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The Ways Of Uraguay

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The following, taken froni C. II. Fowler's correepondence n the CliUai;" News, will be of special interest to uur people, froni the fuct tlmt this is the country wliere Miss Dennlng, raferred to a coaple of weeks go, ík doing missiomiry work, and it looks as f missioiiary work was needed there: "Tlie Uruguayan army has some popular features. One is found in the f.ut that not lullij ago it liail Olie tlinii-.iinl oftlcers and one thousand privares. Now when it is recrtiited for active operuüons, It liassix thousaml men and eightren generáis. It is no wonder that the army cosl8 the govcrnment more than live Inindred dollars per man. It is not ulwuys convenient to have ttiem killed on the way to headquarters because tli-y are sald to be thinking about escape. Then mom tlmu ono prison is convenient. If the obnoxious party does not think of escape, or Is not supposed to think of it, on his way to the headquarters. and so survives that trip, it sometimos becomes necessary to remove lilm f rom one prison to another. Tb Is is nearly always fatal. He is sure to be reported killed in attempting to escape. A man connected with one of the newspapers not long ago ofïeuded a political chief. He was arrested and sent to a certain prison quite oiit of the ordinary center for imprisoning. It was back of the house of the offended political chief. There was a gateway between hls yard and the prison 3rard. The chief came into the prison yard and with his own hands whlpped the man till he was tired out and then told liiia that Montevideo air would not be healthy for him. The man fled to Buenos Ayres. Thls is a llttle rugged. One wonders how such a chief could survive a month. It is proper to remark liere that the press of these South American cities is as frce as the air. The government is oritici.-eil with the greatest treedom and fierceness. It is a part of the status quo. Thus the scourge and the peu carry on the oldtime strife. The ages are rolled together. The tenth and the nineteeth centuries stai.d face to face. Tbe nth anniversary of the Ann Arbor Turn Verein will be observed at Turner park on July 2öth. Mrs. Sarah H. Bishop hassold her residence, corner of E. University and Washtenaw Aves., Co Hun. Don. M. Dickinson, for $4,000. Tlie house will be OCCupled by the Phi Kappa Psi's. City Recorder Pond bas been the recipiënt of several letters lately oontalning marriage certificates to be recorded. The county clerk, Mr. Kobison is the official who attends to that business. There is living in this city a beautiful two year old girl who at the age of 10 oionths, had a full set of perfect teeth in her head. This is a rare freak of nature, and should be investigated by some learned analoinist. The Detroit and Cleveland Steam Navgation Co. have introduced a new and vcry attnictive feature on their route between Detroit and Cleveland. During July, August, and the tirst half of Sept., their steamers will leave both cities on Sunday nights as well as on week days. By this arrangement persons are able to leave on Saturday nifrht spend Suiuliiy in Cleveland and arrive back on Monday morning. Witb. their usual liberality (he company have reduced tht round trip rates on this special trip to $2.50. On Thursday moniing last Christian Scluiraacher, of this city, dted at his residence in the -Jth Ward, after a lingering illness of consumption. He has been cared for for a long time by hiscomrades of the G. A. K. post. He was au old soldier, being a raember of Co. 1). lst regiment. He was in Andersonville prison for a long time wliere the disease with which lie liually dietl lirst fastened itselt' upon him. i'uneral services were held Satuiday, attended by Weleh I'ost in a body. A man who will tie a horse to a shade I tree in the city deserves to be prosecated and severely punislied. No penön but the man who has raiaed and watched over it can appreciate the anxiety and time and labor expended on a bcautifiil shade tree, until it has reached its lull condition, andbegins to spread lts beautifu) branches, and bestow its beneiicent advantage in return for its propagation, and the man who will r.ithlessly tie his norse to such au object of beauty and utility sliould notonly reccive stvere comleminition but punisinnerit. Regent Whitman: "[feit considerably hurt over the accusation that the democratie regente were actuated by partisian motives in their failure to retain Mr. Kirchner in the law department. Political feeling had nothing to do with such action. Tlie regents were guided siinply and solely by wuat they considered the best interests of the university, nothing more or nothing less. It is my ambition to so guide my course as regent of the uiiiversity that no man can point to my record and tell frora it witli what political party I afflüated." Fred E. Wagner, of this city, standing tlie uizhest, in the civil service exntuination held he re a few montlis since, has been appointed an ex.'iminer in the patent office at Washington at $1,200 per year. Mr. Wagner isone of Ann Arbor's bright boys, and the position is given hiin because of merit alone, for politically he belonga to the republican sido of the fence. In the mcantime Chas. A. Chapin, of this city, has been bounced from a clerkship because of "oft'ensive partisanship." Verily, the ways of genuine civil service reform are l'mdiiig out. Ed. J. Morton says his eyes have been greatly benefited by his recent extended trip over tlio western world. He has visited nearly all the great cities of note, and declares that for lovlinesB of locality and salubiity of climatc, LiW An geles is his beau ideal of an cnitlily paradisc. He sailed by sttüiuier wittl 500 passenjíers from Sun Francisco to Portland, Orcgon. On the voyage the great shaft of the vessel was broken, ud left the passengers at the inerey of the waTM and inight have twen duhed upon a rookj sliore - had not anotber veasel cuino to tlieir retoue. He ilso s.iys timt aalmon lislicrirs in OlOgon are immense. At the caniiing faotories in Astoria, t)O fisli are canned that vei;h less tlian 20 pounds. The; have a novel way of o&tohtng salmón on the Colombia river. A larf;e waterwheel is placed on tlie side of the river, and on its paddies are conttructed wire scoo)s wliich c.Uili nnd throw the flsh over the wheel lato a large tank from whlch they are puked ti loe aod shipped at once hy rail to all partí of tlie United States. These salmou weigh from 10 to 70 iwunds and live in ice cold water.


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