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Republican State Convention

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A Republican StAte Convention, to nomínate candldates for State Offlcers, and for tbe transactlon of other business, wlll be held at Powers' Opera House, In tbe elty oí Grand Kaplds, commenclng at 3 o'clock, p. in, on Wednesday, the 25th lay of August, 1886. In accoruanoe with a resoiution adopted at Grand Kaplds, May lUth, 1866, every county wlll be entltled to one delégate for each 5UU of the total voto cast for Governor, at the last state electlon (In 884), and one addltlonal delégate for every fractlon of 300 rotes, but eacb organlzed oounly wlll be entltled to at least one delégate. Under a resoiution of 1858, no delégate wilt be entltled to a seat who does not reside In tbe county he propones to represent. In accordance wíth a resoiution adopted at a meeting ot the State Convention at Detroit, June SS, 1880, the secretary of each counly convention Is requested to forward to tbe secretary of the State Central Cornmlttee, by the earilest mall.after tbe delegates to the Slate Convention are chosen, a certlfled list of such delégales asare entltled toslt In the State Convention.


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