But the original selection of passages to be used was made without refemice to the results of recent criticlsru ; and wlien the editors, in woiking over their selcctions, observed tbe igreement betweeu the ir practical división and the división of the critica, they were as uiucli surprised s any of their readers can be. At the head of each chapter have been placd, for ptirposes of refeience, the bible chapters trom which that chapter bas been couiposed. It is also the intention to place at the end of the second volume an index of all cbapters of the Old Testament used in tliis work. ONE HUNDREO VALUABLE SUQQE3TIoNS TO SHORTHAND 8TUDENTS. A coinpllatlon of Important, facls relatlng to every brancli of the Btudy and Practlce of Shorthand W'rltlng. By Slbley A. Moran, Principal of the Btenographtc lnatltute, Ann Arbor, Mlch. Tliis 11 a little work which wlll be found valuablc to those wlio are studylng the eystem of Shorthand writinr. The aim of this work is to render assistance to studeuts of uil systcuis of Shorthaud by a series of sujigestions concerning important tacts, only a few of which have ever fouinl a place iu any textbook, yet facts which every studont should keep constantly m mind. As such, it is believed tlmt it will piovc especially serTlembl to Öt lirfe class of students who are undergoing a courge of self-inrtruetlon. Since that which has been written licictofnrc, in the saine line of Ilir pretenl Wofk, Imh been conlined alinost wlmlly to entirt and newspuper reporÚDg, Mioie attentlon is glven to anmnuensis rcpoitinj;, a new branch of the profession which has, of late years out¦trippod a!l the others, both in its nuraIhts mul ts rciiuircmente.


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