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WEDXKSDAY, JULY 21, 1886 FriomlM or Al 4'ourter, hi have htiNiM.-N at the Probate (ourl, wlll laM r-iiii-Ht Judice Harriman to ¦ end f lu-ir Prlntlns to thle ofllce. Ann Arbor Post Office. Ann Arbor Time. CfSee Hours : General 7:30 . m to 8:00 p. m 8undy 9:0U to 10:00 . m. mails iMailtt Close - uoing cast. Lock ponch to Detroit _ 6:15. m. Detroit A Crmxl Kaplda R. P. 0 1U:3O . m. Detroit Chicago R. P. 0 5:15 p. m. K. P. 0 8.00 p.m. OOINO W8T. Detroit, Jacksou & Nlles 8:15 . m. Detroit & Chicago R. P. O._ 10:30 a. m. Detroit Grand Uapids 5:15 p.m. Detroit & Chicago R. P. O 8:00 p. m. OOINO NORTH. South Lyon & Toledo R. P. O :40 a. m. OOING SOUTH. LockPouch to Toledo 7:15 i. m. South Lyon & Toludo K. P. O „ 8:00 p. m. UAILS DI8TKIBUTKD (Eastern.) Detroit A Chicago R. P. O._ 7:45 . m. Detroit mail 9:05 a. m. Detroit A Chicago K. P. U 11:30 a.m. Detroit Grand Rápida 8:45 p. tn. (Western.) Detroit & Chicago K. P. 0 7:15 a. m. Detroit Jfc lirmd Kapld ll::'0. m. Detroit & (Jhlcaxo R. P. O 6:4ö L. m. (Northern South Lyon Jk Toledo R. P. O 3:30 p. m. (Southern.) Sonth Lyon & Toledo R. P. O _ 10:4.r). m. Lock pouch frum Toledo tí:45 p. m. Ann Arhur Whtttnore Like mail close 9:30 a. m., and le distributert (:!" p. m. EDWAKD DUFFY, P. M. Dateri, Jannarj, 1886.


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