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Ed. Couriek:- Witli all the guah, and all the tbunder, and all the multipücity of anathemas hurled ajjainst Michigan's liquor Uw by the prohibitlonists, the state never adopted a more sensible law It is a law that can be and is enforccd, and controU the liquor truffic whlch all the prohibitory laws on the face of the eartli could not prohihlt. It is far better to control an evil tlmn to glve it free bridlc and let it control the country. Of course, paid agitators, who mnke a livelihood by going about the country and tulking prohibilion, will produce nice theories and plausible sophistries, witli figures íixed up tor the occasion, to make people believe that black is white and white is black, but the practical men of thls state, the solid and sound businesB men, the men who turuish the brains and folidity in every community, know and feel the goocl t-ffects of the present liquor tax law. It has been a blesslug to Michigan In noany wáya whlle prohibiiion for years in the sUUe contttitution was a curse. It wiil bc a sorry day for the people of this commonwciilth if its legislators ibal throw aslde a practical law and In its place adopt a theory that was for years proven to be impn.ctical. Let paid agitators, rant and furious offiee-aeekers bowl, and figure, and turn and twist as thcy may, the tact remains that Michigan' liquor tax law bas been and still is a benefit to the people of the state. The republican papers are now discussing local option, I see. The plan of local option may be all rigbt. It undoubtedly is, but it should be given to townships instead of counties. And those not choosins; to adopt it should be lowed to retain tlie present tax law. It is a grand mistake however, iL the republican party have any idea tliat loca optton will satisfy the prohibicionista, fo it will not. Such a plank should be pu in because of its merit, if ia put in at all and not as a sop to the third party-ites They never will be satistied wlth acy thing practical or anything reasonable They want the whole earth and want i their own way or not at all. They are bcund to have free whisky as it existec in Michigan for years prior to Ann Ar bor's flht for taxation. The republican party must go cautiously and not jump at conclusions. If a mnjority of the party believe local option rigut, that it is the best way to deal with the liquor question, then by all means let it go into the platform. But this policy business is played out. Give us lionest convictions.


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