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A sta ble for a ilairy should beeonvenient lor liiimlling the cows, comfortable (or the animáis, safe ngainst accident, and especia!] y so arranged lliat iacaee of fire th cowb could ba torned out vcry mdpklr, and bejsáyed írom dsttruction. A stablo ing all these ad vantages may bo put up for bout one dollar and a half per running foot, which is eqnal to about ten dollars jer cow, allowin the Btalls to lie bíi to Hoven fet Titk In figuro 1 is atiown tlje front and sitie view of n Rtable for five cows; at figure 'i the groiind plan, and in iiure .'.t a secLion liovving tUe arrangoincnt of tlie Btnlls. The height in frontis lm foet, and at the rrar aicrht feet. The roof slopes two feet, whieh gives snlficient f:ill to shed min. Tho width is fourteen feet. Tlie entrauce door to the feeding passage is at the end. Here also, a window Í3 placed, and other Windows are at the rear. The doors ar doublé, bo that tbc upper hall can be tarned back anti liooked, for the purpose ol vcntilution vrhen it ia rcquircd. The doors are in pairs, opening outward, and are so arrangod thut e;uh two doors can be thrown opea without tho perBon moving a step. Tliis permita the very rapid opening ot all the doors. The stulls are scven iect wide and nine [eet long, thus being amplv large for any cow iien luose, and also lnrge enough for two, not above medium fizo, when they are fastenad by chain ties to the sides ol the stalls. A feed trough runs tlie wholo irtdth of ench otall, and lias a sloping l'iiide for putting in tho feed from the paBSAgo-waj. TKe feeding paseago would naturally begin ;it the barn iloor, whcre the fcpfl ia prennred, and the feed may be taken n iu a kirfre wueel-barrow nietig the ]:iHNn;re-w:iy. For a lurge datry, the Mtaliles may form thrce eid8 of a court, of wliich tlio tinrn should form tho center of the norlh side, thus forming; a yard open to the h"iith, and surrotmded by th atables. The front of the yard may bo cloBed in with a tiht board, or a picketfeme, and would then malte an inclosura in whiek any cow, which might possibly fjet out of tho stable at n1ghtr would be


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