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BACH 4 A3EL'8 COLUMN Weregret to sec jnst now anión? some of the merchants an apparparent aisposltion to mlslead yon as to what they are actual ]y dolng. We do not rcfer to mere e xuggrrat ion. That you expect ; and it doesn't orten deceive you bccause you expect It and make allowances for It. Unfbrtiwately tliere are always plenty I of people to run to a dosr flght or lire. So there are plenty to rush to a store that makes a poiut at reduclng prices. Th is very thing Is going: on just now in our own city. A few examples: Silk and dress goods are offered every day in the papers in ways to draw you in to be dlsappointed if yon know their values, and cheated If you don't. laces are said to have been marked dowu in the papers when marked up wonld be triier. Parasols ditto. Underwear ditto. Jerseys ditto. Ladies' Hoslery ditto. White drcss goods ditto. Caslimere shawls ditto. In fact, there Is hardly a kind of merchandise having any chance f bein& sold in the summer that hasn't been said to be sold for less than its valne wlth the past two weeks in the paper or by circular. We mean to sell as low as we can afford, but afford it or not, we shall sell as íow as anybody. We will sell al a loss anytimc rather than let It be true j that another store is below us. Woman's Jersey for $1.2, $2.00, $2.25 and $3.5O. Girls' Jerseys, $1. We liever heard or saw Jerseys so cheap wlth hundreds to select from. Black Spiinisii Gulpure, yard wide, All silk and heavy, i2.50, whicli Is remarkable. We haren't done jastlce lo Seersuckers. Thonsands of women who liaven't seen them, wonder what we mean by Seersucker. Fine, hard-twisted, irregular wOFen, crlnkly, not to be ironed, roiiïrli-drj them in the Snn. Send for a bit of it. Seelng is better than reading. Parasols- Come, ir yon like when the best are gone. Enougo are coming without you, maybe. Probably the greatest bargain in wasli dress oods ever offered In this city is our Sateens at 9 cents a yard. One-qiiarter of usual ijrice. Some say we are sellin; these Sateens for less than we bouglit them for. Wouldn't you like to have us ilways do business that way ? itWhere do you buy your niglit shirts? where, indeed? All the sizes you may happen to want at 75c. Don't pay $1.00 when you can get just as good for 75c. 25 dozened Laundried Shirts this week on sale at COc each. They are better than the unlaundried you buy at 75c. They are very cheap, we don't care to make nuoh uoise about It. 25 Silk Umbrellas, this week on sale at $300,former price $4.50. At this price you eau all afford to carry a Silk Urn)rella. We have just received 20 dozen more of those large nprons. Retail price 25c Cluldren s Hose in all colors, from 5 to % 12J cents per pair, usual price for arre sizes 25c. Our stock of Fans at the present time s large. We exhibit a small atsortment of our medium priced Fans in window on the left. Handsome Satin Fans at $1.00,1.25 and $1.50. Ecru ilouncins 36-inch wide froin $1.25 o f 2.50. Narrow laces to match. BACH & ABEL.


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