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WHO 18 UNACQUA1NTED WITH THE OEOCRAPHY OF TH 8 COUNTRY, WIL.. SEE BY EXAMIWIWO THI8 MAP, THAT TH _, J 1S% r 1 s & N TÍ? '% ! Jl ( ' f 7_ - ... - ¦ . _: - ¦ ,fr. I t '¦'-_ ' CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC R'Y ! oray tnia middle-link )n that transcontinental system which invites ur.d facil ¦;uot. wln?í?ot. Atlantic Kuo:,vill?. Audubon Ö"1. Outhrie I md Councd Biulft, in Iown; Gallaün, fronton, St Joseph Comeron and i í tv in Misso"i' Loavenworth and Atchison, in itanaaa, aidoit, iil'and St !paV. iíi MtoMsota; Wat9rtown in Dakota, and hundreds Uate cities, towns and villajes. THE CREAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE ntríorcaf btoM Taid iron. lts roUin stock is perioct as humsm sk can nako it Xt hea all tlio safrty aypliauces that mochauical ge ura hap mvontccl and .f eoinfortahlo DAY COACHES, matmificent PULLMAN PALACIL PABLOK JfsLEEPlNOCAKS. elcrant'DllNa CAES providinc: pUent oate. apd -betwoon Chicaifo, St. Josej)h, Atchison and Ii-anaaa City-rostful KECLIJMIJMUCUAIIl CAB3. THE TAWOUS ALBERT LEA ROUTE b 'o direct íavorlte lino between Chicapo and aimneapolis and St. Panl. Over ro ito ÊoUd FÍ,t Express Train rxui do.ily to tho m-Tjar reacrts, picturcso.ue So and huntinff and fishin proundü of Iowa Mmnesota. Tho nch , Ida and prrozing lands of interior Bakora are reachod via Wauïrtowc. ' Á short dcsirable route, via Séneca and Kankakc, offers cupencv mducomcnt) to travelar botween Cincinnati, Indianapolis, La fa vette and Councú Bluffs, t. Je -.-ph, Atcliison, Leavenwortli, Kansas City, Slinnoapolis, St Paul and mtorm'"i;tclasSs8óf patrons, especially famiUes, ladloa and children, receive from ofllciali and employés nf Eocklsiand traxna i : ., ro&poctful ooiirtosy i.. A -'ricketsJMaps, Folders- obtainablo at rul prinoipol Ticket Oificed in . ¦ Unioi Statca and Canada- or any aosired inlbriuaaon, addross, R. R. CABLE, m E. ST. JOHN, resid-int and Goneral Manager, Chicago. BwraM ¦ CMuxw


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