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The United StatM commerce s suflfering t...

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The United StatM commerce s suflfering to-day for want of attentiou. The treaty with Mexico lies dorinant in the executive department pigeon holes somewhere. Our relations with Canada are suftering for waut of a little atteution, but still the president moves not. He is so busy vetoiug a few bilis intended to give relief to some of the old soldiera, tlieir widows or children ; that he has no time to attend to affiiirs of state. He seems to be a hard worker, but at the details instead of the broad management of thinps. The details are too nnmerous in a great nation like th 18 for one man to care for tliem all. The hend of the nation should uot bother liis brains with them but turn them over to hlred clerks, and devote liis time to the great questions that demiiiid hls attention. If the present fishery misunderstanding continúes with Cunada war may be the result. What the country wants is more statesmanship iind less clerkship from its head. Tbe Ypsilanti Sentinel asserts that when the republicana had control of the board of regente there was no show for a democrat in the University. Is thatso? Somehow it seems that there were several of them in the University. We have not time to g oyer the entlre list, but a few prominent demócrata will come up before our visión: In the law departnient, for instance, one-half or more of tlie professors have always been democrats: C. I. Walker, Ashley Pond, EiGov. A. Felch, Wm. P. Wells, and H. W. Rogers, are all democrats. Then there were others in other departinents. H. D. Bennett, for many years secretary of the University is a democrat and held office as sucli. Prof. Watson was a democrat ; Dr. Maclean is a demoocrat ; W. W. Beman is a democrat; and we might keep on with the name?, but it seeins as if there was enough to refute the Sentinel's wild assertion. Would it not be better to give representation in republican conventions od the republican vote than on the total vote? For instan ce, in the coming state convention the county of Wayne, which gives all the way f rom 1,000 to 3,000 democratie mnjority lias 77 democratie delegatcs, oftsetting the strong repiibücati counties of Allegan, Braneh, Genesee, Hillsdale and Túsenla which together give not less than 7,000 republican majority. Of course Washtenaw ought not to complain for ahe has four more delegates than Hillsdale and but live less than LenawM, The Ypsilanti Sentincl lias two crumbs of comfort for its journali9tc mnstication just now, viz.: Approving the action of the regent? in bouocing Kirchner, and raving over auy and all action of the Kuights of Líibor. A line in reference to eitlit r of these sutijects in a contemporury acts upon thu mind of our Ypsil.inti brotlier as does a red flag upon the combative instincts of a bovÍDe.


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